Sunday, June 28, 2009

Knitting Software

I bought some software and downloaded it this afternoon courtesy of yet another Raveler. KSKI talked about it and I downloaded the trial version and said what the heck. Downloaded it straight to my lappy so I can take it with me.

Oy, I am getting founder of this laptop everytime I turn around.

Now, if I could just find an extra battery that isn't so expensive, I'd be real happy!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Knit Networking

Every once in a while I become unfocused and start to go off in tangents. Part of it is because I go into the yarn room and see just how much I have and think I get to get a handle on this.

The other part is I knit at Knit Four Together in Dunlap IL almost every Saturday and then last Thursday night as well. We had at least 20 people there and Christiane had to borrow chairs from Joe's across the street.

The things everyone was working on just makes me want to knit more. Take for example Karol, Tosca and Christiane. They are all working on this tank.
Guess what? I started that same tank at least a year ago. It's not done, but just seeing them working on theirs makes me want me to hall mine out and work on it. So I did!

Mind you, I can't work on it to completion right now, because I am busily knitting on The Wrapper so I can take it to Knit Camp (among other things).

Then there is a tank that Sue W got me interested in. She is using a strand of Ironstone and a strand of cotton sock yarn. That one has had be lusting after it for several weeks. My other friend Sue happens to have some yellow Ironstone and she said on Thursday how good it would look with a sock yarn I have eyeball on. She is bringing it today for us to check it out.

But, I also have a notion that I need something to go under one of three jackets that I have for work and I might want to pick something out for one of them. Since I like to wear them but each of them uses a white top from my closet. And I start to look like I don't own anything else but white tops. So, I am taking them with me today to pick something else out to make one to go under one of them.

And finally, Karol has been working on a sweater for awhile and I think I need to make it. I think White is what I am looking at. I don't have a white over sweater and I think that might be useful for several other possibilities.

Can you see how this Knit Networking can be tough? On the knitting list and on the pocketbook.

Friday, June 26, 2009


A friend of mine lost her job today. It was unexpected and doesn't make a whole lot of sense. This is the third friend in less than six months. The other two had an inkling that they might not have jobs, but the one today just came out of the blue.

And we wonder why we are stressed and having health problems?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rippin Out

It just wasn't working for me so I ripped it out. Now, I just need to decide what to do with it. I wound the two yarns together, so they need to stay together. I just need to come up with an alternative plan for it, and fairly quick.

Right now it is sitting on the floor of the yarn room mocking me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Birth of A Sweater or The Gestation of A Sweater

This Ravelry thing is amazing. Take the thought of a new sweater. I know the yardage and weight of the yarn that I need/want to knit something out of. Make a list of potential patterns the yarn may want to be. Put next to them the yardage that it would take to knit each of them.

Go on Ravelry. Research on the board topics to see if the sweaters are listed. Click on ones that might pertain and read the posts. This may take you on a whole different tangent.

Search on the pattern. Search the list and see what other yarns are being used for each of the patterns...this could take you off on another tangent.

Go back and look at those who have made a pattern you might be interested in. Look at the details of their projects. Definitely, look at their pictures of the sweater. Hopefully, there is one that is wearing it. How does it look on them? Is this the look you are going for? Can some alterations help? Or should you just give it up?

And finally, post on a group and see what comes back.

I must have been a researcher in another life.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sweater Thinking

I am addicted. To yarns. To sweaters. To planning.

A few weeks back I bought some Venezia from Knit 4 Together. The plan was to do a sweater from the latest Knitter's magazine. I still may do it, but I got to rethinking it. A mistake of mine I often make. Thinking too much!

I did a swatch and was pretty sure that I wanted to make said sweater. After taking Judy Chan's Knit to Fit Class I thought maybe I should make a swatch in the round to make sure of my gauge. Thats when I started looking at the pattern again and wondering if the motifs on it were really a good look for me. I figured I could move them up a little and it might be a bit more flattering.

In the meantime, I have let the idea veg for awhile. On Saturday, I started searching the yarn on Ravelry and seeing what others have done with it. I came up with a couple of possibilities for the Venezia - the February Lady Sweater, Clapotis and the Minimalist Sweater. All of these are ones that I have looked at before. Most of the three would not use up the yarn that I bought and wound for the Knitter's sweater. Which would leave me with leftovers - something I don't need more of.

The thought from there takes a life of it's own - what if I did the Clapotis and used the rest for a tank that I have been looking at. If I needed more yarn, I could get some more. STOP! WAIT! I am trying to use up yarn NOT buy more.

So I sleep on it! Wake up on Sunday and starting looking at more possibilities - the Chic Knits Hoodie, CeCe, Sandrine. I even go so far as to post a note to Bonne the designer of Sandrine to see what she thinks. Swatch she responds, the fabric may be too dense for Sandrine. Shoot!

What have I decided? Keep knitting on the Wrapper for camp. Let the Venezia veg for a little while longer and keep getting ready for camp!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What A Find!

Last Sunday, while making room for some things I brought home from Mom's I had a find. A sweater/coat that I knitted I don't know how many years. Some of the Radicals will remember it because I bought the yarn from Joy at the end. The pattern was from the Shetland books that we all bought and the yarn is the actual yarn that the pattern called for.

It is mostly done except for the sleeves. Now, finding it did not make it to the top of the list, but it might surface closer later this summer.

The cool thing was there in the plastic envelope is the pattern, the needles and the swatch for it. I know exactly what I was doing and where I left off. When I do decide to finish (maybe in time for this Fall) I can pick it up and go right back at it.

What a find!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Helmet Liners

If you are so inclined, how about knitting helmet liners? It just takes a skein of yarn in black, brown or drab green and a little time.

A friend of mine is the local collector for liners so I said what the heck, I can knit one.

The pattern is a free one, just search on the internet under helmet liners. There are collectors all over the US, there may be one near you.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


The Wabi Sabi from Cheryl Oberle's Knitted Jackets book is done. AND I love it. It feels good on, it looks good on and I can hardly wait to wear it.

Just not outside on a warm June day.

I spent a little time on the Wabi Sabi this week. Knitted the facings, pulling yarn off of the too long sleeves to do the facing. On Friday night I stayed up really late, sewing half of the facing down. When I went to bed early Saturday morning, I just was not crazy about the bulk that it gave it AND, I still did like the way I sew those live stitches down.

But, instead of ripping it out, I slept on it, went knitting on Saturday and late last night, I unstitched the facing, pulled out the yarn and just bound off. I really like it just like that.

And dispite what the hand may look what it is doing in this picture it stays together just fine.

Now, that the pictures are done, I notice something I never noticed in all the knitting of this one... there is a little diamond shape on one of the back panels. It is more pronounced on one panel than it is in any of the others.

The back of the sleeve appears to be sagging as well, but once I get more clothing under it, it will fit just fine!

But, I love it anyway! And loving it is all the matters. And it is back to the Wrapper.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When In Need

Two problems came up with the Wabi Sabi. Fortunately, I didn't bury the ends on the sleeves when I was knitting them. I thought they might be a little long but I wanted to wait to be sure when I finished putting the bands on.

I thought sure that I had an extra skein of the Alpaca laying around to finish out the facing on the band. Looks like if I play my cards right, I won't need an extra skein.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Rockers I Got

I love rockers. It must have started as a child when I got a rocker that had a little music box attached to the back. When you rocked it jingled. I still have it and it is in the yarn room holding a couple of bears. The bears might have to be removed though. Since I got my mom's doll. My aunt told me the story about the doll on Sunday. But, I'll leave that for another day.

Back to the Rockers. When the tall guys parents scaled down to an apartment we became the recepient of two of their rockers. A few years back when they got new chairs, I got one of their rocker recliners. It is in the basement where I can sit in between stuff.

The latest rocker acquisition is this one. It was at my mom's. It has some memories too. It was painted cream years ago. Then my parents found someone who strips paint and so the rocker was reborn. I remember rockin and a rockin in it. So now it makes it's way to the yarn room.

I did a little rockin in it the other day. It still scoots on you if you rock too much and funny, it's smaller than I remember or maybe I just got bigger. Either way, rockers I got!

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Wabi Sabi Update

Even while knitting the last of the repeats of the variegated I was worried that I would not have enough left to complete it. So, last night right after I did the last of the repeats, what do you think I found in the bottom of the yarn basket?

Now, that I am working on the band (23 rows of stockinette on size 4 needle), I am really starting to wonder if I will have enough of the solid to complete it. I think Knit 4 Together may have it, I'll have to check on the shelf and see.

Otherwise the band is going to have some variegated in it. This band is not a quick knit! I am anxious to have it done and move back to the Wrapper.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Knit To Fit

Yesterday was a class by Judy Chan from Chicago. Judy is an old friend of mine and taught me years ago to make my sweaters knit a little better. Meg and EZ added to this. Then yesterday, Judy taught me even more things.

Problem with learning new things for me is my brain won't stay quiet and demands me to explore ways of using what I learned. So spread out on the yarn room floor is just a couple of things I am giving thought to.

Even though, I promised myself to finish a couple of things first, a new project is calling me. None of these are the one I intended to do following the class. Oy, if I just knitted as fast as my brain thinks!

Focus Penny Focus!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Happy Birthday Jo!

Friday, June 05, 2009

This Was A Good Day

The sun was shining and the sky was blue and it was just gorgeous out.

I worked a half a day. Went to lunch and met with our friend from Texas.

Went to Knit 4 Together and knitted the afternoon away. Judy Chan came in today for tomorrow's Knit to Fit class. Went to dinner and here I am.

Sometimes, you just need a half a day off for your self.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Okay Okay I'm Going To Bed

I was just going to browse Ravelry a bit and then go to bed. Several hours later, here I am and I have accomplished nothing tonight. Oh, I did get my little nap in while the Cardinals were losing!!

I did get to look at my new Knitters magazine and I think I might like to do a swatch for this sweater for Judy Chan Knit to Fit class on Saturday. I think some cotton yarn I have in lettuce green would be perfect for this if I have enough.

Originally, the yarn was meant for Sally's Summer Sweater but the more I look at it the less I think it is something I should wear. BUT--I could bring both patterns on Saturday and get Judy's advice on it.

Hey, thats a swell idea!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Why Do I Wait?

Until it is time for bed, to get serious about something. I took a little nap tonight in the middle of the Cardinal Game. Woke up in time to watch Rescue Me and flip back to see the Cards win.

So, to get a little knitting in, I tried to watch Conan, but I am sorry I just can't do it! So, I put the Knitting Glossary in and start to watch. All of sudden, I can't make it past the first few topics. I am now thinking about the Aran I want to do and the Three and One Sweater that has been on my mind for sometime.

I am sitting here, the eyes are getting tired, and I am trying to figure out what to make the Three and One out of. Then, I start thinking about camp and my camp contest project. What is it going to be? Maybe, it's the Campitis starting up, but now all of a sudden, it is really time to go to bed and my brain is starting to engage.

Why do I wait? Don't have a clue but perhaps this is how I became a night owl? That and the little nap I take mid evening might have been it. Okay, enough, bedtime, we will see what the dreams bring!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Twice In Two Weeks

The power has went out. The first time, it just went out. Tonight, a storm came through and is still rumbling.

Both times we have been without power for a couple of hours. Before the next time, I am going to get me a lantern. Now, I have practiced knitting in the dark and if I do say so myself, I am pretty good at it. But, tonight, I wanted to knit on the Wabi Sabi and it is at the point that I really need to see what I am doing.

So I rigged up this with my light over my chair. Just as I was settling in, the power came back on. I'm not complaining, just hoping it stays on at least until my bed time. The tall guy has already went.