Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday - A Bee-U-T-Full Day

Another bee-u-t-full day in Central IL.  The laundry is all done and I really should be cleaning, but as I told the Tall Guy this morning, this will probably be the last weekend in a while where we can just kick back and do what we want to.  I am anticipating good news later this week, which will mean, weekends will be for getting a house ready to sell.  But, lets just wait one more weekend before we turn it all over to other stuff.

I discovered a couple of weeks ago just how much a sunny Monday can make the week so much better. Even if you have to work.  But, today, the sun and the possibility that Spring is really going to be here, I am copying what Sarah P did this morning and spend a bit of time outside knitting and enjoying a bit of the beauty of the sun, blue skies, birds singing and yes the kids screaming next door.

As usual, all of a sudden, I realize that I am way behind on my Spring knitting.  Where to start?  Last year, I bought some Classic Elite Soft Linen for this shawl.  I did my gauge swatch last year and even cast on, but put it away when Fall snuck up on me way too fast.

 This Spring, I think I may have changed my mind….My thought process went something like this.  I know of two other knitters that I associate with that are knitting the same thing only in slightly different versions.  I already have "several" possible shawls both on the needles and in the thought process.  Do I really need another?

And then, this sweater by Heidi K was favorited by a friend on Ravelry.  And in researching, as I nearly always do when I see something I like, I discovered that someone had knit it out of Soft Linen.  Hmmm, I have soft linen.

Now, because I am all about Knit and Fit this year, I would not stripe all the way to the bottom, but rather keep the stripes up at the top instead, I am really considering changing my mind.  Besides, (my rationale), I'll bet I could have this done and wearing before Summer sweeps in.  And (my other rationale), this would be something I could be knitting on at the knit shop since the yarn came from there.

Time to swatch, I hope where ever you are, you are having a bee-u-t-full Sunday!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stash Enhancement Saturday

If all goes well, we will be closing on our new house later this month.  When that happens, we will have two houses, one new house payment (that we have not had for several years) with two insurances,  two utilities -  until at least we get the current house ready, on the market and sold.  I am thinking positive thoughts on that.

When that all goes down, the stash enhancement will be far and few between!  For those who know me well, I'll survive the drought.

In the meantime, I could not resist this little gem at the shop today.  After all, it is my color and would be a nice little Spring cowl.

I gave up all of my knitting magazine subscriptions some time ago, because I just don't have the room for them (which reminds me that my collection is going to have either follow me to the new house or well, I am just not thinking about that right now).  Anyway, I picked up the latest on a couple at the shop today and the mailman brought me the Summer Patternworks catalog.

They all have some designs in them that I really want to cast on like right now! Problem is, I really am going to have to see if I don't have something in the yarn room that I could knit them out of, which will mean some math on the patterns.

From Vogue, this one is out of Koigu Kersti.  It's a finer yarn than I have yardage for in any of the yarns that I have in the yarn room.  But, I loved this one from the first look.  This one would need me to get on it like right now, if I intend to be able to wear it this Spring.

Also, from Vogue, this vest could be knit from a DK.  Hmmm, I happen to have a thought on what I could knit it out of, but that would mean that the yarn that was destined for a shawl/pullover might have to be scrapped.  This one I will have to give some more thought to.

I really like this pullover!  It is out of Spud and Chloe Fine.  And again, I just do not think I have anything in the yarn that I can sub out for the yarn.  But, perhaps a bit of math and I might be able to duplicate out of something else.  I'll need to go to the spring/summer section of the yarn room and see what might jump out.

Don't you just love this cover sweater  With a bit longer sleeves, I so think this one is doable. And so Summer like, don't you think?!  I have some Baby Bunny that I think is a possibility!

 Today turned out to be sunny and so Spring like after a cloudy start.  Makes one think that Spring really is here.  It was a good day to go down the road with the cover to the sunroof open and enjoy the beauty of the sky.

Amazing what it does for one's mental health!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Website

Susan B Anderson Think Spring

I have probably blogged about Susan's website before, but I just had to again.  She has the cutest toys that she designs and other patterns you really should check out.  I have several of her books that are just screaming to be knit for Mona Lisa and Bella.

She has me wanting to knit socks again  for me.

She just seems like a warm, caring person and if you have a chance, check out her periodic video casts. Her niceness just comes through in them.

And she has a sale on her Ravelry patterns right now.  Hop on over and check her site out if you haven't.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Proud Mama

Yes I am!

Baby Boy A was sworn in today.  We are all so happy for him!  We have been blessed family lately.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Even Though

Spring is officially here, it was quite short lived.  It is a pretty cloudy day here, the temps are back in the 30s and well, it just doesn't feel like Spring at all.  There are so many thoughts swirling around in my brain from what to do with houses to knitting to our weekend ahead to be a part of Baby Boy A's swearing in and seeing Miss Mona Lisa.

I'm packing my knitting bag for the weekend and thinking about what I want to accomplish before Spring really begins.

Double Refraction  is going along.  The poor thing has not had too much knitting done on it lately, because I have really been knitting away on one of my new purchases from last weekend's Knitting Pipeliner Retreat.

Katyjubilee from Cherry Tree Hill Broad Band is so much fun.  You just keep knitting the pattern waiting for the next color to appear.  Couple of odd things is that the pattern does not give any gauge, so I am not sure what size this is really going to be when I finish.  I am just having some fun with it.

The middle color's dye did come off a bit onto my sunburst needles, faint that it is.

Also, going along for the ride is my Amy Herzon Custom Fit Cardigan.  It's my back up for now, since I am not 100% sure what I want to do with it as it proceeds along.  Its a card, but not sure if it is just going to be plain as a pic that I saw or if I want to do something else with it.

I know that we are going to turn the calendar real soon and Spring will be here and I will be wishing I was much further in my Spring knitting, especially with all the "houses" things that will be going on.  But, for now, I am going to have a nice relaxing weekend, enjoying family and knitting.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Fingers Crossed

If you are wondering where my mind is and my posting ability has been, I am going to blame it on this.

The Tall Guy and I put an offer on this house and my mind has been on it the last week.  There is so much I want to blog about it right now, but since it is not 100% put to bed yet, I am going to try and tamper the enthusiasm down on it until it is a sure thing.

Let me just say this house has an awesome space for a yarn room!  More as it develops.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014

In the Light of Day

Late last night I finished a shawl for my friend Maria who is turning 50 later this week.  I've been pretty monogamous the past week in order to get it finished it this weekend.  All it needs some blocking.

Now, the search is on for what should be the next project to knit on.  I have quite a few contenders as you can tell from these two bags of recent stash enhancements from our trip to St Charles and from the Knitting Pipeline Retreat this weekend.

There is a lot of Spring in both of these bags and so many choices to consider. 

I could not resist casting on a couple of this weekend's Yarn Crawl patterns.  This is a one skein shawl that has progressive colors as it grows.  This should be a quick one, if I could just get my mind to focus on it.

I could not resist casting on Iwo from Berroco Folio.  This is one that if I am going to be using it, I had better get it done so I can use it this Spring.  It is not as fast of a knit as I thought it would be or maybe again I am having a bit of time keeping my hands from going to something that is already on the needles for Spring.

And Spring will be here later this week, so I had better get to knitting

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pipeline Retreat = Fun and Knitting

We had a great time this weekend at the Pipeline Retreat.  Lots of knitting, laughs, food and yarn.

And coffee.  And knitwear!  So many beautiful sweaters to duplicate at sometime.

Thats Paula next to me.  Paula is the organizer of the event.  Excellent job, once again.

 Last night.

This morning.

And freebies.

And one more yarn purchase, this one from Jeannette from Sun Valley Fibers.  Her yarn is so super soft and beautiful.  

What a wonderful weekend.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Knitting Pipeline Retreat

What a fun day!  The actual retreat did not start until 2pm today, so we had a bit of time to shop for yarn.  One would think from what I bought that I hadn't had a chance to see any yarn for a bit!  But, in my defense, I am ready for Spring and my purchases today just screamed Spring to me!  Between the shopping before the retreat today and the vendors tonight, I am pretty pleased with my Spring purchases.

Yes, there are a few shawls here in the mix, and this one is not 100% Spring, but I loved the feel of the yarn and the color combo.  It may not be the first thing I cast on, but I will be casting on it at some point.

One of the Thursday night knitters has been knitting Rustic Beauty.  We have all admire her shawl and I have been on the lookout for a yarn to knit it out of too.  I think this one is going to be just perfect for blue jean casual.

This yarn and shawl was the hot ticket item today.  The ball of yarn does the work and then you need one other to finish the border.  I think I ave some stash that will be just perfect for it.

I am so lovin Lang patterns lately.  This tape like yarn just screamed at me to buy it and make this top.  I am going to make 3/4 sleeves and maybe not as long as the pattern required.  We have seen a lot of tape yarns lately too.

This light aqua is a tape yarn too, but with more of a net like look to it.  It will be a very little shawl, but will look great over some spring/summer t-shirts.  They are bringing me the pattern tomorrow so I can't post it at the moment.

 And this yarn is so super soft!  And of course the colors, oh the colors.  I am noodlin on a little top out of them, using color blocking.

Tomorrow afternoon, there may be a few more yarns following me home as the attendees who have wares to sell will be on tap!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mail Call!

From Schoolhouse Press!  There is just something about Ganseys that intrigue me.  Readers would not be surprised to know that I have one on the needles, naturally an EZ version.  This book is hot off of the press.  I want to open it and read it, but I am going to just savor it for a couple of days while I am at the Knitting Pipeline Retreat.

The other goodie that the mailman delivered today was my sock yarn from Lynai.  Susan B Anderson turned me onto this yarn and I just had to have it.  It is going to be so super cool to work with!

Tomorrow, I head to the Knitting Pipeline Retreat.  I am sure there will be a whole lot of more stash enhancement by the end of the weekend to follow these lovelies.

Surprisingly, there were new yarns at Knit Night tonight, but I resisted.  For now!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Grandchild, Grandnieces and Grandnephew

What a wonderful family weekend we had.  Unfortunately, Baby Boy A was sick and couldn't come home, but his wonderful wife brought our granddaughter over.

She was sportin one of her sweater tunics I knit her in 2012.  She can finally wear it and I am so pleased that her mama put it on her for the Saturday birthday party for one of our great nieces.

She loves her books!  It is so darn cute to watch/listen to her read.

My great nephew is such a ham.  You can never get him to sit still!

His sister is such a girly girl and so full of energy.

Uncle Baby Boy B is a fave of Mona Lisa and vice versa.  Truth be told, she likes him better than Grandma.

And our little Bella, another of our grandnieces turned one.  She is a doll and believe me she is a princess in her mommy and daddy's eyes!

What a wonderful weekend it was with family all around us all weekend long.  We are so blessed!

Friday, March 07, 2014


I'm swatchin my Madtosh DK tonight in Grasshopper and Flashdance.

I am antsy to start knitting on my Double Refraction Shawl out of it.  Hopefully, tomorrow morning when I wake up, the swatch will be dry.  At the moment, is sitting in the yarn room under the ceiling fan full blast!