Saturday, March 11, 2006

I'm Spending Most Of My Weekend at Basketball Games!

Not alot of knitting being done. Cause I am in Peoria for most of the days and nights this weekend at the IHSA A Basketball games. Normally, I would take knitting with me and knit in the slow times, but there seems to be so many people walking through all the time that I would be dropping it quite a bit. Actually, I really get into the games, even though I don't have a favorite this weekend. I root for the team that is behind normally, or the underdog.

I came home for a little while this afternoon, to do some laundry and in between, I think I will wind some yarn for my new felted bag.

With the warm weather today, I am also getting antsy to work on some spring stuff. I might have to abandon the navy Sisik sweater and work on one of the Spring WIPS!

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