Sunday, January 20, 2013

Local Yarn Shops Can Be Dangerous

When the sunburst needles first came out, I really never thought I would need them.  

But the last two weeks, I have been knitting on some pretty dark yarns and my Harmony needles tended to blend with the stitches.  I really am quite fond of the points on the Harmony needles.  I have toyed with the Chia Goo needles too and really am quite taken with their points as well.  

Since my local yarn shop carried the set, I added it to my collection and immediately switched over on my Cusco jacket that I am knitting.  It makes very easy to see the stitches with the dark yarn.

The only thing I am not quite sure of is if the points on them are really as nice as the Harmony needles. It could just be my perception.

I have another peapod to knit for one of the ladies who works with me.  She is going to be a first-time grandma in March and it is a boy.  As luck would have it, Debbie at the shop brought back two skeins of a Pacific bulky in some boy colors.  Since this is my now go to gift for a quick baby gift, I snatched it up for the giftee.

This blush Pacific has been catching my eye for sometime.  Sally Rainey designed a baby blanket that I am going to knit for the PASG spring luncheon contest.  I think this will be a great color for a future baby girl to be whomever/whenever someone has one.  I will enter it in the contest in May and then take it to Knit Camp as my Show and Tell in July.

It looks like I have my work cut out for me for awhile when it comes to the knitting.

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