Saturday, October 09, 2004

Today was another good day! I spent the morning at Mary's Yarn Shop in Eureka, shopping and knitting. The best part is that the yarn that I bought in Indianapolis in August that I needed three more balls of, Mary had the same yarn in the same color and dye lot!! Now I ask you what is the chances that would ever happen again. Was I living right or what. It was a beautiful day to sit there in her shop and knit on my Twisted Sisters Jacket, I promise pic of the back soon, and see all of the new yarns she is getting in. Makes me want to knit myself silly so I can buy more. I think I will.......

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Lots of patterns for 14.95 Posted by Hello

Here are two of my recent purchases from Barnes and Noble. Knit Socks is by Betsy McCarthy. I took her sock class at Stitches Midwest. It has some really cute socks that I can't wait to do. The calendar is separate pages for next year.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

What I did tonight besides eat~~~ It was a busy day at work today and I lapsed into my wanting to eat all of my points for the week. Anyway, I finished the right front on the vest. Still had yarn left so I am knitting on the left front now. I can tell I am feeling more like myself, because I am staying up later now and just told myself that I will knit on the left front until I run out of yarn tonight. Besides, I love it, there is great t.v. tonight. At the moment Boston and Anaheim baseball is on and will give me plenty of company..... Yankees won, boo hiss! I like watching baseball , but there is something about the ESPN reporters that bother me. They definitely need to chill, and I can't help wonder just who they are for?? Cardinals won yesterday. Yesterday was a good day!

Tomorrow night I am getting together with friends to knit. Our friend has been gone for over a month, so we are going to have dinner and then knit. So much to talk about.... So much to show. And of course, have talk about going to Mary's Yarn Shop in Eureka on Saturday. Need serious yarn shopping. Hopefully, she will have the same dye lot that I need to finish the vest.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Not the Twisted Sisters jacket back, but rather the back to the vest I am knitting from Noro Kujako yarn. Kujako has this rayon thread that wraps around the yarn and then has really tight wraps every so often. Thus the little blips you see that remind of french buillons. I never quite mastered these in smocking. I bought the yarn at Mass Ave in August and know now that I am going to need at least 2 more, maybe three to do the front. My local yarn shop- Mary's Yarn Shop in Eureka has the same yarn, so I will see how close I come to the same dye lot. Wouldn't it be a hoot if it was the same? Posted by Hello

Sunday, October 03, 2004

2 Scarves, 2 Days Posted by Hello
I usually take the weekend of Thanksgiving as my weekend to do nothing, but sit and watch t.v. and knit. I will do this again this year, but since a little bit of outpatient surgery on Thursday, I have taken this weekend easy just like I do at Thanksgiving time. I started a new project, Twisted Sisters Jacket that I will show pics of progress tomorrow. But in the mean time, I spent a little time just doing a couple of scarves that I accumulated yarn for. Don't know who they are for, I might give as gifts to ladies at work this year, or I might try and sell them. Anyway pics above this post as to what I have been doing while I recuperate this weekend. I am taking tomorrow off too, need to get up and accumulate myself to getting back to work after sitting around for four days.

Friday, October 01, 2004

No pictures, cause I don't have anything new to report. However, how did it get to be October 1? I want to start something new, but I must hold true and work on my Noro Kujako vest and finish that scarf I started yesterday before I had a little outpatient surgery. I need to go sit in my chair now and knit. Just wanted to let all know the surgery went fine. I feel pretty good except for the throat that feels like when you are getting strep, but that is from the tube, I know, but just needed to whine! Where's the cheese?

I love Fall, seriously, but when it gets to be October 1, I need to start finishing those winter sweaters so they will be ready. Instead, I am working on Christmas and December bdays. I have got to get a handle on this. Maybe 2005 is the year. Speaking of I picked up this cool 2005 calendar box at Barnes and Noble on Tuesday. It has a pattern for each day of the new year. Be sure and check it out, and the price was around $15 too. I also ordered Betsy McCarthy's Knit Socks book and it is in already. Can't wait to get it, it is one of those books that is cut out to look like a sock. Next Tuesday, when I can drive again, I'll go pick it up.