Thursday, February 09, 2017

Where Do You Knit?

While I was out on leave, I became an Instagram junkie! I still am!  The only people I follow aside from a shoe company and a friend from high school, are knitters.  Knitters from all over.  I just love checking out what they are doing and I post as well. 
During the month of February, a boot load of us are taking part in the #loveyarnchallenge.    Every day in February, there is a new theme and Instagramers who want to participate post pictures depending on the theme.  Yesterday, it was Where You Craft?
I was hard pressed, as others, to nail it down to one place.  Because, frankly, I always have my knitting with me and I will knit anywhere!  That is why I am constantly searching for the perfect purse, but that is a whole different bunch of posts.
I thought I'd share just a couple of the places that I could photograph yesterday to share with you all where I Knit?
My chair, surrounded by projects in bags, books, t.v. remotes and a cuppa!
The Front Porch, as you already know.  When it is nice out and we have our nice little rockers to sit in.
My new place is at work.  We have a nice little lounge (that I helped design and decorate) that sits off from our cafeteria, with a lush, comfy, leather sofa and chair.  This week, I started taking a full lunch hour, getting away from my desk and commandeering the couch where I could put my foot up, eat my lunch, listen to podcasts and knit.  I am loving this new space and taking a full hour of lunch.

The car!  You never know when a train or traffic back up will stop you in your tracks, and I'll pull out my knitting for a quick few stitches while waiting.

There are so many other places, but these are just a few...where do you knit?

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