Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bella's Shower

Everything went so well today.  The cupcakes and cake was made by my cousin's daughter who has a new shop she opened up over in Tremont, Simply Sweet Cakes.  

The punch was a hit for my first time ever making a punch.  Every one drank it and there was not much left when we were all finished!  The mama to be was looking pretty good today.

 Again, the Peapod was a hit...I just don't get it, but they seem to love them.  I wish I would have knitted this one a little longer, but realistically, it is not much use other than those first pictures.  At least that is my opinion.

She knew I would make sure that little baby-to-be would have a Cardinal outfit to wear this Spring.

She loved her baby blankie too.  She remarked tonight at dinner, that she hoped that I would be knitting something for her.  I think she is going to get more knitted stuff, she is so appreciative and for a knitter, you know how that is music to our ears!!

It was a good day with family, but I am glad that is over.  Now, we await the birth in about a month!


Michelle Nielsen Ott said...

I looks that that was a wonderful time. Your baby blanket looks amazing!

Penny said...

Thank you Michelle!