Friday, May 28, 2004

The Yarn Diet is off, the Yarn Diet is on. Much like the real diet that I am on. But, if someone else purchases yarn for you does it mean that the diet was off? Okay, so I reimbursed said person for the yarn. So I made it officially on diet until today, when my good friends Norma and Jan went with me to Needleworks in Champaign and Mary's in Eureka.

What a great day! I took a vacation day and the first stop was Needleworks. I haven't been there since they expanded way back last year. What fun! I got yarn for two birthday presents, two baby gifts, Lavold's newest books that we had been looking for, some great cotton yarn for a top to match some jewelry I bought last night from Lady Remington and Deb Bigger, yarn for Univ of IL color socks, cotton Opal for socks, a great new shawl from Hypen Boy Designs (aka Matthew Hesson-McInnis) to be knitted from Cherry Tree Hills Yarn that I had a home, and a new Tee pattern from Designs from Dove Cottage. Wheww--

Then at Mary's in Eureka, Berroco Suede for a tank, a ball of Tahki, Dahlia to make another drop stitch scarf.

And as I walked out I said, I am done buying spring/summer yarn, and I am done til Stitches Midwest. But that is a lie, since I know in July when I go over to Iowa I will have to stop at a yarn shop.

Mean while, the Charlotte sits there patiently waiting for me to start up on it again. I will post pics as I complete this wonderful lot of yarns I have just brought into my home.. The yarn diet is back on as is my food diet!! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

This is my version of Charlotte's Web Shawl. Doesn't it remind you of Mexico Vacations?? Posted by Hello

Monday, May 17, 2004

A few weeks ago, I went kind of looney and created lists for myself. My knitting was getting just way out of hand and I have got to get a handle on it before I go to Stitches Midwest in August.
First I made a quick list of all the projects that I want to do that I have yarn for and that was within my sight. The list came to a quick count of 34!!! Is that over the edge or what. I need to be on a Yarn Diet!
So I made myself another list of which I titled it "Get a Handle on Yarn/WIP". This list has stipulations. There seven projects on this list: 1-Car Knitting(yes I knit at stop lights and sometimes into the green)2-Xmas/Birthday Knitting, 3 and 4 are my Knit Nite projects and at work knitting projects, 5- is an idiot project by my chair at home 6- is a more complicated pattern by the chair,(just in case it is quiet) and the 7th project is a little project that I keep downstairs with me for watching the news in the a.m. while getting ready for work.
The stipulations attached to myself is two things. The first being that I cannot start a new project until one is finished and I do mean FINISHED! The second stipulation is I cannot buy any new yarn until I use some up. Originally it was I could not buy yarn from a vendor until what I bought from them has been knit up, but pleeeease let's not go way off the deep end on this. I already have a list for Stitches Midwest! I have got to at least knit up one of the garments from two years ago SMW, don't I??

Sunday, May 16, 2004

The Mobile Posted by Hello