Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Tall Guy Is Off To The Yarn Shop

Read that as the Gun Shop for him. He needs a project and his hobby is guns. I said, "well, maybe I'll go to the yarn shop, then". He said, "so much for your pack with your group". I said, "I'm not really going to the yarn shop, but it is enticing since they are having a sale".

But, no, I'm not going- the weather is so cool outside we turned off the air, and I'm going to knit today. It is a good day for knitting with wool. And I have three new Fall knitting magazines to keep me occupied. Vogue, Interweave and Knitter's came yesterday. I can peruse them and see what kind of stash I have that can be knitted up.

So, there! I'm not going to go to the yarn shop. I wish not eating un-healthy was as easy!

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