Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Website

Love the tutorials on this week's website.

Monday, January 28, 2013

One Bag Emptied

It always feels so good to complete a project.  This one looks like it wouldn't take a long time, but it was fingering weight yarn and size 4 needle.

 The bind off was so cool.  This is a free pattern over on Ravelry and I will make it again, maybe in a little heavier yarn.  

But not this year!  I've got more bags to empty first!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

On A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Whats a gal suppose to do?

First, I put the projects that need to be knitted in project bags.  I just love my collection from various places.

Then I corralled my "special" stitch markers all in one place.  Now, I can start use them.

I would say I have had a productive day!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bella's Shower

Everything went so well today.  The cupcakes and cake was made by my cousin's daughter who has a new shop she opened up over in Tremont, Simply Sweet Cakes.  

The punch was a hit for my first time ever making a punch.  Every one drank it and there was not much left when we were all finished!  The mama to be was looking pretty good today.

 Again, the Peapod was a hit...I just don't get it, but they seem to love them.  I wish I would have knitted this one a little longer, but realistically, it is not much use other than those first pictures.  At least that is my opinion.

She knew I would make sure that little baby-to-be would have a Cardinal outfit to wear this Spring.

She loved her baby blankie too.  She remarked tonight at dinner, that she hoped that I would be knitting something for her.  I think she is going to get more knitted stuff, she is so appreciative and for a knitter, you know how that is music to our ears!!

It was a good day with family, but I am glad that is over.  Now, we await the birth in about a month!

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Little Bit of This A Little Bit of That

As I sit here tonight looking for pictures to add to the post, all of a sudden I am off looking at something in my favorites on Ravelry, which makes me want to cast on a myriad of things!  There are so many cool things to knit on and I already have so many on the needles.  I am just a knitting fool these days.

One of the guys at work today asked me what I had going on this weekend.  I told him about the baby shower that is going on tomorrow and how on Sunday, if the weather turns foul and icey that I would just be home, probably doing laundry and watching a couple of movies.  He knowing that I was a knitter, made the universal sign for knitting (two hands moving quickly), and said that I would probably have plenty to keep me busy if I was confined to the house during an icey could he have known?  Anyway...

 Isn't this a great pattern?!  It is a free pattern by A knitsofacto design.  She has a super cute free baby sweater pattern that I might just have to knit up for my niece's baby for later this spring.  But, I digress.  I can so see this with my gray wool coat.

I'm not normally a hat kind of person, but this one really called to me.

I was pretty sure that Knit 4 Together had some yarn that would work for it, and sure enough, they did not let me down on this one.

 I worked on my peapod last night out at the shop.  It is the perfect kind of pattern to knit when you are in a crowd.  Too bad I didn't bring the second ball of yarn, or I might have been closer to being finished with it.  This baby is not due for a while, but I would like to get it done and give it to the Grandma to be  so they have it in time for the newborn in March.

One of the ladies at the knit shop has been working on this throw recently.  I was up close and personal to it and I love it.  I think I need one for our house, but not this year though, it will have to wait until the Fall.

What can I say?  I have become addicted to buying project bags.  I'm okay with that, but one can always use more, hint hint.

I love etsy!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Website

A quirky knitter and spinner, but so entertaining too!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Finished Objects That Worked

It wasn't a complete fail this weekend on the knitting front.  Some objects did manage to turn out right!

The baby blanket for my new great niece to be, Bella was blocked yesterday.  I, currently block on my dining room table that has a ceiling fan over it.  I kick the fan on high to accelerate the blocking time.  With frigid temps yesterday, it was a little crazy looking here.  The fan on high and me under my heated throw.

 A little add to for the shower present, is my loose knitter's version of the peapod.  I used two strands of Pacific and a size 10 needle to get a closer knit gauge for mine.

I am pleased with the outcome of mine, hopefully keeping those little tosies from poppin out.  I have started another one for idiot knitting.  This time it will be out of bulky Pacific and following the same lines I did for this one.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Plans For A Holiday

When I first started working for the state, I could never figure out why we had a holiday off so soon after the long Christmas Holiday. A few years later (18 isn), I am pretty happy to have the day off so soon after the long Christmas Holiday.  It is a good day to just kick back do some knitting and enjoy the last real holiday off until, oy, Memorial Day.

 The current temperature at this posting is 7 degrees and there is a bit of kick to the wind, so I think it is going to be a day of chai tea and some knitting.  I am okay with that.

I have had a few fails this weekend, which have resulted in total removal from the needles.  This first one was not swatched and I went on a recommendation with the needle size.  Imagine my surprise when at the sleeve of the first half and it wouldn't fit on a size 16 inch needle.  A sure sign that the total gauge was off.

One would think that a expert knitter would have seen something funny going on before then!  Perhaps she is not the expert knitter she think she is.

The other fail was my Eadon out of Briar Rose Fibers Abundance.  Yes, this one I did a swatch and even did one with the cables that are on the front.  I even blocked it, which just goes to show you that sometimes swatches do lie!

I had decided to cast on the fronts and backs all in one to eliminate sewing up on my sweater.  Long about Friday night I decided to take it off the needles and just throw it around my body to see how it was fairing.  Not so good.  It was a good 9 inches too wide and keeping in mind that rib does suck up a bit, this one just was not.

I ripped it all out, went down a size in the pattern and needle.  I am now knitting just the back and will do the same on the fronts.   The back is a good project for knitting in public.  I am hoping all goes well from here on out.
I was going to say it was an unproductive weekend for knitting, but I do have a couple of things blocking today which I'll post about tomorrow.  Today, I am going to work my way through a few more Gypsy teas and knit.  I'll pull up a couple of podcasts to listen/watch and imagine I am sitting with a group of knitters.  I'm gonna just enjoy a nice day.

Thank you MLK and the State of IL.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Local Yarn Shops Can Be Dangerous

When the sunburst needles first came out, I really never thought I would need them.  

But the last two weeks, I have been knitting on some pretty dark yarns and my Harmony needles tended to blend with the stitches.  I really am quite fond of the points on the Harmony needles.  I have toyed with the Chia Goo needles too and really am quite taken with their points as well.  

Since my local yarn shop carried the set, I added it to my collection and immediately switched over on my Cusco jacket that I am knitting.  It makes very easy to see the stitches with the dark yarn.

The only thing I am not quite sure of is if the points on them are really as nice as the Harmony needles. It could just be my perception.

I have another peapod to knit for one of the ladies who works with me.  She is going to be a first-time grandma in March and it is a boy.  As luck would have it, Debbie at the shop brought back two skeins of a Pacific bulky in some boy colors.  Since this is my now go to gift for a quick baby gift, I snatched it up for the giftee.

This blush Pacific has been catching my eye for sometime.  Sally Rainey designed a baby blanket that I am going to knit for the PASG spring luncheon contest.  I think this will be a great color for a future baby girl to be whomever/whenever someone has one.  I will enter it in the contest in May and then take it to Knit Camp as my Show and Tell in July.

It looks like I have my work cut out for me for awhile when it comes to the knitting.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Just A Little Light Reading

Some new things were added to my collection recently.  Vogue Knitting is out.  A smart person would get a subscription.  Not that I knit very much from Vogue Knitting, but I do like the articles, especially if it is a Meg Swansen article or Amy Detjen!

I've been oogling these slouch hats like forever.  Would I wear one? I might.  And they would make a nice gift too.

I've been a fan of Debbie Bliss since she put out her very first magazine.  I am not disappointed in this issue a bit.  How cool is this cover headband?!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Website

I have been watching a lot of Video Podcasts this last few weeks.

On the next few Wednesdays, Wednesday Website will feature some of my faves.

Mel is one of my favorites.  And the scenery is too die for!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

My Version of the Best Dressed

Did you watch the Golden Globe Awards last night?  I love a good awards show.  It makes such good knitting t.v.  The Golden Globes is such a nice awards show.  I really did not find many dresses that I did not like.  Except for maybe the Girls actress.  She seemed like she was having a really tough time walking in her shoes/dress.  

So I give you my version of the Best Dressed baby!  And on the perfect color carpet too...Caribe Blue!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

It Was A Sunday of Ripping

You would think that knitting a stupid little peapod would be so much trouble, would you?!  This one has had several different cast ons today.  And rip outs.    I have finally settled on casting on more stitches than pattern calls for, with a much smaller needle, with two strands of Pacific variegated.

It took a bit to get the right size across, since I am such a loose knitter, and really have a thing about the little tosies hanging out in the last one I did.  

I tried a novelty yarn as suggested by the lys, but I just was not loving it.

It, too got ripped out and now has made it to the give away bag for Aftica.  The reason it is in two balls is that about 10 rows into, there was big, very noticeable knot.  Ugh...I should have know then that it was not meant to BE.

I am on track with the knitting of what I am calling the Loose Knitter's Peapod for now.  It will go to work with me tomorrow to work on at lunch and at my pedicure appointment.  The owner is always wanting to know what I am knitting on when I go out there.

For now, it is a night to knit on something else while watching the Golden Globes.  I love it when there is good knitting t.v.!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Wouldn't Trust Me

You know how I said I was going to use yarn from the yarn room this year...that lasted for what 12 daysish.

 This one I technically bought last year.  It goes into the yarn room for later this year for some Christmas socks.  The yarn is from Barking Dog Yarns.  Item # Opposites Attracts, Description Mr and Mrs Claus.  Sounds like the socks will be different on each foot.  Will find out next year.

These two are going to be Easter presents for my new great niece to be and for Miss Mona Lisa.  The yarn is super soft.  The pattern was a freebie from one of our local yarn shops.  It looks a bit like a washrag with a head on it.  It is something, little hands can grab and carry around.

More than likely, these three yarns are going to all go together to be a pea pod.  The jury is still out if I am going to hold two strands together or not.

The baby blanket is done.  It just needs some blocking and I think will be a great back drop for the pea pod.

It has been a good day today.  I got some errands ran for the baby shower, but there are still some things to still be done, but hey, I've two weeks to get them all done.

Looking for a good pink punch recipe that is easy...thoughts?

Friday, January 11, 2013

This Whatever Stuff

Whatever this garbage that is going around, I guess I can count myself lucky that I have not missed any work with it.  So many have been getting fevers and then the respiratory stuff.  Me, I have just had the respiratory stuff which has kept from sleeping and knit nite.  

I am feeling much better, I think.  I just realized tonight, that today was the first day since New Year's Eve that I have not had a coughing fit to cross your legs or a cough drop or drugs.  Hopefully, tonight I can get through one night without waking up with a coughing fit...I think the Tall Guy is getting a bit tired of it as well.

I have been doing some knitting while sitting around at night in my chair.  I am anxious for this little puppy to be done, because I have other things I want to be knitting on, namely a Valentine Sweater for Miss Mona Lisa. 

My plan is hopefully to have this finished the first of next week.  But first, I may need one more skein of yarn and I need to determine that yet tonight, so I can pick it up at the shop tomorrow.

I have knit a bit on my Cusco, but have had to sit it aside until I get the baby blanket done.

And my poor Eadon remains in the tote, she is not getting much time at all.  I am knitting both the fronts and the back as one so it is a bit of knitting across it in rib.

Soon, very soon, I'll be back on these two pretties and they will get some much deserved knitting done on them.  I think what I will do after the baby blanket is done, is alternate on them every other night.

They probably will be my last two winter knitting projects for early 2013.  By the time I get them done and some other cool things for Miss Mona Lisa, it will be time for spring knitting, at least I am hoping so!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

On Being Emphatic

Just when I get on my soap box and say how pleased I am with this or that, it comes back to bite me.

I've been doing the Wheat Free thingy off and on for about a month.  I have had some good success with it.  And when I have cheated, I've felt it.  I even bought some expensive bread that I thought would help.  So why then this morning and I am feeling the pain.

My mom had a saying once, if you get greedy all you get is weedy...or something like that.  Basically, it was a saying of humility, don't tout your success cause it can sometimes be your downfall.

OR in my case, it could be something else I need to look at - the chocolate/peanut butter popcorn maybe?!  I am beginning to think you are right, Sue - it is an all thing.

 Anyway, sorry for the digression, back to knitting.  This whole thing does come together.  Just this last weekend, I was telling the knitting ladies, how I liked my Addi Clicks Lace.  Perhaps, I should have just kept it to myself because, look what happened on Saturday night.

My Cusco jacket is out of a finer Alpaca yarn that seemed to be dragging against the join of my Knit Picks so I put them on my Addi Laces hoping that would help.  The thing about the Addi Clicks is you really have to have them clicked together and not pushing and turning when you are shifting the yarn around or you get what I got, blip and the needles come apart.

Now, I know some have had that with the Knit Picks needles too, but me not so much.  Oy, there I go again, I think I just stop there before I get myself into more problems.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Promise and Progress

The promise to myself was 12 rows a day on my niece's baby afghan and then I could knit on my other two projects.  So far so good.  I have a couple of days where I did more than that so hopefully this project will be done before the my self imposed due date.

I worked just a bit on my Eadon from Chris at Briar Rose Fibers, Abundance yarn.  It is going to be a little heavy of a sweater, but I am sure I will love it when done.  It is a KAL we are doing over on Ravelry group board.    Mine is going a little slow because I have decided to knit my fronts and back all together as one to the armhole rather sew my side seams.

I am also involved in the Knitaway group KAL over on Ravelry.  As one of the moderator's of the board, Cheryl let me choose the jacket.  I am loving it too.

 It is from Cheryl's Just Beautiful Alpaca which is so scrumptious to knit with!  I've got a couple of colors of this yarn!

It is so funny, when I am knitting on one sweater, I want to be knitting on the other and vice versa.  I am so a fickle knitter!

Friday, January 04, 2013

My LYS Is Going To Be Crying

You have heard it before.  I am going on a yarn diet.  But, seriously, I have so many nice yarns that I really need to be knitting on them.

My goal for 2013 is to empty two bins of yarn and to put some other things in their place.  So I am thinking of concentrating on these two bins.

 My yarns from Chris at Briar Rose Fibers.  I have some great yarns from her and I would love to buy some more from her this year at either Knit Camp or her October event that I putting on my calendar.

The other yarn bin is my Cheryl Oberle yarns.  Hiding in those two bags are her Just Beautiful Alpaca. I love Alpaca and Cheryl's is also oh so beautiful and soft and cuddly.

One would think that this was the only two bins of both Chris and Cheryl yarn that I have, but no, I have two sweaters worth that are in bags too, both of which I am committing to work on in 2013 and both are KALs that I am in over on Ravelry.

I would feel so good if at the end of 2013 if both of these bins were empty and just think of all of the great sweaters and shawls I will have to wear.  Knit, Knit Knit.