Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shopping Enhancement

Not a yarn in this group, but I've been spending a little birthday money these past few weeks.  It is so much fun to have boxes waiting for me when I come home.

These needles were super cheap and came from China.  Paula from Knitting Pipeline podcasted about them earlier this fall, so I sent for them.  Not sure why I did, because I didn't really need them.  But the price was right.  About $3.99 a set.  I'll set them aside for now and maybe donate them to a worthy cause.

From Willow Creek, I have bought  a really cool set of mesh bags.  Ok, so I don't really need more bags, but these are really cool.  I am a sucker for bags.

But that is no surprise now is it.  Enter, my new winter purse from Beijo.  There is a matching wallet and coin purse that goes with it.

Namaste.  I have been waiting for this little jewel to come in for about two months.  Only this color has been on backorder.

But, finally, I found it on Amazon.  It is perfect to throw in my purse with my knitting, with a few supplies that will be handy, just in case.

And best of all - new from KnitPicks, Caspian Needles.

Finally, this is a company after my heart!

I am so in heaven with this purchase.  I can hardly wait to cast on something with them!

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