Thursday, March 30, 2006

I Don't Have To Actually Shop To Get Into Trouble

There are good things and bad things about telling one's self that you cannot buy at a yarn shop until you have finished two projects on the needles. The good is that I'm not adding more stash to an already over grown house. The bad is that it hasn't stopped me from buying books over the internet.

There are good things and bad things about reading knitting blogs. The good thing is that you find out about books, yarn and places to go that you never would have found just sittin around. The bad thing is that they usually, eventually, cost me money.

So, I couldn't resist both of the above new books just out. Of course, I justified the order with a couple of other books I am giving away as gifts too. So, I really killed two birds with one stone!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Look What Was On My Doorstep...

I couldn't resist when I heard that both of the originals were on DVD now and had either some added audio or added techniques. I have both in tapes, but when something even remotely new comes out from Schoolhouse Press, I just have to have it.

The nice thing about the DVDs is that you can go right to a specific chapter without haveing to fast forward through all the other stuff. I popped Knitting Workshop in last night and went right to the added audio interview at the end between Meg and Cully. Specifically, a couple of things caught in my brain that I knew, but it was interesting to hear them confirmed by Meg. She said that some would put the tape in just to listen to Elizabeth's soothing voice for company while they knit. And how originally the tapes were done as a way for those who could not go to camp could experience her expertise. That's me. Sometimes, her voice and Meg's is so soothing, that I just fall asleep in my chair. It's not the content, just the peaceful place they take you to!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

BoogaJ of the Booga Bag Theme...

She has her first podcast located at:

Check it out. And yesterday I listened to Franklin over at Brenda Dayne's podcast. If you get a chance, give it a listen. It is located at:

Listening to podcasts while knitting is just like having a friend there knitting with you and talkin "knit".

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Look What's Out

The Yarn Harlot's new book. I will need to check the local shops to see if they have it. Her other two were such a hoot to read and I could see me in about every other page.

Had to stay home today and do some cleaning. I at least made it through two rooms. Two more rooms tomorrow. But the rest of the day, is a knitting and laundry day. And I have plenty of background knitting t.v. to listen to. Ice Skating, Basketball and the new Harry Potter Movie "The Goblet of Fire"!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Ain't That A Shame!

My apologies to the Bradley fans. But, I am glad it is over. Now, we can concentrate on real stuff. At least when the local t.v. stations get past it. Like Cardinal baseball. And knitting.

I've got a new bag. I have decided not only do I collect snoopy stuff, knitting related statues and stuff, caribe blue stuff and flipflop paraphenelia, I collect bags! I couldn't resist ordering this one from the Windy City Knitting Guild that I member of. Sure, I am 3 hours + away from them, but I am a member. They have great teachers they bring in a couple of times a year and prolific knitters that you can learn so much from. So, I added it to my collection. Isn't it neat. Wouldn't a couple of walls lined in knitting bags look cool in my knitting room (someday)? Heck, why not, some people hang their baseball hat collection like that, why not knitting bags!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yes, There Is Someone Who Will Not Be Watching The Game Tonight!

The Tall Guy. He could care less. He only wants to know who wins.
Me, I am holding a grudge and rooting for

So, I'll probably tune in while knitting on occasion, after the tax lady is done with me!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

One Last Chance To Wear The Wool Sweaters To Work!

equals this.

Monday, March 20, 2006

If I Have To RIP This One More Time!

It's going to get put away for next Winter. Even though today, is the first day of Spring, and we're expecting snow, I will put it away if I have to rip one more time. For some reason, I get a rhythm going, of Knit 4 Purl 2 and before I know it, I have skipped a couple of cables.

The first time it happened it was just one cable a couple of rows down. With my friend Linda's help, I got it fixed. But the next day as I am working on the front, I see that the cables are off way down on the back, so I Rip it all the way down to get them straightened out. Oy!

Now, if I am merrily knitting along, I'll see that I missed a couple in a row. Maybe, it's a sign! But, I am thinking I am finally on the right track, I just need to keep my mind on it.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

There Once Was A Little Girl Who Had So Much To Do.

Isn't there a little story somewhere that starts like that? I have spent last weekend and this weekend at basketball games. Next weekend, I have got to stay home and clean my house. Actually, I have to start today, because it is starting to get to me.

Usually, when I get in one of these moods, I do nothing. But, I can't stand it this time. I have papers all over the place, knitting all over the place and laundry stacked up too.

I am searching for the elusive piece of paper for the taxes. With all of the stacks sitting around, how does one know if I really ever had it. I really want to be knitting and watching basketball this afternoon, but I got to at least start sorting something, be it paper, knitting or laundry or I will soon be sitting back, covering up and taking a little nap!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

In Honor OF Knit Camp

I ordered this yesterday. I have been lookin at it since last year when it came out. I couldn't let it go by, because eventually it would retire and I would have been mad at myself for not getting it. Besides, I had Christmas money I hadn't spent (well at least not this week), so I rationalied that I needed a bigger bag to go to Knit Camp in July (assuming that I get in)

Sure, I have both of these in the Miller bag already, but the blue one has my running stuff in it and is looking pretty shabby. The black one is dark on the inside and I am using it for toting lia sophia supplies in.

So, you see I really needed a new one.

What was my excuse for buying this? It goes with the Miller bag of course.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Why Did I Buy This Magazine?

There is absolutely nothing in it that I want to knit. There is nothing in it that I want to read about. Well, maybe the article on felting, but not even that had much in it that I learned anything new. I got to stop doing this!

Good mail today? Meg's Knit Camp Info! Yippy Skippy!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How Many Felt Bags Does One Need?

Well, obviously, I need at least three more, because I had two WIPS in the basket, AND I felt the need to cast on the green on the far right on Sunday. You see I was waiting on my yarn to come from Knit Picks to finish the brown one and I somehow felt the need to cast on the new Garden Party Bag.

Never mind you who remember that I am suppose to be finishing not starting projects! And gaining needles! So what came today, of course my yarn from Knit Picks. Now, I have a dilemna. Which bag should I be working on? The brown is probably what I will work on first because I have an ensemble that it goes with that I would like to have it for, before the cool early Spring weather goes away and warmer temps come. See how optimistic I can be?!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Is Winter Back?

The weatherman told me it was going to be colder tonight when I came out of work then when I went in. Did I believe him? Somewhat, but I guess I did not figure that by the time I got in for the night, that the wind would be howling like a November day!

Just last weekend, I was giving thought to abandoning the Sisik sweater until next fall, and hauling out a Spring WIP. But, tonight, after ripping it way back, (because I just did not like where the cables were hitting), I have decided to press on with it. I've made the committment that I would finish it and I am going to do it!

Even though, Meg's cardigan is callin me. Even though, one of the new Noni bags is almost to the point of decreases. Even though, Spring is still callin me.

I am so fickle! As said by Brenda Dayne recently, I just cannot commit to JUST ONE PROJECT...well, I did for 16 days, but I am thinking that was a fluke.

I'm continuing to knit on it at the moment, while I wait for my Knitter's, while I wait for the yarn to finish the brown booga bag, while I wait for warm weather to come back!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

I'm Spending Most Of My Weekend at Basketball Games!

Not alot of knitting being done. Cause I am in Peoria for most of the days and nights this weekend at the IHSA A Basketball games. Normally, I would take knitting with me and knit in the slow times, but there seems to be so many people walking through all the time that I would be dropping it quite a bit. Actually, I really get into the games, even though I don't have a favorite this weekend. I root for the team that is behind normally, or the underdog.

I came home for a little while this afternoon, to do some laundry and in between, I think I will wind some yarn for my new felted bag.

With the warm weather today, I am also getting antsy to work on some spring stuff. I might have to abandon the navy Sisik sweater and work on one of the Spring WIPS!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Finished Projects!

Technically, my yarn shopping last Saturday was to help me finish a project that was on the needles. The Treo
I had needed since before Christmas, was one of the yarns I bought last week. And I finished the scarf, and one set of needles are back in the worm bag.

Then I used stash yarn to knit the new bag for the fundraiser. The scarves were new purchases but one went around the bag and the rest of it and a new one
went into the bag along with the jewelry.

This bag and it's contents are so cool.
When I took it into work, you should have heard the comments! Yesterday, someone had bid $60 for it. I could not believe it. I, first thought if no one bidded it high enough that I would bid on it myself!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm Going To Be A Great Aunt Again!

For the 4th time. It has been a while since we had a baby in our family. This baby is a special one. I don't want to say this is my favorite niece who is expecting, but this is one who will be a great mom, and they have wanted this for some time. Now it is finally coming true.

The best part of this for me is it is for a Fall baby. Fall babies are wonderful to knit for. You have such a long knitting/wearing season. And this mom will be appreciative of any and all that is knitted for her. Although, as a child, she was not so appreciative of "hand made stuff". Fall babies can have knit stuff done for them from birth all the way to Spring. And then Fall comes around and you can knit for their birthdays too! This is one baby that I will knit for, almost as much as I would for a grandchild of my own.

A few months ago, when going through my closet, I happened across this kit. I bought it years ago at some knitting event, just because it was a puppy!
This is a perfect sweater for the baby to be, because the parents have an adorable chocolate lab, Sam, who is not really a dog, she is their daughter. Won't this so cool for them? And I will eliminate some stash.

When I told my husband about the new baby-to-be and I could now start knitting for the baby right away, he had the nerve to tell me that I couldn't knit any specific color. I had a come back though! My response - I'll knit two of each!

This may well be the Summer of knitting for babies! Somewhere, I have a Ramblin rows Afghan in pastel colors I started forever ago. This would be perfect for this baby. More stash reduction! And I'll bet there are needles in the project too!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New Felting Projects

There is one picture missing, a carpet bag type. It will involve finding a source for different kinds of handles.

Just wait til the gals at work see these! They are gushing over the simple little green one I took in for the raffle.

Rob at Threadbear Fiberarts turned me onto these new felted bag patterns and flowers from Noni. I just had to have them. They are so much more cool than the pictures show. Can you guess which one I had him send the yarn to me for?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Made It a Whole Week-

I went a whole week working on one project. After 16 days of Olympic Knitting, I set myself another goal to finish two projects by April 1st. Then, my reward was to be able to buy something new at the Dunlap yarn shop. But, as I was showering on Saturday (where all good thoughts come to me from), I was thinking about what kind of bag I could put some jewelry into for a fundraiser that we are having at work. The theme was St. Patrick's Day. I wanted to do something different.

And it came to me, how about a felted bag to put the jewelry in. The auction items are in our lobby case in different kinds of wrap and bags so no one knows what they are auctioning for. I wanted something that stood out as me. I thought about a bag with St.Pat's snoopy stickers on it with the jewelry in it. (I'll use that idea for next year).

Then I thought, I bet I have green wool left over from a past project I could use. Wouldn't an eyelash around the top be neat too. Oh, I might have to take a quick trip to the nearest yarn shop!

And as long as I was going to go to the nearest yarn shop, I might as well see if they had another skein of Treo so I could finish my candy cane scarf.

So off I went to shopping. Along the way, I thought it would be neat to include a scarf in a nice green for inside my bag for the auction as well. I found just what I wanted for around the top of the bag, and there was enough yardage on it to make a scarf.

But, this ribbon yarn also caught my eye in the yarn shop window. So, I bought it too. After all one can never have enough scarves.

Monday, March 06, 2006

You Never Know How Much You Use It, Until You Don't Have IT!

Our internet service went down on Saturday. When calling for help, they can't fit us in until Tuesday a.m. Please, whatever happened to having someone at your central location who can fix it with a flip of a switch? It wouldn't be so bad, but less than two months they (Gallatin River) was out and put in a new thing, refurbished but at least it worked. Now, no service.

Don't you think they ought to give me a credit on the time I can't use it? After all, I don't hold off paying my bill for 4 days when I don't have the money do I? One of the boys is taking an online class. The professor posts the quiz on the website Saturday at midnite and he has until Sunday at midnite to complete it. I have pics and stuff I want to post to the blog. I know thats a hardship. Well, not as bad as not being able to do a quiz but withdrawal is difficult for me. I'm going through so many withdrawals as it is.

Good thing they didn't catch me during PMS, huh? Okay, I'm done whining now. Barely!