Sunday, October 15, 2006

Baby Knitting Update

After spending time at my niece's last week, I decided the baby needed a sweater like now! So, I am knitting on this one for immediate gift giving. I hope to have it done in a week so I can send it up to her while there is still a chill in the air and before he grows out of it.

And then I changed my mind yet again on the colors for this ensemble that I want to give her when we go up at Thanksgiving. When I went to the yarn shop, they did not have more of the blue in the dye lot I had so I decided to change my mind (with the help of the lady who was sitting in) The blue is still going to be the pants, but I am going to use the turq as you can see for the body of the wrap sweater and will add the salmon to the mix.

Today is catch up day, cause yesterday when I wasn't going over to Morton for a 16" needle for the first sweater, I sat around and read and watched the ballgames with the t.v. muted. It would have been great knitting t.v., but for some reason I just wanted to read. I think it is out of my system now. I gotta get caught up. And with today being kind of dreary to start with, it's a great day to hole up and do it.
I want to make a couple of Weight Watcher soups too, so we'll have them to eat on this week. Oy, I hope I get it all done!

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