Friday, March 15, 2013

A Little Color For Friday

I am so ready for Spring, and fun colors and sunshine.  Soon, very soon, it will be coming, but in the mean time, there is a project to finish that is not necessarily all that Spring like, but I am anxious to complete.  I just have about  20 rows to finish still on my Best Loved Shawl from Cheryl Oberle's Dancing Colors yarn.  I am going to give it the college try this weekend while watching the final weekend of Illinois State High School Basketball.  Side note, don't you just love the matching nail polish this week.

And speaking of pretty colors and basketball, these are the shoes and socks of the Orr team this afternoon.  How cool is that?  Neon pinks and greens and blues.  Now thats some kind of colors for it!

Can you tell Easter is coming?? The Peeps are out and what a fan I am of the new colors!  My kind of sugar.  Hey, there fat free, gluten free and wheat free, which makes my list anyday.

And finally, I am anxious to get back to Twister so I can wear it yet this Spring with the perfect t-shirt that I have.

I love color!  Come on sunshine and warmer temps, I'm ready to see more of the all around!

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