Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Finds

Oh me oh my, I am in love.

 More SilverShedUSA bags.  The top one has a zippered plastic pocket on the outside.  The second one has a plastic pocket on the outside ( non - zip) with a divider in the inside so that I can do color work with two balls separated.

The February Leading Men FiberArts colorway, Love You To Pieces (it's a Reese's Pieces type colorway and I love peanut butter and chocolate!!

One is for me, and one is for a friend.

What a good mail week!!

And this pic I share of a super cool thing not even remotely knitting related, but while I was out on leave, we had this installed at our cafeteria at work.  It is a filtered water dispenser, that recognizes when you put your cup under and starts filling and when you pull it away it stops.  And the coolest thing -- it shows you on a readout above how many bottles of water have been saved by using your own!

What a super cool week it was!!

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