Saturday, April 29, 2006

It's Going To Be A Rainy Weekend

Which is a good thing. Because I've Got To:

Clean and put stuff away
Do some lia sophia business
Sort through this desk of mine
Do Laundry

And when not doing the above, I'm gonna:

Watch some movies
Watch some golf
Watch some baseball (if it's not rained out)
Read about Knitting
Watch some knitting DVDs

I've already started my Pre-Camp Knitting plans (of course Norma, I have a list).
I'll share that later.

So, let it rain, cause I've got my knitting to keep me company! And I don't got to go no where!!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

I Am Postively Giddy!

We're going to camp. Meg's Knit Camp. I've been twice before. I met my good friend Julie there. And now I am going with the Radical Knitters!

Do you know how excited I am? I can hardly contain myself. I find myself clapping my hands, doing a little happy dance, my insides are doing flip flops (in a good way) and generally just giggling away.

We are gonna have sooooo much fun. Now, I am re-thinking my current knitting, so I'll be ready. Oy..... Good thing there is not a camera on me, someone would think I just won the lotto! I did, the Knit Lotto.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just Because I'm On A Yarn Diet

Doesn't mean I can't buy books. So, I added this to my collection. Yesterday, for Administrative Professional's Day, my boss sent me an Amazon Gift Certificate. So, now, I get to buy another book for my collection. The Yarn Harlot, says it's okay. And isn't it funny, again, that is exactly where I am at in her new book "Knitting Rules" Is this cosmic or what?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Not Bad, But What Do You Think?

The bottom part is my tank that I am matching. How does the rib stack up? I don't think they look too bad, considering the difference in yarn brands and probably several needle size differences. I have it on a sheet downstairs but I am to lazy at the moment to go find out.

It appears from this pic that the body is a better match than the rib is. It is a slow go with the yarn being finer and not being knit in the round, but I am happy with the progress. Last night I wound all the balls so I will be ready to knit without having to stop and wind yarn.

I'm adding about 2 inches to the length on the cutaway, because I want it to come to at least where my tank does. I don't particular like the look, for me, of the bottom layer hanging lower than the top layer. I have enough hanging there naturally without calling attention to it!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gauge Is A Wonderful Thing

This morning, I just happen to be reading the section in the Yarn Harlot's new book about gauge. Isn't it amazing how great minds think alike?!

Yes, I did my swatch in four needle sizes. Each was a little off, but finally I got it. But, I was not happy with how far down I had to go. Because, as you know, the smaller the needle you go down, the more yarn it takes. And if I run out of this yarn, I am SOL. I doubt there will be any to be found.

So, I cast on and did my rib in size 1 needles. Do you know how sharp Size 1 needle points are? For the back, I went up to size 3, as determined by my gauge swatch. I was hoping all along that the gauge would change a bit as I settled into the knitting. And it did. Just enough, to make me think I might need to go up a needle size. Now, I have progressed to size 4 needles (where I really wanted to be all along).

Sometimes, it is necessary to look at the knitting as you knit it and decide if you like the hand of what you are knitting. If not, change it, you can, just be sure to measure often and make sure that the garment is going to fit, if your gauge changes.

Gauge, it is a wonderful thing! Just do it! Even though, you really want to jump right into the knitting of the latest project.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Is This Not Spring?

I knew it wouldn't last, but yesterday was so nice, I could not resist taking a few pictures of Spring.

A first new car. Earlier this Spring, my son Roger bought his first new car. He shopped for it, got the loan and drove it home. It amazes me sometime how grown up they are and at other times, NOT!

And my neighbor's tulips are still blooming.

Sure signs, Spring is finally here, but not Summer as we will find out starting tomorrow~

Sunday, April 23, 2006

This Was One Beautiful Weekend!

I cannot believe how blue the skies were and how great the sun was. It was just perfect. There was a nice breeze which made it even better. I shoulda been out tending to the flower beds, but I just couldn't pass this by. Yesterday and today, I spent some time sitting in my chair, listening to some blogs and knitting! Here's my little get up, complete with a foot stool.

On Saturday, I swatched my yarn for the Cutaway Jacket. It took me 4 tries to get one that was close to gauge. The yarn and pattern both call for Size 5 and I ended up with Size 3. I generally do have to go down a size or two. But, that means that the rib on this will have to be done on size 1. Eek, thats small.

In the course of swatching, I had to use an Inox circular that had a terrible join. It was okay when knitting but when I had to purl it kept getting caught on the join. I am thankful that I didn't have to use it when I casted on. Two years ago at Stitches Midwest, I won this pair of gold plated Addis that just so happen to be in a size 2! They knit like a dream.

The perfect weekend. Knitting!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I Am Soooo Excited

Last year, I finished this top from Lion Brand Cotton. I love the top but, it is sleeveless and the arms are just a little too flabby to wearing it out in public. I have toyed with something to wear over it. Should I buy a white thingy from QVC or shall I knit something? Each would mean $ and I'm trying to save for various trips this year and I really did not want to do that!

Last year I bought this Vittadini Yarn "Marissa" from Threadbear Fiberarts for a top. I never got it done and got to thinkin maybe it was just not me. Last night I had a dream that I was at Threadbear Fiberarts for a knit camp (do you think I have it on my brain) and Rob asked me how my Marissa was coming? Interesting,hmmmmm, that a dream would make me think of this yarn.

AND - last week, I bought this cutaway pattern from Bonne Marie over at Chic Knits. It calls for double knitting yarn and I thought it would be way cool over the tank from last year. BUT-again, I want to use some of my stash. For over a week, I have pondered what I could do it out. I have no white yarn stash that is cotton that would be enough for the cutaway. I was giving serious thought to ordering something!

This morning, it hit me, I have that purple Marissa. It's cotton, it's close to the right purple, would I have enough? Guess what! More than enough, it is almost exact, I can make the gauge fit and I'm using stash!

The power of a dream. I am amazed and I am off to do a swatch.

I have good feelings about Knit Camp! Let's see if I can make the dream come true. OR- am I destined to go to Threadbear Fiberarts this Summer.....

Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm Not Sure What It Is Going To Be

It depends on how much yarn I have. I'll know if it is a tank or a t-shirt a little later. Or if I have to track down some more yarn quick. This is my lunch time project. I can easily knit on it and talk at the same time. Maybe, I'll get it done before summer comes and goes!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Doesn't It Feel Good?

I love the feeling of finishing something. And I love this shawl. It feels so good. The yarn is Fleece Artist Rapunzel. I used Cheryl Oberle's Prairie Shawl pattern. It was a great project to work on during lunch.

Now, what's next?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Roger and Willie!

Love, Mom

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Okay, Remember When I Said....

I wasn't going to knit for the second babies that come along. Well, today, at lunch, some how I found myself answering the question, "so what color is it going to be since you don't know the sex of the baby yet"? "White?". Guess, that kind of puts me on the spot and now I have to figure out what I'm going to knit. Even, though, I said I wasn't. I do have a stash of baby yarn, surprise, surprise!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Here Is What I Tried To Show You On Saturday

But the upload just would not go through. The yarn is Peace Fleece Repunzel. I am having so much fun with the colors I love! One of my lunch mates even commented today at lunch, that she was sure that I had jewelry to go with my new shawl. But of course, and not just one!!

With the cool weather this week, I would love to finish it so I could wear it yet this week. Today, I got to wear the Olympic Poncho to work. No one here has gotten to see it on and in person. They love it, and so do I.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

It wa so beautiful out this morning. The birds were tweeting and the sun was shining. The weather channel says it is not going to last today, but the start of this day was gorgeous.

We have been having some really warm weather this week. The trees are really starting to get the little leaves on them, a sure sign that Spring is here. And I am getting anxious to get all my flip flop stuff out. And you know what that means?

It means my favorite colors can come out of the closet! You know I watch alot of QVC fashion shows, and one thing that has stuck in my mind for many years. Once, Jane Treacy talked about if you were going on vacation and had a basic wardrobe of a few colors, you could mix and match them with your jewelry and shoes. Well, remembering that piece of information, gives me carte blanche to use some of my pieces that way too.

My friends know how much I love Caribe Blue and Lime. It seems that is the basis for my spring/summer wardrobe. It seems everytime, I shop I keep straying towards these colors. I tell myself, I need other colors, but yet I keep coming back and buying more of the same thing. I just know the people at work are wondering if there is anything else in my closet.

There was suppose to be a pic inserted here, but nothing is uploading past 4 bars today, so I'll save it for a theme pic maybe tomorrow.

Friday, April 14, 2006

What I Am Doing While I Work

My office mates are both out of the office this Good Friday. I have had a few phone calls, but for the most part it is very slow/quiet. I have a stack of Standing Order Renewals that I am entering today. This process can become quite boring AND can put you to sleep at your computer if one is not careful.

So, I had the neat thought of bringing my MP3 Player with me today to listen to while entering these renewals in. So, I am sitting here, listening to about 3 weeks of Knit Podcasts while I work. And it's keeping me awake!

If I can't knit at my desk, at least I can sit and listen to knit stuff.!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I just borrowed this pic for a limited engagement. I could not resist. I saw this episode and just loved it! They were knitting all over the place. It was just so way cool!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Change Of Plans

Okay, so I've had it in my mind all along that we would be going to Knit Camp the first part of July. I was so sure that my plan was to immerse myself in knitting EZ and Meg's yarn/patterns between now and then. Thereby, using stash and really getting inside the whole thing.

So, now, maybe that is not going to happen this year? So, what will I do. Well, if that is the case, then I can pull out those Spring/Summer Yarns I have waiting in the wings, and work on them.

Then, there is the two babies that will be born between now and July. And my neice who is having her first child in October (we're having the shower at the end of July)This is a baby I will knit for late Fall and next Spring.

The problem, just how long do I wait before I toss the whole pre-Knit Camp knitting?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Goals Not Lists!

It feels so good to finish a project that you have been working on, doesn't it? At least this is true for me, I am not sure about the rest of the knitting world. The whole time you are working on it, you're thinking about what you are going to do right after you finish it. You say to yourself, I can't wait, the very next thing I am going to knit on is _________________. Then we you finish, it's like, none of those things appeal to you.

You see, I have this tremendous, huge, outrageous amount of WIPS all with the needles in them. So, I feel the need to haul yet another one of them out and finish it and get the needles back. If I would finish all of those, I would never have to buy another needle again. I probably could donate some to new knitters, I have so many!

The trouble with having so many projects on needles is that they call me to finish them. But, what I really want to do is something totally new and fresh. What a dilemna. Then, I set up another set of goals for myself. I've been doin alot of that since I finished the Olympic Project. Since, I am feeling oh so confident that we will get into Knit Camp, I told myself, that between now and then, I was going to knit up all the yarns that I have acquired from Schoolhouse Press. Here is where they are currently stored.

You know what the problem is? You got it, none of them appeal to me! To be continued....

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I Don't Think So! Or What Are They Thinkin?

Friday, April 07, 2006

What's Next?

I'm bound and determined to do this cardigan from Meg Swansen. It is from her yarn in a charcoal gray. I've had the yarn since I went to Knit Camp the last time!

Do I love it? No, not really. It seems to be really tough sliding around the needles even after I changed needle size because my gauge was a little off. It's not a favorite, but I want to use a little stash up and do the steeks. Stay tuned.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday Therapy

After spending the evening with family, I was anxious to get back to finishing my SMW Sweater. And it is done. Usually, it is just one more row, but tonight it was just one more sleeve to sew in. Then, just one more half a sleeve to sew in. Finally, it is complete. All but the blocking and I will save that for this weekend. Now, it's time for bed, but I just had to post this before. It looks a little odd in the pic, but I do love it when I tried it on. The Dale Sisik yarn is so soft and I have been getting a lot of compliments on the yarn at work from my lunch time partners.

What's next?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday Whines

This is before blocking. Notice the purl ridge midway. This was an experiment to see what would happen/how it would look after felting. I don't mind it so much. This was kntted with two strands of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Yarn. I like the feel of this yarn. Even though, I was dissapointed the most when they started doing their own yarns and not name brands. I've gotten over that.

Here's kinda sorta the finished product. I think I am going to have to go back and do another ICord strap because this is just not long enough. I like the looks of a doubled straps. I knitted a smaller one for a closure. I'm thinkin maybe of knitting another smaller one for a knitted button to go with.

Thank God, I probably won't be using this til next Fall so I have plenty of time to get it done. I knitted a scarf last year out of the yarn at the top to wear with a navy suit I have. I think this will be an ensemble! And I'll have yet another ready for the Fall Season before it has come and went.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday Tidbits

One sleeve done and it fits the armhole of the sweater. I tore back the other one to before the cap.

I took my new Booga Bag to work today to dry it next to my heater at my desk. That thing puts out a lot of heat and will finish drying a bag in no time.

I got my Barnes and Noble order today. Mason Dixon Knitting and the new Yarn Harlot book. The Mason Dixon book is kind of fun to "read" and has some neat little things it.

I have already started a list of things to take to Knit Camp in July. I am that sure that we are going to get in! The apps have not even been sent in yet!

Once the SMW sweater is done, I have a thought of how I am going to spend my knitting time between now and Knit Camp.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Okay So Totally Forget Yesterday's Post or
What Once Was True Is Not!

Preface: I am not upset about it.

Afer posting on Sunday (very early in the morning), that I had a sleeve done, I went to bed. When I woke up, I thought I'd try the sleeve on just to make sure all was good with the length. You see, sometimes, depending on the body of the garment itself and how/where the shoulder is, a sleeve can either grow or be too short. For example, if it is a real dropped shoulder (one that I try to avoid or re-work to make a set in sleeve - courtesy of Judy Chan of WCKG) then you don't need to knit as long a sleeve.

On this particular pattern, from the picture in the book and the schematic, it appeared to be a nice set in sleeve. But, pictures, not on a model and lying flat, can sometimes be deceiving when you actually put the completed sweater on.

So, I tried the sleeve on and felt that it really could use a little extra length prior to the cap shaping. By then, I had already started the second sleeve, and I wanted to make sure to get the second one right. So, I am now knitting on the second sleeve, nearing the underarm, and hopefully will get the cap shaped and finished tonight on it. Then, I will sew up the shoulders on the sweater and pin baste the second completed sleeve in and try it on, just to make sure. Then, I can rip back the first sleeve and finish it.

And the cool thing, is I am not bothered about it. I actually like working with the Dale Sisik yarn, and I know that I won't be wearing it this year, but I'll have a brand new one all ready for when next Fall/Winter rolls around. Not bad, I say.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Body and One Sleeve Is Done!

Only one more sleeve to go and then sew them in, put the rib on and fini!

Can I get it done in a week? I hope so. That is my goal.

It is suppose to be rainy and crappy later today, so I think I will do laundry and watch t.v. and knit on my SMW Sweater.