Saturday, October 21, 2017

When You Can't Go To Rhinebeck!

You get together very early in the morning with your Knit Wit friends!

You knit like you are in New York for most of the day!

And you end the day with a hashtag!  #winebeck  originally it was #whinebeck, but I love this one much more!

Monday, October 16, 2017

A Me Day!

When you work full-time, I heartily recommend taking a me day every once in a while.  One of those days where there is no particular agenda, a get up when you want to day, take a shower when you want, maybe do a bit of laundry and do lots of knitting and maybe watch a podcast or two to round out the day.  And most of all, don't tell anyone you are doing, except for work!

I did make a bit of a list of some things that I might have wanted to accomplish on this me day, but with no real absolutely have to get it done items, just a kind of list of things that I might want to tackle should I decide to venture out of my chair.

I finished up my 2nd Avenue Wrap and it has made its way down to the blocking table for later this week.  It felt so good to get it done and off the needles and into the lupine hook group.   It has been a great traveling project, but I was really ready to move onto another WIP for October.

Into my  second pot coffee for the day (because it was a Me Day and I can if I want to), I cast on my second sleeve of the Hiro Sweater.  It appears that Fall is definitely coming and I am in a sweater knitting mood, and this cast on fell into the category of cleaning up a couple of WIPS for October program.

I am loving the Merino Cashmere Nylon Worsted weight yarn I am using for this sweater.  It is from Sun Valley Fibers and is so nice to knit with.  It is a squishy, cuddly yarn, that I can just imagine how it is going to feel when worn.

While knitting today, I found a new podcast to watch.  The Workshop Girls is a podcast from the Wool Workshop out of Roanoke Virginia.  I am finding I enjoy watching podcasts that yarn shops are doing. It gives me a chance to see what is happening all over the country when it comes to yarns and projects. With baseball over for me, I love settling down at night with a hot cuppa and a podcast and my knitting!

As I look at my list for today, there are still some things on it undone, but I am okay with that.  That is the cool thing about a me day, it is all about me and what I want to do.  It was a great day, and I think I'll schedule another one again soon!