Saturday, March 25, 2017

And The House Went Quiet

Yesterday was drop dead gorgeous.  It was sunny and a perfect day for a visit to the Zoo.

The kids from Iowa were here and we had a great morning with them!  Mona Lisa was only impressed with zoo for a bit.

The big kids were more impressed than she was.

The consensus was among the big kids that we liked the giraffes the bestest.

She was having more fun hamming it up with her Uncle Baby Boy B and his girlfriend.

We had a great family dinner last night with everyone catching up and then this morning, the kids headed back, the house went quiet, and the rain came.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Finds

One of the knitters I follow on Instagram, posted this magazine from the U.K.  They had me at the Faroe Islands!  I had to have this issue so I ordered it.  So cool - food, knitting, sheep, the land of the Faroe Islands, some good reading and great pictures!

From the Fringe Supply - all of their orders come in this muslin bag.

I saw these needles on the podcast Espace Tricot as an interchangeable set.  When I saw a post from Fringe Supply on Instagram that they were carrying the fixed ones, I thought I'd order one size of the fixed and see what they were like.

I cast on this past week a Boomerang Shawl on them to give them a try out.  The points are not super pointy, but for some straight garter they will be fine.  I am still a Chiagoo lady so I will not be converting to these from my faves.

Not because I needed any sewing up needles, but because I was intrigued by needles that were made in Hiroshima, I added these to my order.

My main reason for ordering was this Field Bag that I have read and heard quite a bit about lately.  It is a sturdy canvas bag with a very stiff drawstring to close it, which as I understand it after some use will soften up as will the one leather handle on handle on the outside.

The inside has pockets on both sides, one having grommet holes to guide yarn through.

Monday, March 20, 2017

What's On the Needles This Week?

 Girl from the Grocery Store Shawl from Leading Men Fiber Arts.  There are a couple of KALs that I'd like to enter this one in that end March 31st, so if I want to make that deadline then I better give it some knitting time.  A few rows here and there.

I love knitting on the Fog Shawl stockinette sections, but not crazy about knitting on the lace part.  Maybe it is because it has not been that long ago that I was knitting on my Find Your Fade that had some of the same lace type knitting in it. I really want to make this one a finished object soon.

My go to project when I just want to lose myself in the knitting is my Aise Shawl.  It is perfect knitting for Knit Night or Saturday knitting at Panera.  

I am just dying to cast on with this lovely yarn from my birthday!  It is a wonder I haven't already, but I told myself, I could not cast on it until one of the two above projects was a finished object.

I am not really a very patient person, have you noticed that?  

Sunday, March 19, 2017

What A Beautiful Day!!

Oh my gosh, could it have been any prettier out today, the day before Spring?  Central Illinois was drop dead gorgeous, and I could not pass a chance to go out and on the porch and take some pictures of this week's on the needles!  It was a good thing that I took my phone with me, because I decided to sit down on the top step of two steps on the porch to photograph them.  When finished, I could not get up. Oy!!!  I wasn't super worried, I had several knitting projects with me, just in case I was forced to be there for a while.

All  I could hear is the Dr. saying, you cannot squat any longer.  I really didn't figure sitting on a step was squatting, but in the scheme of things of trying to right one's self up, I guess, I was pretty close to the squat position….there I sat in all the glorious sunshine and fresh air and could not figure out how I was going to get up.

Whatever did we do before cell phones?  The Tall Guy was inside on the second floor, way back in his room and would never hear me from where I was at.  All I could hope for was that he had his phone with him, which is not always the case.  Dang, I was lucky, because he did.  All I said, was can you come outside to the porch, I've got a little problem.  He came to my rescue, pulled me up and we had a little chuckle.

I hope you all had as beautiful day as we did today and Happy Spring tomorrow!  I love this time of the year, don't you?!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St Patty's Day and Finally Finished Friday!

and not the emerald green of your typical St. Pat's Day, but more of a muddy green, the Luxury Shawl from a strand of Madelinetosh Prairie in Plaid Blanket and a strand of Filatura Di Crosa's Superior (70% cashmere, 25% silk, 5% merino), both from Espace Tricot in Montreal, is finished and has had two outings this past week for wearing!!

Have a safe St. Patrick's Day and I'll catch you on the purl side!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Foot Post - Skip If You Don't Want the Details

Not that the pics are all bad, but I wanted to document this surgery somewhere I wouldn't lose it.

The day of surgery.

The day the pins came out.

After pin removal - front

After pin removal - back

After pin removal and cast removed.  There was a lot of dead and wrinkly skin.

9 Weeks, but still in boot

10 weeks - woot woot tennis shoes

10 weeks - still wrapping toes

11 weeks - after showering

11 weeks - this is going to be my life.  Big toe fused with a plate, it will be stiff from here on out. 2nd and third toe will remain with a bit of lift in it.

From the other view.

And ta da, almost four months later, I've been sprung from the podiatrist.

No more walking on bone for me!

Side by side, left and right, still have quite the main scars and the foot is red a lot, but that will fade in time. 

Down side, I went through my shoes last night.  These are going to new homes at the South Side Mission. 

Some things will take a little more time, like swelling and a bit of discomfort.  But, I got the go ahead to shower standing up, barefoot as tolerate, start getting some exercise.   No shoes over 1/2" incline, no squatting and the big toe will not bend so there may be some things that are different.

Good news - the bunion will never come back like some who have had bunion surgery.  With my fusion and plate, it is not coming back.

Double good news - time to shoe shop!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday WIPS

I'm pulling the WIPS out again.  I may not have a new one every Wednesday to blog about, but in my quest to get some off of the needles, I'm going to pull one out, work on it and.....

My plan is to decide before the following Wednesday if the project needs to fish or cut bait.  You know, the project that was great when you started out on it, what seemed like a gazillion years ago, but now for various reasons, it is time to pull it off the needles, re-purpose the yarn or even toss it, put the bag in the stack for future projects, and forget it OR knit knit knit like the wind and finish it!!

This week's WIP is: A Slice of Linen Tee

I have to admit, this one up until last night, had me still debating Fish or Cut Bait.  Will I wear it or am I just knitting on something that will never be worn?  The linen yarn that I am using is new to me and not the superest soft of yarns.  But, as I recall when I did my swatch and washed it, way last year, it softens up a bit. 

The original intention was to have white on 1/2 of the front and either the blue or the green on the other half and then do as  the pattern shows, the back as one color, or flipping and having 1/2 blue, 1/2 white.

I clipped the white and made the decision to start with the green for the second half of the front.  It was at this point, that I was totally re-thinking whether this project was viable, but all of a sudden, I had that moment, when what really was the issue smacks you in the head - it was the white on front I was having issues with. 

Since I didn't like the white on front looking at me, I decided to knit the entire back white, started the ball back up again  and continued.  What I really liked was the thought of the green and blue on the front halves, somewhat like the original picture on the pattern.   Sometimes a project is like that, you need to say to yourself, what don't I like about this?

The bag the tee had been housed in was from SilverShedUSA, one of my favorite bag makers, but just was not large enough to encompass this WIP and the yarns, so I brought out my new bag from Amy Beth that I bought at the Knitting Pipeline Retreat last month.  It is perfect for my Wednesday WIP!

I'm pleased with my decision to continue with the knitting of this WIP!  It is a nice mindless knit and shouldn't take too long to finish up in time for later this Spring/Summer wearing!

WIP on!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's Pi Day!





And for those of us who are knitters, it means the incredible Pi Shawl, who are first attribute to the amazing Elizabeth Zimmermann, the grandmother of knitting!

Want to knit a Pi Shawl?  Here are some amazing shawl links and my faves if you are so inspired (in no particular order).

 Pi Shawl - July


Spanish Peacock Shawl

EZ 100th Anniversary Pi Shawl - Hearts


Exonumists Circular Shawl

Shetland Tea Shawl


Leaves of Grass


  Me, I've at least four on the needles and just wish I had more time to knit all the Pi Shawls. VBG!  Happy Pi Day!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

What's On The Needles This Week?

Yep, that is my Lerwick Harbour Hap Shawl still in the bag.  I just need some time to sit down in the quiet to wrap my head around doing the border.  

My Fog Shawl.  One of my goals for this year is to knit on some WIPs and get them off of the needles. I have a whole chest devoted to them right now, and it would be nice to convert the chest to other knitterly things, like project bags or finished objects.

Fog is the perfect pic for early Spring wearing and a nice pattern for knitting semi mindlessly.

The Aise Shawl.  While recuperating from my foot surgery, I refrained from watching a lot of QVC for fear of ordering all kinds of shoes and clothes that I would not be wearing any time soon.  The other reason was that I was not in any kind of a position to be able to get to the porch to get the packages before the Tall Guy could.

Once He was back to work and I had my boot and could navigate to the porch was about the time that I happened onto Espace Tricot's video cast on You Tube.  Talk about enabling!  This yarn is one of the purchases that I bought from them in Montreal!

Originally, the yarn was slated for a wrap that I saw on their project page on Ravelry and after starting it, decided that with the two yarns held together, I just was not in the mood to navigate the needles and the yarn together for either of the wraps.

I love the two yarns together, but am thinking at this time they will be a nice Hospice Shawl of which I really like the Aise pattern for.  I've knit Aise before, it is a whole lot of stockinette, but fits the bill for draping over either a patient's lap or shoulders.  And the softness, well, I hope that it is comforting as well.

Aise is my go to work lunch project/knit nite project/Saturday morning knitting project, something that I can easily knit on without a whole lot of watching while I knit project.

What's on your needles?  I would love for you to comment below!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spring Forward?

Did you set your clock forward today?

In Central Illinois, it is the day we lose an hour sleep (in the middle of the night)!  It messes with the going to bed thing, the work thing and the getting up thing.  But, on the upside, before long, it will be nice enough to do some porch knitting.

While it is not actually Spring yet ( it doesn't officially arrive to next Monday, the 20th), and even though we've had the mildest of Winters and days when it almost seemed like Summer was on it's way, I was greeted this morning before I was even out of bed with a Winter Weather Advisory on my phone starting tonight through travel to work hours tomorrow.  So, it would seem that Spring really isn't here quite yet as we have a possibility of 3-4 inches of snow by tomorrow.  Further weather temps would appear that it is going to be around a few days before it melts away.  I am hoping they are wrong and it goes much North of us (sorry Northern Illinois).

To look on the good side though, I've got my shawls stacked down on a chair ready to be worn this week with some turtle necks.

Once I wear them, they will make their way to another pile on the table, so they can be carried upstairs to be put away until I can wash and dry them outside later this Summer.

I've got a busy week ahead, hoping that before we know it, the weekend is here again.  Have a good one!!

Sunday, March 05, 2017

What's On The Needles?

Technically not on the needles, but rather on the hook, my scrappy crochet blanket.  The only time it gets any work done on it is when I am doing laundry downstairs, and sitting around waiting for something to be done.  But, once I start on it, I am hard pressed to put it down always wanting to see what the next color way will be.

A simple luxury shawl, I am hoping this will be done soon.  I am anxious to move onto the next WIP.

And my Lerwick Harbour Hap Shawl.  It is all ready for the final border.  This one, I'll need to do at home so I can concentrate on it.

Today, was windy and just barely 60, but I took advantage of a bit of sunshine to knit on the front porch, just a bit.  It felt so nice to be outside!