Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday Finds

I wanted to share a book that I recently heard about on a podcast and then had to buy the hardcover version.   When I shared it on Instagram, Chris from Briar Rose Fibers commented that she has several samples from the book that had been knit out of her yarns.

The book put out by Quince and Co is all about triangle shawls, but not just your ordinary  shawl.  There are top down, bottom up,  and side ways triangle shawls.  The book has lots of useful information as well, the tab cast on, increases and decreases , and a stretch bind off.

The shawls are elegant and soft looking.  There is texture and lace patterns, and I may steal some the charts to add to hospice or Faroese shawl borders.

I ordered mine directly from Quince and Co, because I like a hard copy of books, but I also got the download version that I can save to my iBooks, if I want to print off the chart or pattern for just one.  The download comes right after purchase to your email so you can start knitting right away, if you choose, but I waited, because I wanted to savor the book itself.

I am totally looking forward to casting on some for Summer of Shawls.

I give this book two 👍 👍 up!

Thursday, March 26, 2020


Today would have been our Hospice Prayer Shawl meeting.  I really missed it.  It is two times a month to get together with friends at knit for our local Hospice.  It is so calming, and after a meeting, I walk away with such a sense of peace and ready to tackle the world, aka work right now.

But, with what is going on in the world today, we had to forgo this week.  I am ever hopeful by the next time, we will be able to get together, but, I am afraid that may not happen.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some Hospice Prayer Shawls I am working on.

I needed a simple cast on to work on, so a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that I had a pretty good skein of 4th of July from Briar Rose Fibers left from my Weekender.  I found a pattern in my folder of Hospice shawls, called the Raglan Shawl Recipe.  Straight stockinette with raglan increases that end with a bit of lace at the end.

I will knit on it til I run out of yarn, and will have used all of the leftovers of this yarn up.

An ongoing project for sometime for Hospice has been The Kimono Shawl from one of my favorite books, Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle.  This is going to be a wrap and is not a super quick pattern, but I am having some fun with it, this week.   The yarn is Rylie by Hikoo, and is a nice yarn to work with and well, I don't knit a whole lot of purple, but certainly is fun to switch it up every once in a while.

Knitting at home is not the same as knitting with the Hospice Ladies, but when we all get back, hopefully, in the next month or so, we will have so many nice donations for the Home as well as stories to tell about our knitting through shelter at home.

I hope and pray for all you dear knitters that you are well and knitting something fun during this time.

Knit on with confidence and hope!

Wednesday Website

During these times of knitting festivals being cancelled, shops having to close, I am taking this opportunity to share with you dear blog readers some of my favorite small knitting related businesses that I want to call your attention to.

Feel free to support them if you so desire and send them some love.

First up, is Briar Rose Fibers.   Click  to see all of her fantastic yarns.

 I first met Chris, the dyer and owner at Meg Swansen's knitting camp many years back.  Right from the get go, I loved her yarns.  So many bases in so many lovely earthy colors.  And from that first meeting at camp, I found out just how generous and kind she was.

Recently, Chris donated yarns for our Peoria Hospice Prayer Shawl Group.  Everyone was so appreciative of her gift and I cannot wait to see what shawls and blankets become of them.

I have used several of her yarns in garments for myself and a cowl for our Girls' Holiday Bash last December.  I ❤️ them all, but I have to say my all time fave is Wistful, but 4th of July seems to be a close second.

Cusco by Cheryl Oberle out of Wistful

 Summer Solstice by Heidi Kirrmaier out of Wistful

The cowl for the Holiday Bash, which was also a big swatch out of 4th of July

for The Weekender by Andrea Mowry

And 4th of July is next up for Night Shift by Andrea Mowry

But, I cannot leave off Briar Rose Fibers Sea Pearl with a bit of shine to it that I knit my Pavement sweater out of on my trip to and from Florida a couple of years back.

Oh this isn't all of the things I have knit with Briar Rose Fibers yarn, and not all of my stash from Chris, but, stay tuned this Spring and Summer to see more.

In the mean time, I hope you will scoot on over to her website and check her yarns out!

Knit on with confidence and hope through all crisis - Elizabeth Zimmermann