Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cool Birthday Things

When I logged into google on Sunday, my birthday this is what I saw.

I thought how cool, this is how they are saying happy birthday to something/someone.  I hovered my mouse over the pic to see what/who it was.  And it said "happy birthday Penny".  How cool is that!  Google was commemorating my birthday.

The gals at work know me so well.  These are my giftees from them.  My office is filled with Snoopies and they know that I will not buy them for myself, but love to get them as gifts!

This one goes around and round on his sled and and the end has the wicked Snoopy laugh I love.

The doghouse was a gift from a fellow co-worker last year.  We tied Snoopy to the top of the dog house.  And Charlie Brown goes with Snoopy, which is my first Charlie Brown in the collection.

This is the coolest book with large pictures.  It is going to be some great reading for Grandma and Mona Lisa at Thanksgiving.

I have the coolest friends, don't I.  I think I am done celebrating my birthday officially now.  It has been great!

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