Thursday, August 09, 2007

Yes, I Am Tired

As you can tell from my eyes, but the Ribwarmer I started at Camp 2 is done. What an interesting knit. I started knitting it directly from Knitting Workshop. With the help of Char who is also knitting it and Linda who knit some years ago, I made it! But, man was this tough. I could just not visualize it. But that is so typical of EZ, she makes us think even when we think we know what we are doing!

This one is a combo of the Knitting Workshop directions and the directions from one of the Spun Outs. Next time, I make it, I think I'll do it from the Spun Out, and make it maybe a little longer. I did add some width to the side so it would fit me and I am pleased. I would, however want any more across the shoulder. The Spun Out also has directions for a shaped armhole which I think I'd like to try.

And I liked the Unspun Icelandic in two ply. Since I bought a bun of the silver I could do it from that, but not real soon, there are other things on my list to knit!


Sue said...

Penny, the ribwarmer looks very good! Nice job! You look exhausted, now get some sleep so you can dream about the next knitting project you'll start. Oh, and I agree about the unspun... when I first saw Nadine working with it last summer, at Camp 1, I thought "There's no way I could work with that stuff" but surprisingly easy and fun to do. I bought more of it this summer, but not a whole bun!

Penny said...

It is even worse than that! I bought a bun in two different you know why we Radical Knitters made a pack to not buy any new yarn for a year- unless it is needed for a project that needs more yarn.