Saturday, March 30, 2013

Finally Found

On Thursday at lunch,  I finally found some buttons for a vest and sweater that have literally been waiting since last year.  I have tried the local fabric store and even Walmart and just could not find anything that really went with them.  I went over to Ewe-Nique Yarns at lunch on Thursday and found just the right buttons for both of them.  

The button for this vest needed to be simple but not too simple.  Most of all, I did not want it to jump out at me on the sweater, which is what several gold ones did.

For my swing sweater, I have searched and searched for the right button.  For some reason, I thought I wanted a matching green button, but that was really hard to find.  I did give thought to gold ones too, but they were just a little too heavy.  White seemed to be the logical choice, but really stood out way too much.  I was so pleased to find these, sort of a white but with green round the outsides that was just the right color for my sweater.

Now, I just need to sew them on and block just the green sweater.  I'll be good to go, and maybe I can wear the vest one time before putting it away for next Fall wearing.

Friday, March 29, 2013

It's The Weekend!

I am sitting here once again realizing that next year for Easter, I need to be a little more prepared.  Course I said that at Christmas too.  There were so many cute things I had knitted Mona Lisa last month that I really should have saved some for this weekend.  But, at the time I wasn't quite sure how long she would be able to wear them and if we would see them.  But we are, seeing them for just a quick trip home, for about 24 hours, but I'll take them.

The purple coat I was knitting for Mona Lisa from Cascade Pacific went into the garbage.  I had enough of those stupid knots in the skein and tossed it.  Maybe next year out of a better yarn.  I do like Pacific for the softness, but frankly I've had a bit enough of it for a while.  I'll finish my Hoaloha sweater out of it, but after it, I think I am done and will keep looking for a washable worsted yarn.  The quest is on.

In the meantime, it is a drop dead gorgeous day in Central IL.  50 degrees and the sun is shining.

There are still some patches of snow that need to melt, but I am pretty sure that is the end of winter.  At least I am hoping so, cause I put away my two heavy winter coats today.

Time to run, I hear a car pulling up and a baby calling my name.  Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday Website

In honor of Easter coming, I just had to share this from Purlbee.  I love Purlbee for all sorts of great pattern ideas!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Apparently It's Not Over

I woke up to just a tad of snow this morning.  The weather report was six inches ish.  So, I figured it would be a good day to start putting the winter knitting away.

I'm taking advantages of the end pieces that Knit Pick Harmonies provide with their cables.  Just pop the needles off, put the little disc on that tells me later this Summer what needle I was using for this particular project, put the end pieces on and put it away for now.

Take the pattern, put in a plastic sleeve and pop it into the WIPS notebook I have so I'll know where the pattern is later this Summer as well.

Then all goes in my big blue tote that has a lid on it, to be brought out again later this Summer for next Winter knitting.

It is starting to snow again, so we may still get those six inches they were talking about, but I'm okay with my plan to put my winter knitting away, cause according to the weather report, it is suppose to be around 50 by weeks end.

As much as I disappointed that I didn't finish all my winter want tos, it is pretty neat to see those spring yarns coming out of the yarn room!  I can't wait to share them with you all as this last bit of winter moves away...thats an order mother nature not a request.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I was part of something amazing.

I attended the funeral and processional for former Peoria Fire Chief, State Fire Marshal and Friend.  This is what is amazing and what seems to be the norm for firefighter funerals, but I think it is simply amazing.

Every overpass from downtown to the cemetery was shut down.  On every overpass, there was at least one firetruck with three firemen paying their respects to this man.

Simply amazing and that is all there is to be said.

On a side note, my Aunt passed away yesterday morning.  We are supposed to be getting a snowstorm tonight/tomorrow..... It's been quite the week at home and at work.  For now, I think I will knit through all crisis ala EZ.

Friday, March 22, 2013

I Am Such A Dope

It's been a long time since I have heard that or even used that word.  But, I think it is kind of fun.
Probably back when I was a child, my mother told me that wasn't very nice to say about people, but today, it is probably a kinder, gentler way of describing someone.  But, since it is me I am talking about, I can call myself that.

I have a lot of knitting magazines.  Have I mentioned that before?  Well, sometime back I thought I needed to down size some, so I went through a few of the lesser known magazines and pulled out the patterns that I "thought" I might want to knit in the future, and threw the rest of the magazine away.

You know where this is going don't you?!  Tonight while surfing Ravelry, I find several sweaters out of this issue that would be so nice for Spring/Summer 2013.  The cover looks so familiar and I say to myself, " I just know I have this issue".  Well, yes I do, but it is in pieces AND the sweaters I like now are not the ones that I liked then.  And sooooo, no, I don't have the full issue.

Thank goodness for e-versions of magazine, now I can add this to my knitting collection a second time!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Coming or Going

I swear I am not sure!  It has been a very weird week this week. All the way around.

Then, I get this very bright idea that baby Bella and Mona Lisa need little knitted coats for do know that Easter is about a week a way don't you?  But of course.  You know what I'll be doing every waking moment in the next week!

For Baby Bella, it is a combo of  a couple of patterns, but mostly from the Last Minute Baby Cardi.  I just love Patternfish, don't you?  See a pattern, no running out to the shop to find it, just pay for it and print.  If you haven't checked them out you really should!

I'm using a pretty little pink textured yarn, Sirdar Snuggly Chatterbox DK.  Who knows how long I have had it, but it is so squishy and just right for this little number.  Plus it is quick.  After all, how big does a little 6 pound baby sweater have to be.

For Miss Mona Lisa, who by the way is crawling a bit backwards these days, its the Victorian Coat, a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern, also from Patternfish.  You know what I love about this pattern besides being neck down as well?  It is sized from 18 months to 10 years, so in a couple of years, Miss Mona Lisa can have another one.

This one is from Cascade Pacific in some purple that I thought was going to go into a different sweater for her.  This yarn, though had me a bit ticked.  Three knots in about a dozen yards.  Not good or what I wanted to see at all.

I swear that when I am done with these two little numbers that will be all of the baby knitting for a few months...Grandma/Auntie has things of her own to knit!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday Website

Just a little something for you to knit to:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm Sad Today

A friend's husband passed away last night.  I just was with them a week ago and spent Friday with her at the basketball games.  He was a special man, very giving and so deserved to have a longer life.  At 74, he so wanted to do so many things yet his body had different ideas.

It is a shame, that is all I am saying today.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Have You Ever Done This?

Pulled out all or some of the past knitting magazines for a season and just looked through them?

I have quite a magazine collection and I like taking them out periodically to see what might catch my fancy for the coming season.  This is probably my version of Ravelry, back in the day when there wasn't Ravelry, I was dependent upon my books and magazines collection to pick something out to knit.

 What I really was looking for was a Springy top for some Ultra Pima that I picked up a few weeks back.  It was originally slated for a Mystery KAL, but it just wasn't quite right.  Purl Soho has a little top that may be what it needs to be, but I still am not quite sure.

In my afternoon of magazine memory lane, I found a trio of tops that I really liked the first time and have a kind of hankering to do, maybe.

Problem is, just because I like them, does not necessarily mean that they will like me.  This little purple number is maybe doable, if I extend those arms a bit, because lets face it I have some  fat arms that rarely see this short of a sleeve.

 This taupe top was a sample at Ewe-nique Yarns a couple of years ago.  The knitter changed it quite a bit by not doing the lace ties and knitting just a straight tank out of.  It was a great little number that definitely could go under one of the many little Mizrahi sweater tops I have.

And finally, I still love this top.  The yarn has been discontinued, but I have some Ty-Dye that I could use for it.  It is totally a fun knit and probably would not get a whole lot of public wearing, but I just love it.

I think knitting should be fun every once in a while.  When I got done on Saturday, I had about a dozen Spring/Summer patterns that I wouldn't mind knitting this season.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

When You Can't Sleep

This is what you do.  You finish The Best Loved Shawl by Cheryl Oberle. 300+ stitches to be knitted and bound off.  Now, it just needs blocking, which I'll leave for later today.  After I go to bed and get up.

Tomorrow or rather today, is going to be a me day.  My regularly scheduled plans have changed and so I think it is going to be a good day to just take care of me.  Sleep in til I want, have some pannycakes from my new gluten/wheat free pannycake mix,  drink as much as I want of some nice hot coffee  shave the legs in a nice hot tub of water, wash the hair and knit while I sit in my comfy chair and watch the last day of high school basketball games on t.v.  (Well, maybe some laundry too)

After several weekends of being on the go and a couple of really and I mean really taxing weeks at work, I deserve a nice me I never get at least one day that is a me day on the weekend?! LOL.

Friday, March 15, 2013

A Little Color For Friday

I am so ready for Spring, and fun colors and sunshine.  Soon, very soon, it will be coming, but in the mean time, there is a project to finish that is not necessarily all that Spring like, but I am anxious to complete.  I just have about  20 rows to finish still on my Best Loved Shawl from Cheryl Oberle's Dancing Colors yarn.  I am going to give it the college try this weekend while watching the final weekend of Illinois State High School Basketball.  Side note, don't you just love the matching nail polish this week.

And speaking of pretty colors and basketball, these are the shoes and socks of the Orr team this afternoon.  How cool is that?  Neon pinks and greens and blues.  Now thats some kind of colors for it!

Can you tell Easter is coming?? The Peeps are out and what a fan I am of the new colors!  My kind of sugar.  Hey, there fat free, gluten free and wheat free, which makes my list anyday.

And finally, I am anxious to get back to Twister so I can wear it yet this Spring with the perfect t-shirt that I have.

I love color!  Come on sunshine and warmer temps, I'm ready to see more of the all around!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Miss B

in her hat knitted by her Auntie Pen...I see more hand knits coming her way!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Website

Isn't this a cute take on a striped baby afghan?  Not that I need one right now, I am going to file this away for the future.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Long Term Forecast

I am pretty sure our days of super cool are going.  At least that is what the long term forecast is here in Central Illinois.  It looks like gradually warming weather as we proceed through next week.

Now, this next little bit, may come as a surprise to some readers and to others, well, frankly, you are going to be saying to yourself, yeah, that doesn't surprise me, I kind of get the feeling that she would do something like that.

Here goes.  At the start of each week, I take my paper calendar, and write down the temps that are forecasted for the work week.  I, also, put on the calendar what events I might have.  Then, as the week progresses, I write down what I wore to work that week.  Are you still with me?  Reasoning behind that, if I didn't I would be wearing the same thing every week, and someone who will remain nameless on this blog would remember that they had seen me in said outfit just the week before.

This all stems back from my early years of employment, when one of the supervisor's I worked with wore the same outfit every kidding.  She could afford more outfits, but that is what she did.  We "assumed" that she washed it every day, but no one was ever sure AND no one ever called her on it, that just wasn't a polite thing to do then.

I vowed then, that would never be me.  So, the calendar started a few years back so I could make sure that the meetings I had with the same people would never find me in the same outfit I wore to the last meeting.  Or the last sweater.

Now, normally, I toss the last year's calendar about two months into the new year, but for some reason this year, I have kept it (oh, I know, it is because it has some password info in it that I haven't transferred over to yet.)  Anyway, I pulled it out as a historical tool, and noticed that about a year ago next week,  Central IL started having unseasonably warm weather - mid 70's and almost 80.  And for the most part, that was the end of winter, the end of early spring and the start of a long hot summer.

Which means, I gotta start thinking about my Spring knitting and pretty dang fast.

Woosh, that was a long way to getting to the subject.  But, thats it for right now.  Spring is coming, what will you be wearing?

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Three Days Real Quick

On Thursday, my new great-niece, Bella was born.  More little girl knits to be knitted! 

She is a miracle.  My niece really never thought she would be able to have children.  And just around 18 months ago, they really thought that she would have to have a hysterectomy.  To say they are over the moon is down playing it a bit.

Yesterday was the start of March Madness in Peoria.  The Illinois State High School Basketball playoffs are in full swing.  And because of the generosity of great friends, I get to attend and sit in their super fantastic seats.  We've been doing this for at least 15 years.  This weekend and next that is where I will be!

One thing I have to say is that while we are at the game, I don't knit, even though there is opportunity to do it, I don't.  I am not sure why I don't.

 Dang it, I think I might be getting a cold.  It's raining too, thats not a good thing for walking to the game.  Might have to break down and pay for a parking place closer to the Civic Center.

Blog at you on Sunday!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Wednesday Website

I love this website.  So fashion forward.  Well, it could be my love affair with anything French too.  Did I ever tell you I wanted to be a French teacher when I was in College?

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Spring Cleaning Of Sorts

In my mind, when March comes around, it is time for Spring and better weather.  Well, for the second week in a row, we have been smack dab in the middle of a snowstorm.  The good thing is it is going to be short lived, because come this weekend it will be close to 50 and all the snow should be gone!

In the meantime, while I wait for the official Spring to start, I am doing a little Spring Cleaning in the knitting area.  I have pulled out four projects that I am going to give my un-divided attention to for the next four weeks.  I am hoping, come the first of April, they will be finished objects and the needles can be put back into the worm bag.

The first is part of a KAL over on Ravelry in the Knitaway Group.  We are finishing up projects for the month of March and mine is Cheryl's Best Loved Shawl.  Mine is out of Cheryl's yarn, Dancing Colors in Amethyst.  This is a great shawl that I can knit almost anywhere and when done, it is going to make a great shawl for throwing on during the cool Spring nights to come or for working as a layering piece while we wait for warm weather and less layers are needed.

The second is Martin Storey's Capelet out of Cascade's Pastaza.  This is one that has some limited wearing so it really needs to be done like soon, so it can still be worn with a turtleneck for work or play.

Twister is not as urgent, because this is going to be a great number for later in the Spring and early Summer.  I love love the colorway of Linsey and I have the perfect long sleeve t-shirt to wear under it.  Another one of those that can be knitted in public or while watching some good t.v.

And finally, this is my lunchtime project.  It is the Easy Folded Poncho from Berroco Flicker.  There is a little sparkle to the yarn and in that seafoam color.  I'm planning on wearing this all Spring long!

All of my Spring Cleaning Knits are fairly easy to knit on which is great, but I have one that I started earlier this week just to see what the pattern and yarn would do with each other.  It is a fairly easy pattern as well, but still requires to have me keep my wits about it every once in a while.

The yarn was purchased in Janesville with not really too much of a thought as to what it was going to be, but now I might have a plan for it, but we'll see, one never knows.

It feels pretty good to have a plan of where I am going with my knitting for this month.   I heard a great saying today - I may be able to do anything, but I cannot do everything.  That is my motto for the month.

Monday, March 04, 2013

I Had To Give Them A Try

The search for the perfect needle for me is like the search for the perfect purse.  Sometimes, you just need to go back to what you have and use it.  I bought a couple of pairs of Karbonz needles in Janesville a couple of weeks ago.  

I figured I would give them a try.  I used the circulars on Mona Lisa's Beret.  They were okay.  

I, also, bought a pair of double points for some sox that I am knitting on.  There okay too.

Problem is they are a little short and tend to knit me there in the fatty part of my hand.    I'm not crazy about that, but I am going to keep knitting with them.

Will I go out and buy some more?  Probably not.  It's just that I don't love them enough to buy more.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Now What?

It's quiet here in Chez Halverson.  Mona Lisa has gone home, it is Sunday afternoon, I'm doing some laundry and trying to figure out what my next main focus will be in knitting.

Downton Abbey is over and the only thing worth watching tonight is going to be The Good Wife and Hawaii Life.  My biggie project, Mona Lisa's Closet is done and making it's way to her home.

I figured while there wasn't much on the t.v. for background knitting sound, I decided to get caught up with some podcasts.  One that I listen to very intermittently is Double Knit, because I met Jessica several years ago at Knit Camp.  I decided to sit down with the headphones this afternoon and listen to them, while I figure which knitting project I should concentrate on next.  (I've got a couple, so we will see what shakes loose on that avenue later.)

Anyway, in Double Knit's Show Notes, they have Sweet Georgia Yarns listed.  I get a lot of great ideas from show notes on podcasts that sometimes take me down a rabbit hole that is best that I don't go down, but it can be wealth of knitting info and new yarns I might say.  I clicked on the link for video of her business and all I can say is WOW!  The colors jump out and the yarn on the video begs for you to reach out and touch it!  I dare you, take a look...I think I have to have some?!

I know it is not Wednesday, but just take a gander at this video.!prettyPhoto/-1/

With that I am off to pull out something to concentrate on next.  Standby for tomorrow to see what that is!

Saturday, March 02, 2013

And The Cuteness Goes On!

Uncle Baby Boy B getting a chance to feed Mona Lisa her peas.

Now, this is a proud Uncle Baby Boy B.

Cousin-in-law Josh, soon to be in just 5 short days a daddy himself!

And cousin, Chantel, the brand new mom to be in just 5 short days!    I think I have to knit her something so I can take it to the hospital on Thursday after the baby is born.

What a great weekend we have had! Just one more short day to go.  Mona Lisa is best in the mornings when she wakes up, Gramps and I had such a great time this morning with her.  I'm ready to do it again with her tomorrow!

Friday, March 01, 2013

Mona Lisa's Closet

The patterns are all from Mabel's Closet by Hannah Fettig.  As soon as I saw the book, I knew a certain special someone needed the whole ensemble.  I have to admit I was not all that original on the color choices except for the little dress, using most of the colors that Hannah had used in her samples.  Mainly, I went with colors that Knit 4 Together had in Sublime Baby Cashmere Merinos Silk DK.

I started the ensemble in late December and finished up the final piece last night.  Now I get to take a little break from Mona Lisa knitting and knit something for me.  Of which there are lots to choose from!

The whole ensemble.  I like them, but I cannot say that it is the best knitting I have ever done.  My real criticism of the ensemble is how the yarn behaved after blocking.  It really loosened and stretched a bit. I'll have to remember that in the future and go down one more size in needles than I did here.

 The Spring Beret.  I used the same color as the trim on the jumper.

The plan was to knit one more beret using all of the colors of the ensemble.  I have plenty of yarn that I could, but maybe later.  I just was not into doing another stripe piece right now.

  I knitted on the Spring Jumper all weekend last weekend.  I used the technique of lifting the stitch in the previous row so as to eliminate the jog.  I did it on the back so you could not see it on the front.  I have to give full disclosure here, it wasn't my best effort, where you cannot see the jog, it does a little something to the look of the back.  I blocked and pulled it as best I could, but still not 100% happy with it.  That little technique is going to need more practice.

The Spring Frock.  This is my most favorite of the pieces and the one I knitted first.  I tightened up the neckline a bit so it doesn't hang down so low.

And finally the Cradle Cardigan.  I ended up having to rip back the sleeves as they were way too long for me.  And the cuff is quite huge.  I think that is so it can go over the Spring Frock if you wanted to.

All the pieces are done and wrapped up in a box for Miss Mona Lisa.  Did I say she is coming for a visit later today???