Monday, May 17, 2004

A few weeks ago, I went kind of looney and created lists for myself. My knitting was getting just way out of hand and I have got to get a handle on it before I go to Stitches Midwest in August.
First I made a quick list of all the projects that I want to do that I have yarn for and that was within my sight. The list came to a quick count of 34!!! Is that over the edge or what. I need to be on a Yarn Diet!
So I made myself another list of which I titled it "Get a Handle on Yarn/WIP". This list has stipulations. There seven projects on this list: 1-Car Knitting(yes I knit at stop lights and sometimes into the green)2-Xmas/Birthday Knitting, 3 and 4 are my Knit Nite projects and at work knitting projects, 5- is an idiot project by my chair at home 6- is a more complicated pattern by the chair,(just in case it is quiet) and the 7th project is a little project that I keep downstairs with me for watching the news in the a.m. while getting ready for work.
The stipulations attached to myself is two things. The first being that I cannot start a new project until one is finished and I do mean FINISHED! The second stipulation is I cannot buy any new yarn until I use some up. Originally it was I could not buy yarn from a vendor until what I bought from them has been knit up, but pleeeease let's not go way off the deep end on this. I already have a list for Stitches Midwest! I have got to at least knit up one of the garments from two years ago SMW, don't I??

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