Saturday, March 30, 2013

Finally Found

On Thursday at lunch,  I finally found some buttons for a vest and sweater that have literally been waiting since last year.  I have tried the local fabric store and even Walmart and just could not find anything that really went with them.  I went over to Ewe-Nique Yarns at lunch on Thursday and found just the right buttons for both of them.  

The button for this vest needed to be simple but not too simple.  Most of all, I did not want it to jump out at me on the sweater, which is what several gold ones did.

For my swing sweater, I have searched and searched for the right button.  For some reason, I thought I wanted a matching green button, but that was really hard to find.  I did give thought to gold ones too, but they were just a little too heavy.  White seemed to be the logical choice, but really stood out way too much.  I was so pleased to find these, sort of a white but with green round the outsides that was just the right color for my sweater.

Now, I just need to sew them on and block just the green sweater.  I'll be good to go, and maybe I can wear the vest one time before putting it away for next Fall wearing.

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