Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm On Vacation!

And I have worked hard for it. Today, was the end of the fiscal year at work, and they kept me working til the bitter end and then some. But, the day went fast, and that's how I like it.

Now, I am off for 12 whole days! Granted, Monday, I am helping a friend at 7:30 to set up for the Grand Opening of the "Russell for Senate" office in Peoria. But, it should be a fun day and I am looking forward to it. Tuesday, is the 4th and we are having my aunt and mom over for lunch. Wednesday, is hair, nails and pack for CAMP DAY!!!! And Thursday, we're off for camp!

A BIG YIPPEE Skippy!!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm Torn

I kind of like the non-red skeins of yarn I bought. But, I only have two of them. I might have to re-think the pattern, and do something different so it doesn't stripe so much (the red). Perhaps doing the pattern in pieces rather than back and forth. The pattern is worked from the neck down to the yoke.Who would have thought I would have liked the other better?
My first inclination was to buy a skein of each. I should have stuck with my first thought! But, then I should have paid attention to the pattern. I read it, but didn't pay attention to it. It says to avoid striping, work with two balls of yarn and switch every two rows. I think I'll try that out before ripping out or searching for a different pattern.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Discovery And A Find

I discovered this weekend, after trying to look at my blog, what the problem is, at least for me. When the blog is loading, if I have my list of favorites or bookmarks on the side, the blog, does not fully load. It leaves off the last of the current posts. But, when I get rid of the favorites, the full blog can be seen. It works for me, how does it work for the rest of you?

And on Saturday, I found one of these. You can use a piece of yarn, but I think I am going to see if I can find a necklace that will fit through it or a nice cord. It locks too. Jan had one when she was visiting.

By the way, Knit 4 Together is closed this Saturday for the holiday weekend. Just wanted to let some of you know.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

No Wonder I Don't Have Any Needles or Here I Go Again!

I tried knitting this a couple of years ago out of a yarn I initially used for another cardigan. It sits downstairs somewhere, waiting for the rest of it to be torn out. So, yesterday when I was at Knit 4 Together, I thought I'd give it another try out of the Lumpy Bumpy.
The pattern is from Knitter's Stash from Interweave Knits. Last night when I began to knit this, I didn't quite understand what the pattern was saying to me. I thought maybe I was missing something soI decided to go online and check out Errata on it. While doing that, I discovered that there are several books from Interweave Press that I have, that have corrections to them. Here's the web address, because I know there are others of you who have these same books. I don't know how long these corrections stay out there, but I've started printing the ones that I know I have right now and inserting them into the back of my books.

Yesterday, Claudia warned me that there were two different batches of the Lumpy Bumpy called Fall Flowers. I discovered as much yesterday when I started winding them. I think I might have picked up two that are like the left. I'm going to use them I think. Time will tell.

I can see what they are doing. They are making stripes. It was not so noticeable when I used just a little at the top and then switched. But, now as the the piece gets wider, I can see the changes. I might have to not switch balls as often and see if I can get by with what I bought the most of.

It's kind of fun to see what happens with this. Even though, I still have to knit my swatch for camp!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I Was Just Going To Pick Up My Swift And Wool Winder

In a fit a couple of weeks ago, I hurt my old metal swift (of 25 years) and tossed it. I found myself without one, so I called Knit 4 Together and had them order me a new one. A nice wooden one. While I was at it, I decided to buy a new wool winder. Am I in heaven or what? Both are sooo nice! So, much better than my old ones.

But of course, while there, I had to look. The Lumpy Bumpy was there the last time I was there, but it was spoken for. Well, evidently, Marilyn decided she really did not like it, so it was up for sale. I was just going to buy one skein and have Claudia hold the rest til I knitted it up and saw how I liked it. That's how accomodating they are out there!

So, what the heck, I took 6 skeins and came home and used my new swift and wool winder on it. Can't wait to sit and swatch it and see what it looks like. Oh yea, I did get some needles to go along with another yarn. Watch for it tomorrow.

Okay, it is official, I have now started a stash form Knit 4 Together!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm Okay, She's Better!

It has been a hectic week. I can't believe it is Friday tomorrow! My mom is home from the hospital and doing relatively well. I am not sure how to describe it, but forgive me if this comes out funny, not haha funny, but odd funny. She is well, but a few days in the hospital seems to have made her more something. More unsure of herself, more prone to repeating the same story several times and I do mean several. More something. I know it is because she is alone and it is scary for her.

I all to vividly recall a couple of years ago when she broke her ankle and then developed the start of her stomach problems. I'm not ready to go back there. So, maybe I'm just being a tad whiney myself today. A little PMS could be my problem. But, I am glad that she is on the mend.

I am just hopeful for a nice calm weekend with no emergency calls. My gift to myself for Saturday is a trip to the yarn shop. Not for yarn necessarily, just for some needles that I need for Knit Camp IN TWO WEEKS!

Yippee Skippy! Two weeks from tonight, we'll be starting a weekend of knitting with Meg!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Twice My Purse Sock Has Come In Handy

I've carried it around for weeks and never knitted on it. Now twice in a couple of days I have had to sit at the doctor's office and the ER and it came in quite handy.

Nothing major! On Saturday in the early morning one of the boys fell and hit his head and cut it. Did not require stitches, but wanted the doc to look at it all the same.

This morning, very early, I had to take my mom to the ER. Again, nothing major, just a reaction to an antibiotic and a sodium level that is WAY too low. They admitted her, but she should be good in a couple of days.

Both times though, it was good to know as I was heading out the door, that I had my purse sock with me just in case. You know the funny part? No one at either place even inquired as to what I was doing.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Another Epiphany!

Well, maybe not Epiphany, maybe a cop out? I realized this morning, while knitting on the baby sweater that must be finished by next weekend, that I don't need to clothe every baby that I know. Even though, I knit and the mother knows I knit. And this is for a July baby, and there is no way, the baby can even think of wearing a sweater until the Fall. So, I'll put it off til then, if I still feel like it.

Or maybe it is better to make a pack and only knit for babies that are in the immediate family! Better yet, knit only what you want to. I like that better! Back to preparing for Knit Camp, even better!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


I have a baby sweater that needs to be done by next Sunday. I have another baby ensemble that needs to be done by July 20th.

Did I work on them this weekend? No, not really. Instead last night, I decided to look through my Schoolhouse Press books and see which ones needed to go to camp with me. In the course of the night, I started this from an old Wool Gathering. Mainly, because I want to do a Fair Isle for myself, and I thought this would be a good time to take it with and get some thoughts from the experts on it.

This is what I accomplished in the course of a day. I did though learn how to do German Twisted Cast On. And--I learned that when I finally do get to my own sweater that the corrugated rib will probably take me about a week to complete. I like it, but boy is it time consuming!

Now, as the weekend closes, I have put it away, cause I really have to deal with next week's baby sweater deadline!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Look Out Meg, Here We Come

I don't know if the town of Marshfield is ready for the Radical Knitters. We've got a couple of weeks before Knit Camp, but if the meeting of the Radical Knitters on Thursday is any indication, look out!

You have to know the group to truly appreciate it. Norma, is a world traveler and she can pack two weeks of clothing in a carry along. Me, I go for a weekend and you'd think while I was away that someone was going to cart my wordly possessions to the Good Will. And we're just talking clothes and shoes. We have not even hit on knitting!

I mean after all, we are going to be gone almost 5 days! Some of us find it hard to work on only one project in a night let alone 5 days!! And that's what I like about Char and Linda, we can sacrifice an extra pair of jeans but sacrifice the entire supply of yarn for a sweater while being 6 hours away from home? No way Jose!

So, we come back to the Radical Knitters meeting on Thursday. Char, Linda and myself, all were remembering that we needed to make a name tag and that Norma was going to put it together for us. We all were dreading it, and none of us had really had a time concept that we needed to have it already DONE for her.

So, look what that Norma presented us on Thursday.
Can you believe it? A name tag AND a little bag so we don't have to take our purses down to class. We were all floored by the gift! Mine will go with my ensembles for the weekend. Yes, I already have them figured out. Have not picked out the jewelry yet, but all will be quite casual AND the best part of it all? My new Birkis are the only shoes I need take.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Some People Like Green

And I love lime green, but my heart belongs to Caribe Blue. Can you tell? Even this week's stitches on the Stitch Calendar are Caribe Blue. I've always been a blue fan. When I was a kid and my brother moved out, I got his room. Mom and Dad painted it blue, I got new blue carpet and I had a red phone. Now, that I am grown up (no comment), our living room and dining room are blue with blue carpet. Before we moved our bedroom to the basement, our bedroom was blue. And I drive a blue car. Okay, it is really dk blue, but still it's blue.

Caribe Blue, it is my color. I became a fan when I first saw the water as our Cruise ship was leaving Florida, 12 years ago. Amazing how the water is so Turq. I still marvel at that. And no wonder when I go to Mexico, I take pic after pic of the water. This is not my picture, but one I lifted, but this is where I am trying to go with Meg's Cardigan. The look of Caribe Blue Water with the white caps of waves.
Some People Like Green

And I love lime green, but my heart belongs to Caribe Blue. Can you tell? Even this week's stitches on the Stitch Calendar are Caribe Blue. I've always been a blue fan. When I was a kid and my brother moved out, I got his room. Mom and Dad painted it blue, I got new blue carpet and I had a red phone. Now, that I am grown up (no comment), our living room and dining room are blue with blue carpet. Before we moved our bedroom to the basement, our bedroom was blue. And I drive a blue car. Okay, it is really dk blue, but still it's blue.

Caribe Blue, it is my color. I became a fan when I first saw the water as our Cruise ship was leaving Florida, 12 years ago. Amazing how the water is so Turq. I still marvel at that. And no wonder when I go to Mexico, I take pic after pic of the water. This is not my picture, but one I lifted, but this is where I am trying to go with Meg's Cardigan. The look of Caribe Blue Water with the white caps of waves.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Won't They Look Nice

With everything else I have?
I got these via UPS today. I have been wanting a pair in this color for some time now. They are so me.

And they will match my sweater!

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Third Times The Charm

Actually, the blue is my 4th attempt at Meg's Cardigan.
Several years ago, I started a red Woolease one. It was further along than any of these, but too big, by the time I got it up to the top.

I finally have decided on the blue as one I will complete. Although, I have had to rip it out several times this weekend. I did a gauge swatch and liked it, but once I knitted the rib with the size 9 needles I really did not like the looseness of it. So, I recast it on with an 8 only to have it twist on me.

Finally, last night when I got to knitting the actual body, did I remeasure the gauge and was getting about 5 stitches to the inch. So, now I have changed to the size 9 needle, leaving the rib on 8's and will see how it progresses today. I may need to rip it back one more time if I think the rib is too tight.

I will probably rip out the purple Galway above. I really bought it originally for one of the sweaters from the Shetland Books. The gray is going to sit and veg, while I try washing a hank of it as suggested by Linda.

I'm workin way too hard on these!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Today Is A Knit Day

It's kind of a gloomy Sunday. I toyed with the idea of shopping, but decided it is a good day to get some knit stuff done. And watch Meg/EZ videos while I do it.

I received my order yesterday from Threadbear FiberArts and have been fiddling with the gauge swatch and casting on of a new project most of last night and this morning. These pictures kind of give you an idea of where I am going. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I will have more to show you.

Let me end this blog with this thought, the 3rd time is the charm!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today Would Be A Good Day To Knit With Wool

It's only going to get up to a flippin 63 degrees! I might have to shut the windows and pull out a sweater to wear.

I really need to get back to this baby sweater and get it completed. I am knitting it in a larger size, so the baby can wear it in the Fall.

What I really hope for today, is that the mailman brings my package from Threadbear Fiberarts. Rob emailed me on Wednesday, that it was in the mail, so I'll be watchin for the mailman around noon today to see if he brings it. It has some needles in the package too that I want to use for another baby project that HAS to be completed by July and I am anxious to do the gauge swatch on it too.

Lordy, not only do I have WIPS, but I have WIPS that are waiting to be WIPS!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

How Many Wraps Does A Person Need?

Really, I need an answer to this question. Or maybe, I don't need one. I think it is like the quest for the perfect purse or pair of black shoes. You keep accumulating them until you find just the right one. That's what I am doing with wraps. The quest for just the right one. When I find it, the madness will stop,right? Okay, wrong, but, it sure sounded good for a minute.

This one is from Sally's Second Book, Purl. I chose a pretty soft wool (cause that is what it called for), I could have went a little softer I think, but I was being cheap at the time. But now, that I look at it, I think, I might rip it out and do the same pattern only about twice as wide, as use it as a baby blanket. The yarn is Shepherd Colour 4 Me, an 8 ply Australian wool. It was under the Dale Baby Ull at Knit 4 Together. It just feels soft enough for a baby blanket and is the perfect color when you don't know what it is going to be.

But, you know that would mean going back for more yarn! I really am leaning toward the baby blanket idea, and Linda, wouldn't it look really cool with the Dale Baby Ensemble in tan and cream?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Shapely Garter Shawlette, It Grows

You will remember sometime back when this was finished. Then I threw a hissy fit when after binding off TWICE, I ripped it out and said forget it.

Then, Karen brought a couple of them finished to Radical Knitters. I threw one over my shirt that night. Not only did the colors look great, but it was warm and it just laid over my shoulders and arms nicely.

I am always on the look out for something that I can throw on to keep me warm, but not be so encumbersome as a sweater sometimes. And I want it to stay on as I knit or sit at my desk, sleep in the chair or get up and walk around.

I think this may be it. Even though, tomorrow's post will show another thought. I have a deadline for the Shapely Garter Shawlette. Next Thursday, Karen is going to help me properly bind off LOOSELY, so I will have one of my own.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

You've Seen This Before

But it bears repeating or is that bares repeating? Anyway, tonight, I am going to stick in EZ's Glossary and see if I can't progress a touch on the class sample. The yarn is Dale Heilo. I was going to get navy and put it where the green is, but I've decided to leave it in, rather than A. buying yet another skein and B. pulling this out again.

I am hoping when we go to camp that Meg can help me resolve my lice issues. Some look good, others, not so much. I did as EZ suggested in the video, but I am still not 100% in love with them. I hope to come out of camp with two things learned well. #1, the lice and color pattern tension and #2 steeks.

I want to be comfortable with them, cause I have changed my mind on the yarn/color of the Cardigan I want to do. I took a risk today and purchased 7 skeins of Cascade Heather from Threadbear Fiberarts. I have a skein of it in the same color, and am hoping that it is the same dye lot. I bought it earlier this Spring from them. Okay, this really is my last yarn purchase for awhile!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I Am The Old Woman In The Shoe

And it's not kids in my shoe but projects on the needle as you will see from this week's pics. All are on the needles.

Today's latest WIP is this shawl from Christine Bylsma Designs - Ladder Shawl. It wasn't even on my list but I picked up the yarns on Saturday with Marilyn from Knit 4 Together's help. It is all K5 P5. When done the knit stitches are all dropped. I am obsessing with it right now. It's all I am knitting on at home. There is no way to transport because it is a job keeping the yarns from tangling.

The yarns are Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, Classic Elite La Gran Mohair in a very light cream and seafoam, Trendsetter Pepita (a ribbon with gold in it), Farmhouse Yarns Silk Spun Cotton in Mint Julep (don't you love that color name), Classic Elite Star ( a cotton and lycra blend-it has spring to it, not the season but as in your step), and Trendsetter Finesse.

This is so much better in person. I just love looking at it. Even though a dozen other projects are calling my name.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I'm Knitting Something Absolutely Positively Beautiful

At least in my eyes it is. It is not big enough yet for a picture, but suffice it to say, I really love it. It was with the help of Marilyn at Knit 4 Together in Dunlap who helped me pick out the colors. I hope to have it done to take to Knit Camp. It is not portable, so it will have to sit next to my chair until it is finished, but I am having so much fun with it today.

Today's motto, don't think about the money, think about the enjoyment. Well, that's today's motto. Tomorrow's motto, are you nuts?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

My Name Is Penny And I Am A Yarn Addict

Yes, I made a stand that I was going to start using up the stash I had. You would have thought that after last weekend, hauling most of it downstairs, that it would be reinforced, right? Wrong oh so wrong.

I got up this morning knowing full well that I was going to Dunlap. Sure, I told myself I would just stop there on the way to Grand Prairie, and just pick up those couple of extra balls of yarn that I will need for my Knit Camp project. And maybe, I'd look at the colors of Dale Baby Ull and pick up a couple of those for the baby ensemble I want to do.

Many $ later, I went a whole new direction on the baby ensemble (they did not have the colors I really wanted), was set on buying some yarn for the dishcloth shawl, but decided on something totally different, would have succombed to yet another color of Cascade 220 for yet another start on Meg's Cardigan but they did not have enough of what I wanted.

Suffice it to say, I am a sick person, and when the tall guy sees what my credit cards look like he is going to go through the roof. But, I'll be ready, my analogy is when I die, the life insurance will cover them.

So, boys, don't plan on any inheritance cause there won't be any, it'll all go to the credit card companies! But, you will have wonderful yarn to remember me by and think of how much enjoyment it gave me!

Love, Mom

Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's Summer! It's Flip Flop Season!

Had to put something on my new hutch! And in the bottom, yes there is yarn being stored. It is the yarn that did not have a plastic container or one of those plastic bags with a zip that blankets come in. Nothing went downstairs this weekend if it did not have a plastic container for it.