Monday, April 03, 2006

Okay So Totally Forget Yesterday's Post or
What Once Was True Is Not!

Preface: I am not upset about it.

Afer posting on Sunday (very early in the morning), that I had a sleeve done, I went to bed. When I woke up, I thought I'd try the sleeve on just to make sure all was good with the length. You see, sometimes, depending on the body of the garment itself and how/where the shoulder is, a sleeve can either grow or be too short. For example, if it is a real dropped shoulder (one that I try to avoid or re-work to make a set in sleeve - courtesy of Judy Chan of WCKG) then you don't need to knit as long a sleeve.

On this particular pattern, from the picture in the book and the schematic, it appeared to be a nice set in sleeve. But, pictures, not on a model and lying flat, can sometimes be deceiving when you actually put the completed sweater on.

So, I tried the sleeve on and felt that it really could use a little extra length prior to the cap shaping. By then, I had already started the second sleeve, and I wanted to make sure to get the second one right. So, I am now knitting on the second sleeve, nearing the underarm, and hopefully will get the cap shaped and finished tonight on it. Then, I will sew up the shoulders on the sweater and pin baste the second completed sleeve in and try it on, just to make sure. Then, I can rip back the first sleeve and finish it.

And the cool thing, is I am not bothered about it. I actually like working with the Dale Sisik yarn, and I know that I won't be wearing it this year, but I'll have a brand new one all ready for when next Fall/Winter rolls around. Not bad, I say.

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