Sunday, September 16, 2018

Summer Is Not Over Yet

Saturday Knitting with the Peoria Knit Wits.  I am challenging myself to wear all the Summer sweaters to Saturday knitting before the Fall weather really sets in.  This gem is 5 years old and I love that it has all the colors in it, just choose a tank a go!

Lately, I have my knitting in my lap as I go to and from work.  But, this Saturday, it was very much used as I had to wait 20 minutes for a train.  Might as well keep the hands active while waiting for the s-l-o-w train.

Saturday afternoon brought the launch of The Rainey Sisters new sweater design out on Ravelry.  Pickpocket launched and I celebrated with a new found wine at Krogers and thinking about what I will knit my Pickpocket out of.

The bottom yarn is the Shelter from Brooklyn Tweed that originally was set out for The Weekender.  I'm using it now for Pickpocket and have ordered three contrasting colors to choose from for Pickpocket.

I've got a plan for The Weekender if and when I still want to cast it on.

I am finally done with the back of the Veronika cardi!  It is so long now, that it can keep me warm in the A/C whilst knitting it.  Some decreases yet to come and then onto the other front.

Veronika is to big to take to work to knit on during lunch, so I'll have to decide from my list what is next on tap that can go with me.

So much knitting going on this weekend!  Have a great week!!  Catch you on the purl side.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Episode #14 - No Self Control

My 14th Episode is up on You Tube, please take a look at:

And the show notes can be found in my ravelry group, pjknits.  You can find the group here:

Please join the group and tell me what you think about all kinds of things.