Saturday, January 29, 2005

I'M BUMMED! And it snows, what else can happen? First, we find out last night that the trip we are planning on in just two weeks to Punta Cana is not going to be Punta Cana, cause due to last hurricane season, they are having a time with malaria. We still don't know where the tour is going, 3 options are out there, Bahamas, Cabos and Jamaca. Jamaca is out cause my friend used to go there all the time and the one time I touched down there, did not care for it. Been to Bahamas but that was 10 years ago on a cruise ship, would go there if that is where they take us. But we won't know anything until at least next Wednesday. Talk about flying by the seat of your pants! It is difficult to find a warm, blue water place that has 75 rooms still open for two weeks out. So maybe it is a good thing that I am not the Travel Agent. Worse comes to worse and it is Jamaca, I will stay home and maybe go to my friend's wedding in April in the Mayan Riveria!

So what ya goin to do? Yarn shop of course...and eat...I ate last night all of the rest of my Hawaiian treats that my friend Norma brought me back (I was into wallowing and food is my friend when I do that). So today we are going to Mary's to yarn shop for more scarf yarn. Just what I don't need, but when you are wallowing yarn is good! But it snows! But does that stop me, Heck no, as long as it not blowin, we're goin!!! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Stay tuned! If I don't get to go on vacation in two weeks, I will take time off to yarn shop, you can believe that one!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

It's me.! I have not fell off the face, just been extremely busy. Only 2 1/2 weeks to Punta Cana vacation. And of course the thin body I promised myself is still out there alusive. I weigh the same as last year, but why does the belly seem larger? Anyway, I have stuff to show, I just need to take the pics and post. Some of it is knit some of it just fun. I am still trying to decide what to take to knit. I always take loads to read and usually a sock. I have been working on the same pair for 3 years! But this year, I have people at work hounding me for scarves still so I was thinking some cool scarves would be fun. And they certainly are great conversation starters! And Mary from Mary's Yarn shop in Eureka brought some really cool new scarf yarns to our Evening Knitter Group last night in Peoria. Going to see Mary on Saturday if anyone wants to meet there and knit, drink coffee from the nearby coffee house and shop of course!

Gotta get ready for work, already running behind. I promise more pics soon from my new camera, that is a story in itself.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

My son's scarf he requested. A couple of years ago, I knit both of the boys really nice sweaters and have never seen them wear them. I told them I would not knit for them unless they requested it. The youngest of the twins requested one when it was so darn cold outside and he had just started his job at Sears as a cart guy. I have not seen him wear it, except his brother did last night to take out the garbage. It is from Lambs Pride (the color was right) and I am not overly in love with Lambs Pride, its mohair content makes it shred. But, it is finished...Both pictures were taken with my new Christmas camera. This one I told it to shoot it just like it looked. And this is what the lighting looked like coming in the front window. I still have a long way to go to figure out this camera before next month's trip to Punta Cana.  Posted by Hello

Twisted Sisters Jacket, finished but not! This is a strange pattern but I love it. There really wasn't any schematics only a gauge as to how many ridges to do. So, I knit it blind almost, something I never do, stress never. I always check gauge and know exactly how something is going to fit. But this one, I just knit blindly on it. Now, I am adding a 3 inch band to each of the sleeves in the blue. And then, will probably add 3 inches as a band around the bottom. The colors are yet to be deternined for that. I love the yarn, it is Araucania Nature Wool made in Chile. The style of the Pythagorean Theorum Jacket is not a good one for me, it is much like the Obi Jacket, but it will be nice as a sweater to wear to keep warm around home and when I go to my friend's house. Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Only one more day and it is back to work! As a good friend told me this week, this last week has been what retirement is like! That's nice, I only have about 7 years until I can even think about retiring and only about 17 until I can afford to retire.

Today started with a bang. Had an emergency phone call to the hospital for my mother-in-law who needed a pacemaker put in PDQ. Thank goodness all went well. I still had time to fit in a little knitting with my friends this p.m. but am pooped tonight. Only about 4 more ridges left and the Twisted Sisters jacket will be done for picture taking purposes. I sure hope it fits. Then, back to Cabin Fever Poncho. I am on a roll, don't stop me now!

With the time I have spent at the hospital the last few days, I did manage to get some knitting done on a gift for mid January. Still alot of knitting to do for it, but I prefer that it be done at home not at the hospital. Four, no five projects left that I HAVE to knit, and then it is knit just for me and WHAT I want too. 2005 it's all about me. I think...