Sunday, September 19, 2004

Do you see a trend? Yes, same colors as my tank I created, but this one is from Classic Elite Iceland Wool. I bought the yarn over in Indy at Mass Ave Knits. I thought I was buying enough to felt, but realized when I got home that it was twice the yardage so the Weekend pullover was knit with just a tad left over. Posted by Hello

Sunday, September 12, 2004

I am trying to decide what to do with this yarn I got on a recent bus trip to Mass Ave Knits in Indy. I bought 7 skeins. Anyone have any ideas. Email me at Posted by Hello

Recently finished this tank by doing gauge and using it to make a tank. I am hoping to wear it a couple of more times before Fall sets in.  Posted by Hello

Monday, September 06, 2004

Okay, Okay, no more scarves,but had to post just one more. This is from Anny Blatt yarn is for my co-worker's birthday. She is a Mary Kay person on the side and I thought it would be a great addition to the lia sophia watch she is getting.  Posted by Hello

Saturday, September 04, 2004

And this is a gift from my dear traveling knitting friend, Jan. We saw this in the Pro Shop the first day at Pheasant Run. It sat next to an apple green color. All of my knitting buddies know that those are my current colors of choice these days (the blue is just like the water on our Feb vacations). I walked by it several times, commenting on the bags but resisted the temptation, and one day the blue was missing and that was forgotten. BUT--Jan had made a gift of it to me. See I told you I was blessed. Jan and I had a great time rooming together, and we have already decided even though it is going to be at Rosemont next year, we are GOING to Stitches Midwest again. You know when in Rome---Have a great knitting weekend all! Posted by Hello

The night of the student banquet, I won these Skacel Addi-Turbo Gold needles from the bag that our table won. I didn't know they even had such a thing. Once again, I was pleased. Posted by Hello

AND the best of all, I won this kit and the Knitter's magazine the night of the Fashion Show. Talked about shock! I was the first ticket drawn and I got to pick the first envelope. And of course it had a caribbean blue posty on it so I chose it and low and behold it was the best of all of the ones offered. See--I told you life was good! I got to go up on stage in the bright lights and stand by the gorgeous model. I am still can't believe it. Posted by Hello

These are the two scarves I finished at SMW. The top was bought at Wool and Co on Wednesday and is out of Dune, just a simple seed stitch scarf on big needles. The lower one was started before I went and purchased at Mary's Yarn Shop in Eureka IL Posted by Hello

All my purchases from Stitches Midwest and from Wool and Company on the Wednesday before it all began. Wool and Company has moved to Geneva IL downtown and they have a lovely store. So much fun to shop at. If you get there, go and shop, we loved it, but then I liked it when they were in St Charles too. But now they have so much more room. Posted by Hello

I am back. Boy am I glad it is a long weekend! I have tons of stuff to do, plus wanted to up date by blog since Stitches Midwest. This is a mug I found at the market and doesn't it just say it all? Life is good for me right now. I have an understanding family, great friends to travel with and they are always there for me when I ask them for anything. Life is good! So live it to it's full potential. And remember you can never have enough scarves no matter what anyone says! Posted by Hello