Monday, July 28, 2014

Mix It Up Monday

This post is all over the place.  The Tall Guy leaves the mail on the kitchen table for me since he gets home before me.  I could not figure out what the white plastic envelope had in it.  It was this super cute composition notebook cover that I have coveted since Susan B. Anderson blogged about it earlier in the Spring.  Isn't it super cute!

 The other envelope I knew what it was right away!  My Just Beautiful Alpaca from Cheryl so I can finish my Birds Nest Shawl!

While waiting for the yarn to come, I've been knitting on my Summer Sweater.  The back is done with some modifications.   The pattern is the Women's Boxy Pullover from Plymouth.   I am not a boxy kind of gal, so I've used my standard modifications and am making it with cut out sleeves.

I've got the front cast on and ready to go for knitting at the shop tomorrow.

I really haven't had an appropriate post to show a couple of shawl pins that I picked up at the shop a couple of Saturdays ago.  I figured on Mix It Up Monday, it might be an appropriate time to show them off.  When I was at camp earlier this month, I really decided that I needed some pins to keep my shawls and shawlettes in place.

Both of these are going to fit the bill.  Even though, this is on my sweater as a backdrop, isn't this one super cool.  I am just loving it, even as a decoration on a sweater.  Hmmm.

This pin is going to be perfect for almost every shawl I have!

My pins may get a work out the next couple of days in Central Illinois.  We have had some unseasonably cool nights and mornings which I am okay with.  It seems more like early Fall than July. I'm not complaining though.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

When You Get Up At 4 A.M. On A Sunday

I started it.  I was thirsty for lemonade and couldn't sleep.  The Tall Guy was up right behind me at 4 a.m. on a Sunday.  What?!  We both should have been sleeping in.  We spent yesterday at the old house getting it ready for the painter who is starting this week.  We found someone who would paint it, the cabinets, the steps for a really reasonable price.  But, before she could we had to get the rest of the stuff out and do a bit of cleaning.

So, now that I have the laundry done, what will I do with the next 13 hours?  Something to do with knitting and nothing more.  That is what this Sunday is for.  Oh, I have several projects surrounding my chair.  And I while I am waiting for more yarn for my Birds Nest, I have toyed with a couple of WIPs that fall under my Summer of Shawls (as blogged about on Friday).  And I went as far as to wind a couple of skeins of yarn this morning for a shawl that I wanted to cast on this morning in the wee hours.  But, I didn't yet.

I took advantage of the early morning to get outside and get some pictures of a couple of shawls that I do have on the needles.  My Pi Shawl is my purse project.  It is getting pretty close to the point where I am going to need to figure out what kind of lace patterns I want to use on it.

The original plan was to wait until the final increase to do some lace, but after seeing some on Ravelry that did not have lace until the very end, I decided that it was just too plain looking without something.  I'll want it to be fairly easy because I want to be able to do it with a minimum of keeping track.

I've been knitting a bit on the Scallop shawl this weekend, but unfortunately this pic isn't the best.   It tends to get a bit wrinkled when shoved into the project bag.

I will admit though, the neighbors are wondering what the new lady is doing today.  You see while taking the pic of the shawl I had to have someplace to put the attached ball of yarn.  The light was just begging to hold it for me.