Monday, January 15, 2018

I could get used to

having Mondays off.  Especially when they look like this.

And I would spend them like this, at least in the Winter months.

But, I wouldn't want to spend them redoing sweaters.  This is my latest, you know better move.  I dislike so much having to alternate skeins and so I didn't on my Nice capes sweater.  But, after knitting on it in really good daylight this last Saturday, it became evident that this one could not be ignored.

There is a definite difference in colors here and it is somewhere, (ahem, around the hip area) that I could not just ignore.  So, I ripped it back, no, not a frog, but a rip. 

And re-started.  The pic is a little dark, and I can see that there is a difference in each round, but not as bad as the chunk above.  

This whole alternating of skeins, once again, makes me like those yarns where I don't have to worry about it so much.  

I just wish I didn't like these totals so much.  Ah well.  

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Clearing The Plate

There are times when I have little bits of stuff to blog about and they really don't justify having their own post about. This may or may not be one of those times, but there is a need to day for me to clear the plate of some notes and pics.

Last week, I finally got around to blocking my 2nd Avenue Wrap.  I was pleased.  

But then I took off of the dummy (she really needs some sort of name, don't you think?), and noticed two spots that bled.  (Queue the screaming memes)

They are both slight, but dimes to donuts, whenever I would wear it, they would fall just about eye level for all to see.  My first inclination was to do some surgery, but after 24 hours of thinking about it, I have decided a course of duplicate stitch may be in order.  I'll keep you posted on the results when I get around to duplicate stitching.

And just as a side note, I have never ever ever in all of my years of knitting had this happen.  Do you think it might have been the steam blocking?  I may test the theory out as I love the yarn dyer.  Again, stay tuned.

I am still knitting on my Knitmas Gift.  I am hoping with a good dose of the Golden Globes tonight that I can get it to the picot edge and have it cast off early this next week.  I am so ready to have this done!  I am ready to knit some sweaters and other things just for me!

While I was off of work the week between Christmas and New Years and just having the time of my life here at Chez PJKnits, I found a couple of You Tube Stations that I have become a fan of.

Arne and Carlos - I have heard about Arne and Carlos before by way of their Opal yarn colorways and I also have one of their ornament books.  I have quickly become a fan of their You Tube videos not only for their tutorials, but because they are from Norway and I have been a Norwegian in my heart long before I met and married the Tall Guy!  Ever since grade school, when we learned about geography, I have been smitten with the spoon shape country.  The infatuation grew when I learned about Norwegian Sweaters through Knit Camp and well, what can I say, going there is on my bucket list.  If you are into You Tube Videos, check Arne and Carlos out.

Kristin Omhdahl - Knitting on the Beach.  I have followed Kristin for awhile, but just realized that she has been doing a live stream on the beach down in Naples a few weeks ago.  I only managed to catch one live, but the videos also are posted to her You Tube Channel.  It is more of a chit chat then anything, but I just love watching her sit there and listening to the waves.

The last one is Dag Byrd.  Dag lives in Arizona and is a yarn dyer.  She is German by birth, but living in the U.S.  I love the things she knits and her Bees yarn is beautiful.  

Finally, in Central Illinois, the temp is supposed to climb out of the teens this week, but also bring some more snow, rain and freezing stuff today and early tomorrow.  I pleased with the climb, but really am ready for this snow to melt and be gone.  I don't mind the brown so much.  It makes it so much easier getting around and less likely for falling.  For some reason, I am worrying more about that this winter, maybe because a couple of friends have fell and I don't want to join their ranks.

I believe that just about cleans the plate for this week!  Stay warm, stay upright and I'll catch you on the purl side!