Thursday, August 16, 2007

2 Out Of 5 Ain't Bad

I love it when I can cross things off my list. At first when I finished the first off the five list, I immediately knew I could add the Kuani Cardigan to it and begin working on it. After a couple of false starts on it (operator errors), I tossed it aside and went back to the other four on my list. Then, when I finished another off of the list (you can't see them until the end of the month), I thought about what should join the list.

Well, heck, I said, why not keep plugging away on the list instead. So, I am knitting on my Pi Shawl from Knitters Almanac and having a heck of alot of fun with it. I'll see tonight, if I can knit on it and at the same time be in a room with other knitters.

If not, I do have a pair of socks that used to be my at work knitting I can work on. So, I guess, they have joined the five list.

I'm really enjoying being focused on my knitting for a change. And I have Camp to thank for it.

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