Friday, January 11, 2013

This Whatever Stuff

Whatever this garbage that is going around, I guess I can count myself lucky that I have not missed any work with it.  So many have been getting fevers and then the respiratory stuff.  Me, I have just had the respiratory stuff which has kept from sleeping and knit nite.  

I am feeling much better, I think.  I just realized tonight, that today was the first day since New Year's Eve that I have not had a coughing fit to cross your legs or a cough drop or drugs.  Hopefully, tonight I can get through one night without waking up with a coughing fit...I think the Tall Guy is getting a bit tired of it as well.

I have been doing some knitting while sitting around at night in my chair.  I am anxious for this little puppy to be done, because I have other things I want to be knitting on, namely a Valentine Sweater for Miss Mona Lisa. 

My plan is hopefully to have this finished the first of next week.  But first, I may need one more skein of yarn and I need to determine that yet tonight, so I can pick it up at the shop tomorrow.

I have knit a bit on my Cusco, but have had to sit it aside until I get the baby blanket done.

And my poor Eadon remains in the tote, she is not getting much time at all.  I am knitting both the fronts and the back as one so it is a bit of knitting across it in rib.

Soon, very soon, I'll be back on these two pretties and they will get some much deserved knitting done on them.  I think what I will do after the baby blanket is done, is alternate on them every other night.

They probably will be my last two winter knitting projects for early 2013.  By the time I get them done and some other cool things for Miss Mona Lisa, it will be time for spring knitting, at least I am hoping so!

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