Sunday, April 23, 2017

What I Am Working On This Week

We are in the midst of moving my mother-in-law to a very nice assisted living place here in town this weekend and tomorrow, and I am spending this afternoon, nicely camped out in my chair, watching baseball and deciding what should be my focus for knitting this week.  

It is beautiful outside and after the game is over, I will head out to the front porch and take some simple knitting with me in my Fringe Supply Bag.  This is the sleeve of my Helsinki Sweater by Janine Bajus. There is a lot of stockinette in very small needles on this so it will be perfect for sitting on the porch enjoying the sunshine and silence.

As part of a contest (where you are on a team and knit the most yards since January)for the Zombie Knitpocalypse, I am knitting on the Girl From The Grocery Store Shawl out of Leading Men Fiber Arts yarn.

And last but not least, I finally started the border on my Lerwick Harbour Hap Shawl by Denise Bell from the Ulthima Thule book.  It is a bit of knitting, but getting started was the major battle for this.

Hope you all are having a nice relaxing weekend and have a great week!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Where Did That Spring Go?

It's chilly here, how about you?  Tomorrow, we are back in the 50's, but I know that next week that Spring Babe will be back!

In the meantime, I'm playing around with my scrappy blankets.

Yep, there are three of them.  All different and one is crocheted.  The yarns are some of my leftover fingering weight yarns and a good many of them are from my friends Becky and Sue.

These blankets in progress are sitting on my table downstairs.  Whenever I am doing laundry and either the dryer or washer is not quite done cycling, I sit in the wheelchair down there (only because that is where we are storing it and we haven't folded it up and put it away yet), and I work on one of them.

How is that for double duty?!  Happy Friday!!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Finally Finished Friday

The Hospice Blanket is finished and turned in yesterday at Hospice.  I've decided that since these are my fave colors that I need to concentrate on these colors for hospice too.  Because, I know it is a fave color in the world.

This is what was turned in yesterday from everyone.  46 Shawls and Blankets for Shawl and Tell.

What an amazing and giving group of women!  What a way to start the pre-Easter weekend!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wednesday WIPS

Fish or Cut Bait Wednesday.

This one is a cut bait.

The yarn is Heritage Paints and a fingering weight.  I probably have 1200 yards plus of it.  Originally, back in the day it was a Wolford Cardigan.  Since it's cast on many years ago, I've added a couple of pounds and discovered that this just may not be the right weight of yarn for the cardigan. 

I gain some needles on this one back in their case and a project bag is now free!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Sweaters - Part 3

Don't you just love scoping out Spring and Summer sweaters?  Or as The Yarniacs call it, stalking? 
This week I've uncovered some really nice simple sweaters that you can wear all the way into the Fall.
Bleached - out of fingering yarn so, yes, there will be a bit of knitting, but I have a bit of Heritage Paints in fingering weight this would be pretty neat out of.  For me, I'd lengthen those sleeves a bit at least to the elbow or 3/4 length.

Blue Columbine Cardigan - this is a DK weight yarn and is out of Interweave Knits, Summer 2015.  I may just have this issue and I know I have some Comfort DK in white which would be perfect for this Summer.

Apogean - another fingerweight yarn.  If you check this out on Ravelry, the designer shows it under a jean jacket which I am just lovin the look of it.

And finally, my stand by - a quick easy knit the #123 Top Down Lightweight Cardigan by Knitting Pure & Simple. Even though, this one is fingering weight, there is also a worsted weight version called #221 Summer Cardigan.  I've knit it before and love the simplicity and quick knit of this style from Knitting Pure & Simple.

More coming next week!  Catch you on the purl side.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

What's On The Needles This Week

The Grandmother's Hospice Blanket is what I am calling this one from now on.  I am hoping to finish it tonight so it will be ready for this Thursday at Hospice.  The yarn is Cake Pop yarn and takes two skeins.  I am loving the way the striping is happening, so random and every thing.

It would have been done a week ago, but I had a bit of a brain fade on the decreases (what was I thinking, grin?)  I had to rip back and re-roll the skein, but was very soon back on track.

Once the Hospice Blanket is done, I am moving back to my Fog Shawl as my go to knitting.  I'd like to have this one done in another week as I am chomping at the bit to knit on some sweaters.

I am using my Peep progress keeper from Sucre Sucre Miniatures in honor of Easter which is just one week away.

And for the Central Illinois weather report - yesterday was beautiful and today was not as sunny, and a bit windy, but as I sit here tonight typing this blog, the windows are open and there is a nice breeze blowing in and I am loving that it would appear that Spring is really here.

Happy Sunday!!

Friday, April 07, 2017

Friday Finds

My new Spring project bag.  The maker is Nicole from Trappings and Trinkets.  She is a local to me designer and bag maker.  I picked this one up from our LYS, Fiber Universe.  It was laying there on top of the pile just like it was waiting for me.

And lookie at the inside of this bag.  Are these both just not the perfect colors for me?!

And it has one of my Wednesday WIP projects in it for Spring/Summer wearing.  How cool!

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Spring Sweaters - Part Deux

 I have a file that I put patterns that I might want to knit  for certain seasons.  It's a wish list of sorts and I am pulling a couple out for this year that I am really wanting to cast on.

I have yarn for this one from Madelinetosh.  The pattern by Laura Aylor is Sea Salt. I wanted to knit it the minute I saw the whole picture on this pattern and the color way in the yarn.  The walking on the beach in a sweater with denim and in a color way that spoke to me of the ocean!

At Stitches Midwest last year, I bought this Revive yarn.  I did not have a specific garment in mind for it, but loved the color and knew that not only could I wear it for Spring, but it would be good for Summer into Fall.

I found the perfect pattern for this yarn in my file.  I'm a fan of Heidi Kirrmaier, it would seem, as will become evident this season - this one is Fine Sand and will be perfect in my Revive yarn above.

And yet another one from the file for Spring.

Out of the now discontinued Linsey yarn from Berroco.  I may be short just one skein for this sweater, but I know from a friend's sweater, this one tends to grow a bit, so I don't think I'll mind that I may be one skein short for this sweater.

A new pattern is making its way into the pattern file this year for Spring.
Sunshine Coast, a Heidi Kirrmaier pattern.

I am looking at Pima Cotton for this one, but if I decide to use it, I may be playing a bit of yarn chicken with it, as I "might" be short by about 120 yards, not sure I want to chance that.  I may have to go "shopping" to find the adequate yardage for it.  

 I'm excited to start some Spring sweaters, especially with temps in the low 40-50's these days of April and slight chance of snow.  How about you, what are you wearing/knitting for this transitional season?

Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Finds!

My Espace Tricot package arrived last Friday!

This is going to be a purse.

A Double Needle Keeper to hold my project in place so they stitches don't pop off of the needles.

A new little box to hold "stuff".  Watch how it closes up.  Very portable.

A new book.  I like Cocoknits stuff, but not sure any of these sweaters are my cup of tea, but does have some info that has possibilities. 

And from last month, my Knit Wit friends went to Stitches West, and my friend Kendra shopped for me.  I am lovin these!!  Not yet sure what they will be, but I'll be thinkin on these real soon.

I love a good mail day, don't you?!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Summer Sweaters

Ok, so today in Central Illinois, it rainy and thundery and the long-term forecast is cloudy and rain!  That great Friday last week is just a memory, but, I know that we are going to turn around really soon and the sun will be out, it will be warming up every day and the knitter in me is going to wish I had spent a few months working on Spring/Summer sweaters for wearing.

This past week in the car, I heard a great saying from Sally Melville on the Saturday Morning Breakfast Club podcast  that I want to remember:
"Knit the sweaters you love, wear the sweaters you knit"

We, as Knitters, probably only really think about knitting sweaters for the late Fall and Winter for keeping us nice and warm when the temps are cool and the snow is falling.  And that would be me as well, but my need for Winter sweaters last year was very small.

Granted, with the list of all the things I want to knit, I should probably think about starting now for next Fall and Winter, but those gals over at Espace Tricot Episode 7 , once again have me thinking Spring/Summer Sweaters and their current episode (link above), have increased my favorites again.
You have to watch them, if you are not!!

I have been a fan of two of their free patterns even before I knew who Espace Tricot was.  Some may say that is obvious as to why I was a fan of the first one, the colors in it of course...and that may be very well true, but still I have loved it. 

This is the Ombre Tank Top.  It uses the same technique that my much beloved Heavenly Heathers Blanket has, using the base yarn with a new color in the stripes as it progresses.  The yarn is from Shibui and yes, may be pricey in some standards, but I think I am worth it.

Next up is the Double-Take Tee.  This is very reminiscent of a couple of weeks ago Fish or Cut Bait WIPS, except for more of a sleeve, which because I am a knitter I know how to extend that sleeve to cover those pelican arms of mine!    The sample is knit out of a Habu fingering merino/ silk yarn that I am sure if I searched for, I may find a nice substitute, but then again, lately, I have been a knitter who wants to try new yarns and the yarn the originals have been knit out of.

Before I can knit these two though, I have to jump on Espace's website and get my order together, which will give me some more time, to plan my Spring/Summer Sweaters out of.

What are you planning on knitting this season?  I would love to know, I am always open for more ideas.  And stay tuned for further Spring/Summer Sweater Knitting adventures and thoughts!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday WIPS

From my Ravelry project page, I can tell that the yarn for my Hitofude was purchased in January 2014 from Briar Rose Fibers.   The yarn is Sea Pearl and I like this yarn so much I've  got several different colorways and well, Chris is a friend from Knit Camp too.

A close up of the yarn now, shows more purple and steel blue then in the first picture.    The yarn is a fingering weight, with 800 yards to a skein so there is some pretty hefty yardage in one skein.  It is 50% Wool/505 Tencel/Lyocell. (I am fairly certain I heard Lori Goldstein on QVC last night talk about Lyocell fiber in her jeans) It is a shimmery yarn, I bought this colorway because I thought it would lend itself to a little bit dressier sweater for weddings and such.

And this Hitofude from the designer seemed to be just the style I was looking for!

I am in a mood to knit a Spring sweater these days and thought this might fit the bill to bring out a WIP and Evelyn (Irishmom1323 on Ravelry) enticed me to bring mine back out and knit a bit on it.  When I did, I discovered a safety pin in an inch or so holding what looks like a dropped stitch.  Funny thing though, I've got the number of stitches needed between the markers.

 This one is going to require some thought.  I'm not ready to cut bait on it yet, but I am not so sure that it is ready to fish yet.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

You Tubing

This weekend, after the kids left, I spent some time catching up on some video casts on You Tube that I like and coincidentally have to do with knitting.  I thought you might like to catch them if you want some fun and knitting.

The Yarn Hoarder - Amber has a background stash that rivals mine

Kristy Glass Knits - for Manch, she is interviewing Man Knitters

Knotty Knit Wits - From the Northern West Coast, love their wit!

Kammebornia - I love her knits, but warning, this one is in Swedish, but there are English subtitles and the scenery, oy!

And finally, the last couple of days, I have been listening to The Yarniacs podcast while coming to and from work.  I am a regular listener to this one, but something that particular caught my ear and the you shawl wearers might be interested in is their discussion of how to wear shawls towards the end.  Their show notes also have some links.

I love You Tube for knitting podcasts!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

What's On The Needles This Week?

My projects that are getting love this week are based on where and when they are going to be knit on.  That way, it gives me an excuse to knit on multiples, she says with a smile.

First up is the Hospice Blanket.  This one just cheers me up when I knit on it.  Obviously, it is the colors in, all the beautiful colors of the ocean.  There was a bit of a two minute window today in between drizzles that the sun came out and I could take a pic of it.  I am finally on the decreases of the blanket.  This one is my go to here at home while watching Food Network today and the Kids version of Chopped.  I'll work on it this week as well when I get home at night.

Fog is next up and by the time I got outside to take a photo of it, the sun was gone.  This is my knitting for at the local yarn shop.  It is two yarns I purchased there and easily portable and doable while visiting.

And lastly, this is my Knit Night knitting project/Saturday Panera knitting.  Mindless stockinette right now after the eyelet row.  Still able to carry it around in my Knitting is my Super Power bag for right now.

Amongst all the drizzle we had today and the cloudy skies, the Tall Guy picked this pretty out of our back yard and brought it into me.  It is a milestone, he has always bought me flowers, but never do I remember him picking them out of our yard for me.  

Even though, the weather reports say cloudy most all this week, there is some sunshine in my backyard!  How about yours?  And if there isn't, just knit some!  

Saturday, March 25, 2017

And The House Went Quiet

Yesterday was drop dead gorgeous.  It was sunny and a perfect day for a visit to the Zoo.

The kids from Iowa were here and we had a great morning with them!  Mona Lisa was only impressed with zoo for a bit.

The big kids were more impressed than she was.

The consensus was among the big kids that we liked the giraffes the bestest.

She was having more fun hamming it up with her Uncle Baby Boy B and his girlfriend.

We had a great family dinner last night with everyone catching up and then this morning, the kids headed back, the house went quiet, and the rain came.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Finds

One of the knitters I follow on Instagram, posted this magazine from the U.K.  They had me at the Faroe Islands!  I had to have this issue so I ordered it.  So cool - food, knitting, sheep, the land of the Faroe Islands, some good reading and great pictures!

From the Fringe Supply - all of their orders come in this muslin bag.

I saw these needles on the podcast Espace Tricot as an interchangeable set.  When I saw a post from Fringe Supply on Instagram that they were carrying the fixed ones, I thought I'd order one size of the fixed and see what they were like.

I cast on this past week a Boomerang Shawl on them to give them a try out.  The points are not super pointy, but for some straight garter they will be fine.  I am still a Chiagoo lady so I will not be converting to these from my faves.

Not because I needed any sewing up needles, but because I was intrigued by needles that were made in Hiroshima, I added these to my order.

My main reason for ordering was this Field Bag that I have read and heard quite a bit about lately.  It is a sturdy canvas bag with a very stiff drawstring to close it, which as I understand it after some use will soften up as will the one leather handle on handle on the outside.

The inside has pockets on both sides, one having grommet holes to guide yarn through.