Saturday, November 30, 2013

How Did That Happen???

Why does the time go by so quickly?  It seems like a mere five days ago, I was on a seven day stretch of time off.  Now, it is Saturday and it is the weekend and in two days it is back to work and it is time to do laundry!

This next week is going to be a busy one.  It would seem that the next time I turn around it is going to be the weekend again.  It is Yarn Over at Vicki's house which I will post all about it next week.

Tomorrow is the first of December, how did that happen?  I have some fun stuff planned again for the blog starting tomorrow.  Kind of like an Advent Calendar, but the PJKNITS version of it.  Gifts to make from knitters, Gifts to give to knitters, Websites to check out for both, interspersed with a bit of my collection of Christmas stuff.

For today, I am staying home.  I was going to Knit Four Together, but I have decided I really need to get a handle on my busy week to come and I have projects that need to get done.

I started by getting the shawl out to block that is going to be part of the raffle for the Girls Holiday Bash at work. I found this super pin that is going to look really nice as an accent to it.

But, while blocking I found this dropped stitch.  How did that happen?  I sure hope I have a bit of the yarn to repair it with!

I only have two more rows to put on my Cusco and then do a little finishing and it will be ready for a bit of blocking.  I am so pleased that this is one that I can cross off my list as it has been on the needles since January 22, 2013.  Though to be honest, I did rip it out totally back in July and regretted it and then re-cast on in the Fall.  That seems like it was just yesterday.  How did that happen?

I am also going to take my Thanksgiving stuff down ( I didn't put it all up, because little hands were around this weekend.

I absolutely refuse to put up any Christmas stuff up at home until the first of December, but I'll be ready for it tomorrow when we turn the calendar to the final month of 2013.  I ask you how did that happen?!

Tomorrow is the first of December, but you all know that don't you?   I have some fun stuff planned again for the blog starting tomorrow.  Kind of like an Advent Calendar, but the PJKNITS version of it.  Gifts to make from knitters, Gifts to give to knitters, Websites to check out for both, interspersed with a bit of my collection of Christmas stuff.

Until then enjoy this last bit of the Thanksgiving weekend, because tomorrow it is off to Christmas preps!  How, oh how did that happen?!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday ~ Small Business Saturday

Regular readers know that I am at home today.  I refuse to go out and shop on the Friday after Thanksgiving and I absolutely refuse to shop on Thanksgiving!  It is from all of those Fridays of working retail!

I will, however,  go out tomorrow for small business Saturday to shop my local yarn shop!  Today, we have all just spent the day lazying about.  I have Home and Garden TV on and have been watching the House Hunters Marathon.  Some of them I have seen, a few not.  Gosh, I which I was made of money, I sure could go for some of those places with the turquoise water.

I have accomplished almost no knitting today, instead trying to figure out just what pattern to knit out of my Tosh Merino Light.

I think Breezy may be the winner.

But, until Cusco is finished I cannot start anything new.  That was the deal I made with myself.

Yesterday, I measured the back of the wrap around cardigan for Miss Mona Lisa.  I was a bit worried about what I was seeing when I looked at it in pieces, so I attempted to throw the back up against her to check it out.

Have you ever tried to do that on the back of a bucking horse?  I was a bit disappointed because it appeared to not fit.  So, today, I went to this handy dandy website Knit It Now and compared measurements with my sweater.  It appears that I am okay so I am going to motor on and finish the sweater.

While surfing Ravelry for possibilities for the Tosh Merino Light, I ran across a sleeveless tunic.  It  would be so cool out of another Madelinetosh yarn that I have my eye on at the shop.  Tell me I don't need this, will you?!  Modern Tunic

Because after all tomorrow is Small Business Saturday and I may feel the need to support my local yarn shop by buying the yarn for it!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What's In Your Knitting Bag(s)?

It would be quite obvious by yesterdays post that I have bags, lots of bags!  And I have a new one, but not one that I bought, one that was a gift from the ladies that I taught how to knit last Fall.  This is now my new non-shop knitting bag.

It is the bag that I am keeping my non-shop related knitting in, which at the moment is housing two projects.

My Stora Dimun shawl from Folk Shawls.  It is not getting a whole of knit time right now because I am really busy knitting on the other half of my Cusco Jacket from Briar Rose Wistful yarn.  I really want to get it finished because I am anxious to wear it and right now it is just around and around, so it is great knitting that doesn't need me to pay much attention to it.

My other knitting bag is the one that has my Knit 4 Together projects in it.  I really am a stickler about when using their space to knit that I knit on yarn from their shop.

One of the projects that I will test out to see if it fits this weekend is a little Lang sweater for Mona Lisa.  She is growing like a weed so I am hoping that it will fit her, but if not, I still have it in mind for little Bella.

From the latest Nora Gaughan booklet, I am knitting this sweater for me.  The yarn is so soft.  It really is low on the totem pole of knitting right now.

Not because I don't love it, but the Cusco and this capelet is really getting all of my knitting time right now.  It has been in progress for sometime, but it is straight knitting right now and another great project for the shop where I don't have to pay a whole lot of attention to it while I knit round and round.

It was on some old Inox Needles that were very twisty, so I took the opportunity to use my new Knit Picks Caspian needles to convert over to.  I am so loving these needles.

And do you know what Knit Picks is doing now on these needles and all of their needles?  They have engraved on the metal barrel the size in mm and American sizing.  How cool is that!

For now, those are my current go to projects.  I am bound and determined to some justice to them this weekend in between snuggling a little someone and enjoying the holiday with all our family.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Getting Ready

I spent some time in the yarn room this weekend.  It felt so cramped and I was worried about how much room Mona Lisa was going to need later this week.  I did some re-arranging and put all of my projects on the top row of my wire racks of stash.

While I was re-arranging, I really started looking at my stash critically.  In a couple of weeks, we are doing a yarn over exchange and I have pulled some stuff for it.  But, I also have some yarn that only certain someones would really appreciate.  So, I pulled out my phone and called my knitting bud, L and she is graciously helping me out.

After cleaning up a bit, I really wanted to cast on something new, but I didn't do it.  I have four projects that I am concentrating on right now, and I am not giving myself permission to cast on anything new until they are done!

Feeling good today, how about you?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

One Week Ago Today--

Gone In 50 Seconds

We were so very lucky last week, when this tornado skipped over us landed just a few blocks away, went back over and touched down again and then onto Washington where it did the most damage.  It will be years before things are back to normal.

All I can say is that we were lucky and I feel for those who were not as fortunate as we were.  Friend C is displaced from her home, but okay.  So many lost so much.

But, if there is a bright side, the community, the state and others have rallied around the area.  What an outpouring from everywhere, makes one quite thankful and also makes one wonder why we cannot always be as kind and giving to one another when there are not crises.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Finally Finished

But not on Friday.  I really tried my hardest to stay up last night to finish my Simple Garter Stitch Prairie Shawl last night but the legs got restless and that is a sure time that I should be in bed.

I just had a few rows to do and I finished them up this evening and bound it off.  It still needs blocking, which I hope to get it wetted down and drying yet tonight.

The shawl is out of Hikoo's Simplicity.  It is quite soft with it's 53% Merino Superwash and has a silver thread running through it.  Too bad I don't get to keep it.  It is for our Girl's Holiday Bash at work the week after Thanksgiving.

 This year's theme is Sparkle.  As part of the bash, we put different centerpieces on each of the dinner tables with a can next to it.  Attendees get to buy tickets and put in the cans they might like to win the centerpiece.  The proceeds go towards buying prizes and centerpieces for the following year's bash.  I am getting a bit of reputation for knitting for the bash.  I just need to go shop for a blingy pin to decorate the shawl.

I am glad to get this one done, now onto to the next knit in progress.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shopping Enhancement

Not a yarn in this group, but I've been spending a little birthday money these past few weeks.  It is so much fun to have boxes waiting for me when I come home.

These needles were super cheap and came from China.  Paula from Knitting Pipeline podcasted about them earlier this fall, so I sent for them.  Not sure why I did, because I didn't really need them.  But the price was right.  About $3.99 a set.  I'll set them aside for now and maybe donate them to a worthy cause.

From Willow Creek, I have bought  a really cool set of mesh bags.  Ok, so I don't really need more bags, but these are really cool.  I am a sucker for bags.

But that is no surprise now is it.  Enter, my new winter purse from Beijo.  There is a matching wallet and coin purse that goes with it.

Namaste.  I have been waiting for this little jewel to come in for about two months.  Only this color has been on backorder.

But, finally, I found it on Amazon.  It is perfect to throw in my purse with my knitting, with a few supplies that will be handy, just in case.

And best of all - new from KnitPicks, Caspian Needles.

Finally, this is a company after my heart!

I am so in heaven with this purchase.  I can hardly wait to cast on something with them!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

This Has Been A Stormy Sunday

Overhead just a few blocks from us.

Again about six blocks from us.

And about a mile from us, it played havoc with some houses.

Then it took off for another nearby community, where it hit a friend's house.  She and her family are okay, and the cell phone service was spotty, so I am not really sure how bad her house is, but she did say that they had taken a hit.

"Knit on with confidence and hope through all crises" - EZ

Saturday, November 16, 2013

What Are You Knitting This Week?

To start with, I am knitting on Cheryl Oberle's Simple Garter Stitch Prairie Shawl from the Folk Shawls book .  I am following the pattern exactly for now, but when I get to the last skein of yarn, I am going to try to make some elongated ends to it so it wraps around a bit to add a blingy pin to it.

The plan is for it to be a part of the money maker for our  Girls Holiday Bash we host at work every year.  This year's theme has bling all over it.

The yarn is Simplicity by Hikoo which feels so good!  But of course with Merino in it, why wouldn't it feel good.  And it is a super wash.

This must be a Cheryl weekend, because my other knitting project, mostly being knitted at work and at Knit Night, is my plain Cusco from Knitted Jackets by Cheryl.  I am using one of my fave yarns Wistful from Chris over at Briar Rose Fibers.  This is the second half of the jacket and it is a great no brainer knitting project.

You know what is so funny about this knit?  Everyone who sees these holes at the bottom thinks it is a really cool pattern.  When I tell them, they look at me like I am not telling them the whole truth!  Chuckle!

I did a little shopping this week, spending my birthday money several times over and can't wait to show you everything when it all comes in.  Hopefully, that will be a post for later next week.

Have a good weekend and knit something fun!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Not Even Finally Finished Friday

This is my stack of finished knitting that desperately needs my attention.  Several need blocking, one needs a button sewn on, one needs a lining of some sorts put in it and one needs sewn together.

One needs to ease into it slowly though.  Kind of like these leaves. 

 On Tuesday, we had a bit of snow. By the time I got to work, the leaves were just a fallin from the trees and covering the snow up like it wasn't even there.

It was so much fun to watch them fall.  It was almost like they were saying "hey, it snowed last night, we better get off of these trees!"

The snow is gone and today, the lawn company came and took care of all the leaves.  And the trees are bare.  Which means I better get movin on my finishing or it will be Winter 2015 before I get to wear them!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday Website

I have ran out of current podcasts to listen to on my way to and from work.  The Knitmore Girls turned me onto the Twinset podcast.  I have only listened to one, but I am looking forward to listening to more.  I think this is one that I am going to like.

I hope you give them a try as well.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cool Birthday Things

When I logged into google on Sunday, my birthday this is what I saw.

I thought how cool, this is how they are saying happy birthday to something/someone.  I hovered my mouse over the pic to see what/who it was.  And it said "happy birthday Penny".  How cool is that!  Google was commemorating my birthday.

The gals at work know me so well.  These are my giftees from them.  My office is filled with Snoopies and they know that I will not buy them for myself, but love to get them as gifts!

This one goes around and round on his sled and and the end has the wicked Snoopy laugh I love.

The doghouse was a gift from a fellow co-worker last year.  We tied Snoopy to the top of the dog house.  And Charlie Brown goes with Snoopy, which is my first Charlie Brown in the collection.

This is the coolest book with large pictures.  It is going to be some great reading for Grandma and Mona Lisa at Thanksgiving.

I have the coolest friends, don't I.  I think I am done celebrating my birthday officially now.  It has been great!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Goodbye 55!

Today is the first day of my 56th year.  And I have a whole lot I want to accomplish in my 56th year!

First of all, I want to lose weight.  Well, heck that is not unusual, but by the Spring I really want to be at  my normal weight.  It doesn't hurt that today, the first day of my 56th year starts on a Sunday, my start over day of the week.  I found this neat little chart a while back of healthy snacks, something I really need.

 And I need to start eating lunch not just a piece of cheese.  So after walking for the first 1/2 hour of my lunch, I am going to start planning  my lunches too, so I have something to eat, but get to spend the last 1/2 hour of it knitting with my lunch buddies.

My second thing I want to do in my 56th year is work on the legs and stomach.  I know at 56 it can be difficult almost impossible to complete erase the effects of time, but I am going to do a bit for decreasing it.  It starts tomorrow, with getting up early (which means going to be earlier) and getting on the treadmill and starting the Couch to 5K program again, if the internal organs will let me. I may have to just walk, but at least I will give it the college try.

I found yet another cool little thing on the web for the legs, and I may give this a try in the evening before going to bed, maybe not all of the reps but a few to start.

And of course, there are those WIPs and many projects on the needles.  I am going to try to get them down in numbers, but hey, baby steps even at 56.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Friday, November 08, 2013

Half Finished Friday

Ta Daaa!  One half of my Cusco Jacket is finished.  And I am lovin it!

I have made a few changes to Cheryl's pattern from Knitted Jackets.  Added more stitches to the cast on, left off most of the lace chart except for the yarn overs/knit 2 togethers and added a repeat of them at the bottom of the sleeve.  I wanted a sweater that I can wrap up in or throw over a simple turtle neck to use as layering piece this winter.

Mine is out of the ever wonderful Wistful from Briar Rose Fibers.  I just love this yarn.  I already have one other sweater out of it, and have more of it in yet another color way for my Ravellenics project that I will be doing in 2014.

A couple of weeks ago, I was well into the sleeve knitting when I noticed this little boo boo.

Not sure how that happened, but I ripped it back to the start of the sleeve and away I went.  What I really like about my adaptation is that I can sit and knit and not have to pay too much attention to what I am doing.  Well, maybe in the above instance, I should have paid a bit more attention to it!

There are a couple of other projects that are a bit time sensitive, so Cusco won't get a whole lot of knitting done on it right now, but when I just need a bit of calm relaxing knitting, this is going to be my go to in the next few weeks.

Monday, November 04, 2013

What Do You Get?

Take one of these - Blueberry Tootsie Pop, courtesy of the lady I work with.

Add some of this Madelintosh in Button Jar Blue (just in last week at Knit 4 Together), purchased with my money, but delivered to work by knitting friend Debbie on her way from an appointment.

And what do you get?  Strange looks from the people I work with when I take the pictures of them both!  They just wouldn't get the whole blog thing (and I am not sure I want them to!)

Not 100% sure what it is going to be yet.  I think Hannah Fettig's Breezy cardigan.  I don't have enough yet, but I did see where Jimmy Beans Wool has the same colorway.  I believe I will order an extra skein from them.  That is what I had to do a couple of years ago when the local yarn shop didn't get enough of another Madelinetosh for a whole sweater.  Jimmy Beans to the rescue.  Gotta love them!