Friday, December 09, 2016

Finally Finished Friday

It's been a while since I had something to post on Fridays.  Partly because of the hand problem, then the foot problem and well if we are being honest, I've not had anything to show.  But, this week, the last of the Christmas gifts are done, the Honey Cowl for Baby Boy B's girlfriend.

The yarn is from 2011 at Stitches Midwest.  I bought a bunch of it then and knit my Bloomsbury Jacket by Cheryl Oberle out of it.  I had a bunch left and thought it would be perfect for a cowl.  I still have some left, talk about the yarn that will not be knit up.  For now, I'll hold onto it though, maybe hats and mitts with a cool white pom for later.

And also finished this week, is the second sock out of Koi Pond from Must Stash Yarns.  The pattern is Susan B Anderson's, Smooth Operator Socks.  Susan's pattern is another take on the after thought heel. It is the second time I have tried the after thought heel, I'll let you know when I have two feet that can wear socks how I like this version.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

What's Going On In Your Neck of the Woods?

It turned very chilly here in Central Illinois overnight, so I kicked the heat up a bit and have "A" woolie sock on under my All Birds today.  I got the stitches out today, a new cast on (pins are in for another 4 weeks), but in a week, I'm graduating to a boot!  Yippee!!

I finished a couple of things this past week that I'll show tomorrow.  So, I pulled up to the couch a few WIPS bags to pick out the next project.

I decided on the Basic Chic Hoodie from Chic Knits.  This one is out of Berroco Alpaca that I bought years ago from Schoolhouse Press at camp.  I am totally knocking off Bonne Marie's original idea of a simple card with red buttons when it is finished.  I loved the look then and I still love it now.

And aren't knitting friends the bestest?!  I got this super cool yarn bouquet of Koigu yarn to make the Churchmouse Yarns scarf, that is if I could ever pull this a part.

And from the Knit Wits, this to dye for mug and some great holiday Starbucks coffee!  They know me so well.

Stay Warm Knitters, dig out those knits and wear them, now is the time!!