Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Shades of Gray

Over on Ravelry in the Knitaway board, we've been knitting on the Birds Nest Shawl for our Spring KAL.  I cannot believe how much I have been knitting on it!  I say again, markers have been my salvation on this and I am now a convert to using them on lace patterns.

I took my Birds Nest Shawl to camp to knit on.  I, also had a spare project in case I couldn't pay attention to what was going on and keep to the pattern.  

But, I surprised myself and really accomplished a lot while there.  Only downside, I ran out of yarn so I have put an order in for another skein from Cheryl.  As soon as I get it, I'll have another shawl done.  Mine is out of Just Beautiful Alpaca which will be a great shawl to throw on in the cold air condition!

On my list since Susan Rainey did her first one is Hitofude.  I ordered Sea Pearl from Chris at Briar Rose in the early Spring for mine.  Since I am waiting for more yarn for the shawl, I am swatching.  I am down to a size 1 needle.  I see a trend in my color ways - Shades of Gray.

And the downsize of this morning.  As I was walking out to go to work this morning, this is what greeted me.  Seriously, what makes someone do this?  I just don't get it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

And Now We Have Come To The End

Knit Camp blog posts will be over for the year.  And so I am double posting for today.

The last pics I am sharing are just some random pictures of camp, tomorrow, we'll be back to the a new work week (where I have to work all five days) and regular scheduled  blogging.

From right to left, Maggie who knits some beautiful sweaters and shawls; Susan, well what can I say Susan is an amazing knitter; and Kim, she has put me onto some really cool little kids things.

Left to right, Elizabeth who is wearing Hitofude, a sweater that I am swatching from Briar Rose, Sea Pearl; and Sandi, the knitter of those unbelievable flower socks from the contest, wow.

Kim and Susan mucking it up for the photo.  By the way, Susan is wearing Vitamin D, another sweater  that I have on the needles.  Mine is out of you guessed it, Sea Pearl.

In the foreground in this picture is Al and Leanne.  Al was our photographer in the past years.  They have had a rough go of it this past year, but they are on the road to recovery and we were so glad they could be at camp this year.

And dear Meg, what a treasure, she is examining Renate's unbelievable swatch and wearing the RibWarmer by EZ.

And thats a bag or rather should I say thats a wrap for Knit Camp 2014!

And Then There Was Mine

More than a year ago, I commented on Linda's Blog that the yarn she had spun was my colors, you know.  At Camp last year, it was her Show and Tell, and I remember Meg asking her what she was going to do with it and she explained that she was giving it to me.  

I had to work at it a bit to decide what it wanted to be and just a few days before camp, I finished it with just this little bit left.

I was so pleased on how it turned it out.  The yarn is super soft and I just love the way the colors graduated out.  I purposely started with the dark so that the  blue would not be covered by my hair.
The pattern is from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle, the Triangle Feather and Fan Shawl.
The tails are long enough that I could tie it behind my back to wear at camp, but I have also bought a couple of really cool shawl pins that i will be able to use with it as well.

Here is Linda (the spinner and generous friend and oh yes a Cardinal Fan) and I holding the shawl up for pictures.  And over there on the left is Nancy (Nancy is a fan of another baseball team), hi Nancy!

I am so pleased with my new shawl and will treasure the thought that went into the gift of yarn always.