Sunday, October 29, 2006

If You Could Not Tell By My License Plate

Then surely you will know that I knit by the car magnet I bought. Don't you just love it?! I got the Holiday Patternworks catalog yesterday. I'm going to sit down and take a gander at it. It reminds me I have to get busy on my holiday knitting.

This is a contract is my back yard. On the one hand, it is definitely Fall. On the other tree, it's not quite ready to concede. With 70 degrees predicted for tomorrow, the tree on the left may know something. What weather we have been having! The best though, today it is sun shiny and blue skies!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Cardinals Win!!!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Really Am Knitting

I just don't have anything to show for it. I'm doin alot of baby knitting at the moment. But, none of it is to the point where I want to show it off. The ensemble that I was knitting for the baby's dedication has been put on hold. I'm not sure it can be accomplished in a month, well I am almost sure it can't, cause I have all this other stuff I want to get done at the same time.

Like what? A couple of scarves for the Girls' Holiday Bash. A couple of pair of flip flops for the Girls' Holiday Bash. Some sox for special people for the holidays. A scarf for the gal back in Receiving. A scarf for a lady who used to work with us for Christmas. A scarf for another friend at work (she loves em).

And then I want/need to finish my Suspender Sweater.

There is just way too much to do again and so little time!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Fall Is Here

The weather says it is so. My new banner (that was part of my early birthday present) says it so. And the leaves on the trees definitely are saying it so.
Even though, yesterday, I broke out the sweaters and the turtlenecks. I've decided that I am going to take advantage of the coolness and wear them early and I am going to wear them often.

Why be cold?

Pull those sweaters out and wear them!

Cardinals Win! Baseball continues....which gives me some good t.v. to knit by!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Was Sweatin It

This is what I had left of the contrast color for the Suspender Sweater. I thought I would have enough, but I was worried all the same. Only 1/2 half to go. Sounds like a good thing, huh, but man 1/2 can take some time. Then, I have to weave live stitches to live stitches together on the side seams in garter stitch. That should be interesting.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Birthday Can Early

Our friend Jan was here for a brief visit and brought me my birthday present early. Isn't it cute? A wine glass with Woodstock on it. Trust me, it will get good use.

It was a short visit, and there wasn't near enough time to get all caught up. She looks good and has been traveling around quite a bit. Thats what retirement is all about.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's Been Jacket Weather Around Here

But, look what I got in the mail. Knitter's new Jacket book. They may not be making it for me in the magazine venue, but lately their books have been pretty good. Sure, I wasn't going to buy another book. And sure, I could go back through my old Knitter's and find some of these sweaters, but having them so handy in one place is great.

I can't wait to start some of them, but not until Round the Bend AND the Suspender Sweater is finished...okay and then there is the two baby things...okay and some sox...well, let's not forget the scarves for Christmas. Okay, maybe in January.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I Picked Up A Couple of New Magazines

I keep thinking that I might subscribe to Vogue. Right now, there is not much that I want to knit out of it. The reason I have been even giving it a look, is quite frankly, because Meg is writing an article for them. If it were not for her article, I probably would not subscribe, I'd just look at it Barnes and Noble and make an issue by issue decision.
I do like Interweave Knits. I don't subscribe to it either, but I find myself buying each issue as it comes out too. They have some good articles and this Holiday issue has a scarf I want to make. Funny, though, the same scarf is in a book I own. I guess I should have looked at it first before buying....

The only magazine I do subscribe to is Knitter's. I keep thinking they will surprise me and give me more, but so far, not. I skim through the designs and again I am just not excited. The articles can be good at times, but I have to confess after having my new issue a few weeks, I still have not went back to it to read them. But yet, I won't give up my subscription. You never know when an emerging desinger will come along out of Knitter's and I will want to go back to the beginning of time to see what they have done.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Baby Knitting Update

After spending time at my niece's last week, I decided the baby needed a sweater like now! So, I am knitting on this one for immediate gift giving. I hope to have it done in a week so I can send it up to her while there is still a chill in the air and before he grows out of it.

And then I changed my mind yet again on the colors for this ensemble that I want to give her when we go up at Thanksgiving. When I went to the yarn shop, they did not have more of the blue in the dye lot I had so I decided to change my mind (with the help of the lady who was sitting in) The blue is still going to be the pants, but I am going to use the turq as you can see for the body of the wrap sweater and will add the salmon to the mix.

Today is catch up day, cause yesterday when I wasn't going over to Morton for a 16" needle for the first sweater, I sat around and read and watched the ballgames with the t.v. muted. It would have been great knitting t.v., but for some reason I just wanted to read. I think it is out of my system now. I gotta get caught up. And with today being kind of dreary to start with, it's a great day to hole up and do it.
I want to make a couple of Weight Watcher soups too, so we'll have them to eat on this week. Oy, I hope I get it all done!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Lot's To Blog About

But no time to do it today. This weekend is going to be catch up weekend. I am going to hole up in the house and get some stuff organized. This week has just sped by, and nothing was accomplished!

Tune in later.....

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I'm Off!

To see the new baby boy in Aurora. Pictures tomorrow. It's a quite a drive for just a couple of hours, cause I have to be back at 4:30 for a Birthday party. But, well worth it to see him before Thanksgiving. It's just me going, but thats the breaks for today.

Went to the yarn shop yesterday. Changed my mine on the colors of the baby enesemble just a bit. Hmmm, I wonder what color I chose for the main part of the baby sweater? The pink is all gone. And two different colors were added back in!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's A Boy!

My niece had a boy. That now makes 1 Girl and 4 Boys that I have for Great Niece and Nephews. Will I ever get to walk the pink aisle again?
So, now this is being torn out.
For the blue on top.
The pink will now be an accent on the romper and hat with the rest of it going to the stash pile for the future.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I was going to begin hunting down buttons for my Lumpy Bumpy Cardigan, but somehow, I just knew I'd never find the right ones. So, I took the pattern's suggestion and made yarn ones. And I like em. Anything else would have taken away from the yarn.

Now, on Saturday, I can go to Knit 4 Together!