Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Saturday Funny

Last week, we had record temps, high 60s and just over 70.  Today, in Central IL, it is chilly, just in the 30's and there is a bit of wind blowing with some welcome sun.

I am spending the day inside, kicking back, knitting, staying warm with a cuppa and watching Spring Training game with the Cardinals!

I thought I would share just a cute little cartoon with some knitting humor for today.  Hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as I am mine.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Finds

I've got a few for this week.  Last Friday and Saturday, I went to the Knitting Pipeline Retreat.  We always get a new bag (different color handles each year).

And a couple of skeins of Quince yarn.  This year, I got a different color than the rust hues I've been getting.

On Saturday, after lunch, some of the attendees who are vendors set up in the dining room to sell.  One of my fave vendors is Leading Men Fiber Arts and I had to pick a couple of skeins from their booth.

Amy Beth from the Fat Squirrel Speaks knitting video cast always has a bag that she makes specific to the retreat.  The fabrics are so different from those that I have that I try to pick one up either for myself or for a friend.

Not from Knitting Pipeline, but from Molly Klein Designs, I had to order a new Snoopy bag.  She knows I am a fan so she gives me a heads up on Instagram.  This one looks Snoopy is a constellation.  I am loving it!

When I could not attend January Thaw, my partner in crime brought me back a bag from Kitchen Counter Crafts.  This one is now residing in my purse so it can go with me everywhere!

Some of the Knit Wits are at Stitches West this weekend.  There was no way I could go this year, so my friend Kendra is shopping for me.  I can't wait to show you next week what she found!  Yarn Souvenirs, they are the bestest!!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

What's On The Needles This Week

Well, the only thing I am working on right now is my Lerwick Harbour Hap Shawl from Lost City Knits.  I very and I do mean very rarely ever just concentrate on knitting one thing as is evident of my many project bags, but this one, well, I just cannot seem to put it down.

Maybe, it is because I am hosting the Knit Along on the Fans of Lost City Knits group or maybe I just love this style of shawl, but I am plugging away on it whenever I can!

The shawl style is not everyone's favorite, but I think the Hap Shawl has some great versatility.  It can be worn as a triangle shawl, doubled up adding extra warmth.

It can be used as a blanket when needed for adults or babies.

Most of all, I think it will be great for traveling...have I mentioned I have two other Hap Shawls on the needles from other pattern makers?

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Finds

Full Disclosure!  The two on the far right are not mine, but the two on the left are mine!

I ordered the denimy one first and then two days later SilverShedUSA, posted the middle one and well, I just had to have it!

What you can't tell from the pics is that all four have a vinyl zippered pouch on the outside on one side and purse straps that are detachable!  I am planning on using mine for knitting events like Stitches Midwest.  The zippered pouch will hold necessities, phone, credit card and hotel key.  The inside will hold a knitting project for when I am resting from shopping!

 From Schoolhouse Press, this week, I've been wanting this book since Meg blogged about it.  If I never knit a mitten out of it, it is okay, cause it is a whole lot of fun to look at!

And I could not resist finally buying this little piece of jewelry that is functional too!

Happy Friday!  It is sunshiny and going to be almost 60 today in Central Illinois!  And to top it off, I am off to the Knitting Pipeline Retreat today and tomorrow in Washington IL!  What a great way to spend a weekend.  Catch you on the Purl Side!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It's A Great Day!

I got confirmation that I got into Meg Swansen's Knit Camp in July.  It is my yearly jaunt with friend Linda to see friends from all over the U.S. and to soak up knitting all weekend long!

I'm already working on my show and tells for this year's camp!

Life Is Good!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017

One Project At A Time?

All of a sudden, I am becoming a bit of a single project knitter!  I've been steadily knitting on my Find Your Fade all week long and it is very much nearing the end for better or worse.

This shawl is  a very odd shape, and a lot of the knitters who have been knitting on it have had the same reaction that I have, how ever am I going to wear it?  But, as they are, so will I, however I want to.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Celebrating Christmas

With the whole foot thing, this weekend is the first chance we had to head over to the kids and celebrate Christmas!  What a fun and tiring weekend, but oh so worth it!  The best, this gal and the hat I knit her!  She literally had it on all the time this weekend!! Makes me so dang happy!!

And Poppy, well, he wasn't as bowled over as she was, but we'll give him a couple of years.

I think hats are my thing now!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tools, They're Multiplyin!

Another theme this past week from Instagram is Tools.  My main knitting bag has this Walker pouch always in it.  I have many other tool bags, in several places, next to my chair, in my purse, in a grab and go knitting project.  I've got tools!

And here they are all spread out. 

Itemized list of what is in my main bag of tools:
7" ruler
row clicker
crochet hook
dentist tool - with a tiny crochet hook on one end and a point on the other
hiliter tape
progress keeper
little table - snoopy of course
hand cream
needle gauge
40" size 2 needle
pocket scale
tape measure
lots of marker, coiless safety pins and darning needles in a separate container
What am I missing?

What is in your tool bag?

Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Finds

Oh me oh my, I am in love.

 More SilverShedUSA bags.  The top one has a zippered plastic pocket on the outside.  The second one has a plastic pocket on the outside ( non - zip) with a divider in the inside so that I can do color work with two balls separated.

The February Leading Men FiberArts colorway, Love You To Pieces (it's a Reese's Pieces type colorway and I love peanut butter and chocolate!!

One is for me, and one is for a friend.

What a good mail week!!

And this pic I share of a super cool thing not even remotely knitting related, but while I was out on leave, we had this installed at our cafeteria at work.  It is a filtered water dispenser, that recognizes when you put your cup under and starts filling and when you pull it away it stops.  And the coolest thing -- it shows you on a readout above how many bottles of water have been saved by using your own!

What a super cool week it was!!

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Where Do You Knit?

While I was out on leave, I became an Instagram junkie! I still am!  The only people I follow aside from a shoe company and a friend from high school, are knitters.  Knitters from all over.  I just love checking out what they are doing and I post as well. 
During the month of February, a boot load of us are taking part in the #loveyarnchallenge.    Every day in February, there is a new theme and Instagramers who want to participate post pictures depending on the theme.  Yesterday, it was Where You Craft?
I was hard pressed, as others, to nail it down to one place.  Because, frankly, I always have my knitting with me and I will knit anywhere!  That is why I am constantly searching for the perfect purse, but that is a whole different bunch of posts.
I thought I'd share just a couple of the places that I could photograph yesterday to share with you all where I Knit?
My chair, surrounded by projects in bags, books, t.v. remotes and a cuppa!
The Front Porch, as you already know.  When it is nice out and we have our nice little rockers to sit in.
My new place is at work.  We have a nice little lounge (that I helped design and decorate) that sits off from our cafeteria, with a lush, comfy, leather sofa and chair.  This week, I started taking a full lunch hour, getting away from my desk and commandeering the couch where I could put my foot up, eat my lunch, listen to podcasts and knit.  I am loving this new space and taking a full hour of lunch.

The car!  You never know when a train or traffic back up will stop you in your tracks, and I'll pull out my knitting for a quick few stitches while waiting.

There are so many other places, but these are just a few...where do you knit?

Friday, February 03, 2017

Friday Finds

Do not let the cover fool you or even the shawls on the inside!  Yes, they are typical of Stephen West lately, bright colored shawls, a little out there, but since I have been following Espace Tricot, I have a new appreciation of not necessarily following the colors that are used, but going a little more subtle on them, not that I don't do bright, you know that I do, but there are times, when you just want to be a little less bright.

 This Friday Find is an app that I recently found for my iPhone.  The app is called Layout and helps you take two or three photos...

And get this.

And thats all I have for this Friday!  Have a good weekend!