Friday, August 10, 2007

Focus on Five Friday

Or than there was four, but not for long! I knit a little Christmas tree tonight from Knitter's Almanac....kind of fun, kind of interesting. But, don't want to do a whole lot of that kind of knitting. I guess that is why Elizabeth called it Fiddle Faddle.

Now, what should replace the Ribwarmer on the Five List? The Kauni Cardigan? It is just beggin me to start swatchin it. The yarn has been sitting there a whole week tomorrow. Can you believe I have not succombed(spelling) and started it before now?

I even surprise myself. What surprises me even more is that I am not jumping right into it. I am even entertaining other possibilities. I must be sick. Or I want to be very sure and what takes the place on the list....Okay, I must be sick.

No, I'm just a knitter.

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