Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Norma! Happy Birthday Karen!

Fellow Radical Knitters are having birthdays today. Enjoy and Eat Cake!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


AKA Shawls In Progress
Kiri from All Tangled Up with Crytal Palace Kids Merino. This pic has it on my Denise needles. I have been back and forth with it on my new Addi Lace Needles. My problem with the Denise needles has always been the drag of the yarn along the shaft of the needle. The size from the needle to the cable is pretty uniform, but the join and the little indentation at the base of the needle always cause me problems. I like my stitches to slide easily along and they just don't with the Denises, especially with this hairy yarn. I do like the points on them though. So, for now, I am going to give the new Addis a try with Kiri.

Pi Shawl from "The Almanac" out of Schoolhouse Press' Laceweight. I'm using my regular Addis for the Pi shawl at the moment. Originally, I was going to order Addi lace needles in a size 9 and give it a try with this yarn. But, then I discovered that at the moment, size 9s are not being made in the lace needle. If I had known at the time that they were not being made, I would have ordered a pair of the Knit Picks needles in a size 9. For now, I'll keep on with my regular 9 Addis.

Wing Of The Moth from Joslyns Wool and Silk. I bought this yarn a year ago at Knit Camp 1. I am hoping to get this done by next May for the older twin's wedding. I'm using the Knit Picks needles for this one. And I really like them. The shaft of the needle is pretty uniform all the way down to the cable and the points are pretty decent.

In comparison, I like the Knit Picks needles the best. I think I'll get another order together for Knit Picks and order the 9 needles and give them a try with the Pi shawl.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Am I Doin Up So Early?

I'm waiting/watching the lunar eclipse and knitting! God, am I going to be tired at work today! I should be sleepin. But, I just could not resist getting up to watch it.

**Pics are in reverse order of the Eclipse**

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Searching For The Perfect Blue

How many blues are there? And how hard is it to find just the right one? Well, it appears that there a tons of blues, and before it is over I will probably have one in every shade. And, I'll probably own them all before the right one works.

I found that I had drop a stitch on my sleeve right above the cuff on Saturday. I ripped back the 20 rows and was just going to knit those 20 rows back on. Almost a sleeve later, I can't put it down.

I wanted to see how the Addi lace needles worked, but the Adult Babies and Bears Sweater #2 just keeps calling me. I think it is because it is almost brainless knitting and I need some immediate satisfaction with my knitting.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I Got Lace Needles

Yesterday, my Knit Picks needles came and today I got my Addi lace needles. I'll let you know how I like the Addis later. And I'll show you some pics of my three shawls I am working on. I never thought I'd do shawls let alone lacey ones, but I am actually liking it!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

I finally finished Harry Potter #5.

I am working on the Pi Shawl, but I have to rip back the row I just did.

I may have to change the color of my dress for the wedding. The color they may choose may be a variation of the dress I was thinkin about. But the shawl color will be okay.

Thursday at noon, begins five months of a Losers are Winners Contest. That means less eating, more exercise and more knitting so I won't eat.

I felted my Pyth Jacket, unintentionally.

I have not bought any yarn since camp.

I have ordered a couple of needles from Knit Picks and I AM WAITING for them. I come home every night expecting them to be here and still I wait.

I ordered a pair of the Addi Turbo Lace needles too. AND I AM Waiting for them too. See above.

I am tired of the rain and humidity! Isn't everyone?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Tall Guy Is Off To The Yarn Shop

Read that as the Gun Shop for him. He needs a project and his hobby is guns. I said, "well, maybe I'll go to the yarn shop, then". He said, "so much for your pack with your group". I said, "I'm not really going to the yarn shop, but it is enticing since they are having a sale".

But, no, I'm not going- the weather is so cool outside we turned off the air, and I'm going to knit today. It is a good day for knitting with wool. And I have three new Fall knitting magazines to keep me occupied. Vogue, Interweave and Knitter's came yesterday. I can peruse them and see what kind of stash I have that can be knitted up.

So, there! I'm not going to go to the yarn shop. I wish not eating un-healthy was as easy!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

2 Out Of 5 Ain't Bad

I love it when I can cross things off my list. At first when I finished the first off the five list, I immediately knew I could add the Kuani Cardigan to it and begin working on it. After a couple of false starts on it (operator errors), I tossed it aside and went back to the other four on my list. Then, when I finished another off of the list (you can't see them until the end of the month), I thought about what should join the list.

Well, heck, I said, why not keep plugging away on the list instead. So, I am knitting on my Pi Shawl from Knitters Almanac and having a heck of alot of fun with it. I'll see tonight, if I can knit on it and at the same time be in a room with other knitters.

If not, I do have a pair of socks that used to be my at work knitting I can work on. So, I guess, they have joined the five list.

I'm really enjoying being focused on my knitting for a change. And I have Camp to thank for it.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Focus on Five Friday

Or than there was four, but not for long! I knit a little Christmas tree tonight from Knitter's Almanac....kind of fun, kind of interesting. But, don't want to do a whole lot of that kind of knitting. I guess that is why Elizabeth called it Fiddle Faddle.

Now, what should replace the Ribwarmer on the Five List? The Kauni Cardigan? It is just beggin me to start swatchin it. The yarn has been sitting there a whole week tomorrow. Can you believe I have not succombed(spelling) and started it before now?

I even surprise myself. What surprises me even more is that I am not jumping right into it. I am even entertaining other possibilities. I must be sick. Or I want to be very sure and what takes the place on the list....Okay, I must be sick.

No, I'm just a knitter.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Yes, I Am Tired

As you can tell from my eyes, but the Ribwarmer I started at Camp 2 is done. What an interesting knit. I started knitting it directly from Knitting Workshop. With the help of Char who is also knitting it and Linda who knit some years ago, I made it! But, man was this tough. I could just not visualize it. But that is so typical of EZ, she makes us think even when we think we know what we are doing!

This one is a combo of the Knitting Workshop directions and the directions from one of the Spun Outs. Next time, I make it, I think I'll do it from the Spun Out, and make it maybe a little longer. I did add some width to the side so it would fit me and I am pleased. I would, however want any more across the shoulder. The Spun Out also has directions for a shaped armhole which I think I'd like to try.

And I liked the Unspun Icelandic in two ply. Since I bought a bun of the silver I could do it from that, but not real soon, there are other things on my list to knit!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sox on Sunday

But of course, and just before midnight last night, I kitchenered the first one together. Now, I am eager to get the other one finished so I can move onto another project!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Look What We Got

The yarn for the Kauni Cardigan. I cannot start it until one of my current projects are done! That's the deal, that's what we said. But, who said I could take the yarn out and look at it? Maybe I'd better sit down and sew the ribwarmer together!

Linda has a really good plan of attack for her knitting. She could not narrow it down to five, so she narrowed it down to categories. Let's see if I can get them right. I can't remember all seven of hers, but they go something like this:

Color Work

Friday, August 03, 2007

Focus On Five Friday

Oh no, I still have more camp to talk and show some pics of, but around the last evening of camp, the other two Radicals and I discussed how out of control our/my knitting and knitting related shopping had become.

We made a committment to each other that we would concentrate on the projects we have and buy no new yarn, unless it is needed for a current project to be completed. I think we also committed to not starting anything new until something is finished. Me, I have decided to concentrate on five things at a time. Before, I can start or move to a wip, I must complete (and I do mean complete) one of the five things on my list.

I am using my new journal from Schoolhouse Press to keep track of my knitting between now and next year's camp.So far, I am doing really well with my commitment. I almost cheated the first day we were home, and ordered some laceweight from Meg, telling myself that I could always lie and say I ordered it on the last day, but I held tough, and I did not order it.

So, I have dubbed Fridays, as Focus on Five, on the pjknits blog! My five for the moment are:
1 - Socks (Char and Linda say socks don't count, but for me, they really are a major project and warrant their own spot)
2 - Ribwarmer, the knitting is done, it just needs to be sewn together. It has been in that state because
3 - The Gansey, I've been knitting along on it and am at the pattern part of it as of a couple of nights ago. I am using Gaffer's Pattern for the pattern. The yarn is my Rauma Wool from Arnhild
4 - The Wing of the Moth Shawl for my son's wedding next May. It can only be worked when no one is around, because I really need to pay attention to it
5 - The Pi Shawl from the Almanac.