Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What's In Your Knitting Bag(s)?

It would be quite obvious by yesterdays post that I have bags, lots of bags!  And I have a new one, but not one that I bought, one that was a gift from the ladies that I taught how to knit last Fall.  This is now my new non-shop knitting bag.

It is the bag that I am keeping my non-shop related knitting in, which at the moment is housing two projects.

My Stora Dimun shawl from Folk Shawls.  It is not getting a whole of knit time right now because I am really busy knitting on the other half of my Cusco Jacket from Briar Rose Wistful yarn.  I really want to get it finished because I am anxious to wear it and right now it is just around and around, so it is great knitting that doesn't need me to pay much attention to it.

My other knitting bag is the one that has my Knit 4 Together projects in it.  I really am a stickler about when using their space to knit that I knit on yarn from their shop.

One of the projects that I will test out to see if it fits this weekend is a little Lang sweater for Mona Lisa.  She is growing like a weed so I am hoping that it will fit her, but if not, I still have it in mind for little Bella.

From the latest Nora Gaughan booklet, I am knitting this sweater for me.  The yarn is so soft.  It really is low on the totem pole of knitting right now.

Not because I don't love it, but the Cusco and this capelet is really getting all of my knitting time right now.  It has been in progress for sometime, but it is straight knitting right now and another great project for the shop where I don't have to pay a whole lot of attention to it while I knit round and round.

It was on some old Inox Needles that were very twisty, so I took the opportunity to use my new Knit Picks Caspian needles to convert over to.  I am so loving these needles.

And do you know what Knit Picks is doing now on these needles and all of their needles?  They have engraved on the metal barrel the size in mm and American sizing.  How cool is that!

For now, those are my current go to projects.  I am bound and determined to some justice to them this weekend in between snuggling a little someone and enjoying the holiday with all our family.

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