Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Of Course She Is!

Worth more than $4 and in her grammie's pumpkin hat too!

Happy Fall Day Everyone!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

In Two Months, It Is Over!

Yes, two months from today, Christmas 2012 will be over.  Two freaking months, how did it that happen?  It was just 80 degrees two days ago, I'm mean really.

But for a knitter this means it is time to be committing to Christmas knitting.  Actually, I should have already committed to my projects, but no, I've been scampering last night into the wee hours and this morning trying to narrow my projects down.

It has been real tough because almost all of them revolve around Mona Lisa.  I've ripped the yarn room apart looking at books and patterns and possible yarns for her.  I had it in my mind that she needed a knitted dress to go with these cutie booties I have wanted to knit.  And I didn't want to have to buy yarn.  I toyed with a coat too, but decided that is better for spring, after all, when it gets cold, that kid is going to be in something really warm when being transported.  And now after quite a bit of research, I've decided booties will be just fine...she is only going to be 5 months ish at Christmas.

And she needs a stocking at Grandma's if we can work that out, if not, I could wait to finish her stocking later.  So this one is probably on the bottom of the Christmas List for now.

I cannot recall if I blogged about my great niece requesting an afghan out of her deceased grandma's yarn or not?  She did and of course as you can tell it is from Red Heart.  Okay, Linda, yes I am a yarn snob, but I think I have this worked out.  I really want to have this done and out of my hair by the 22nd of December so it is really on the top of the list for now, but certainly not the knit all the time list.

And finally, I have wanted to knit Elefante for a baby forever.  I'm using some of my pastel leftovers of Encore for it.  I am hoping to find a rattle to put in it, I think it would be so cute for a First Christmas.

I've paired down the list quite a bit since I first started thinking about it yesterday.  And I feel good about it!

In the mean time, can I knit a Christening Shawl in a month?  Do I want to?  Do I need to?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tough Time

I'm having a really tough time this morning.  I really want to cast on and start knitting something out of my Wistful from Briar Rose Fibers.  My practical side (lets call her PS for short) is telling me I can't.  I have projects sitting around me that need my knitting attention.
My impractical side (lets call her IS) is whining that she needs a project that is not knitted on finger weight yarns and small needles to knit on.  (I have three of them on needles).  My PS says she needs a semi-no brainer to knit on when times are called for such a thing.

I wonder who will win out?  Unfortunately, my side that can't figure out what pattern she wants to use, lets call her the DPS (decision paralysis side) is having a really tough time deciding if she were to cast on what pattern to use for it and she is once again kicking herself and wondering why she didn't buy just one more skein, especially after so many recent purchases from Chris has resulted in not enough yarn to do what she really wants to do.

See the problem?  I think I'll go back to bed and take all of my personalities with me.  Because I can do that, I am off until next Tuesday for some much needed me time and baby time in Iowa.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Website

Monday's post is on putting zippers in knitwear.  I might even try this sometime soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some Finds

While getting some things ready for blocking a couple of weeks ago, I ran into a couple of knitted things that have been waiting for over a year to be blocked.  Just in time I might add, so I blocked one this weekend and discovered that I didn't really need to block the other.

 This little shawlette has an unusal look to it when flat.  I knitted it last year while attending Paula's knitting weekend.  It is out of one ball of Zauerball and has possibilites of different ways to wear it.  I just need to figure out which one is going to be for me. 

This sweater from Chicknits is knitted out of Eco Duo and has to be two years done and waiting for blocking.  In the beginning, I wasn't real crazy of how it looked laying out.  I thought that I had knit it too short (after a second take out) and was not real happy with the additional shaping that I used for it. 

You can see how it conforms to the waist on the the mannequin.  On Sunday, I tried it on myself and low and behold, I like it!  The added waist shaping is just what I needed, and it hit where all of my good sweaters should, just below the belly.

It's going to be a winner I have declared.  And it really did not need blocking.  Even better.

I just love it when I find cool sweaters already to go!

Monday, October 22, 2012

I Seem To Have This Addiction

To Cheryl Oberle's yarns, to Chris of Briar Rose Fibers yarns and to Anne Hanson's (Knitspot patterns).  I can't seem to get away from them. 

I've got over on the needles my Swirl Jacket out of Cheryl's yarn, but before I go back to it, I have to make sure that the 500+ stitches aren't twisted before I join and at the moment, I'm just not ready to see for sure if I am or not.

I started Vitamin D out of my Sea Pearl from Briar Rose, but I am still not sold on it.  There are a couple of Anne's patterns that might just be more suited to it or maybe it's me, I am still not sure that Vitamin D is a pattern that is meant to be on this hippy body.

And there is that Wistful from Chris.  I wore my Summer Solstice on Saturday and lovvved it.  It felt so good, I just can't say enough about it.

It's really tough when you have options isn't it?!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Want To Be A Leader, Not a Follower!

Or how I took control of my knitting, or maybe that should be my life.

This isn't new to regular readers of the blog, because I have touched on this numerous times, but like weight loss, I seem to be always starting over when it comes to a couple of aspects in my life. 

I'm easy.  Find me a restaurant, I can find something on the menu that I can/want to eat.  Want to go or do something, I am agreeable especially if I don't have to drive and even if I have to, I still don't have a problem with it.  I follow along.  See a look or a shoe or a purse, I gotta have it, only after spending the cold hard cash for it, I discover it really isn't all that it was cracked up to.  I guess thats the reason, I now have a bag tree.  Don't get me wrong, but geesh, thats a lot of bags and cold hard cash hanging there.  I'm not even going to go there with the stash, you know I have a big one, but I have an idea that I'll address in future has to do with the Bishop Hill Fiber Guild Spin In, I went to yesterday, but for now you will have to wait for that thought.

Ravelry is a wonderful thing.  You all know it if you have ever been over there.  Knitting with a group of friends is super fantastic.  You all know that too if you are lucky to have a group you can knit with. I have a couple so I am super lucky.  If you don't have one, find one at your local yarn shop, it is a great way to meet new friends.

Anywho, with Ravelry and my knitting friends, I have become such a follower.  See a yarn someone is contemplating, I gotta have it.  Wear a sweater or see it on Ravelry, I picture myself in it and gotta knit it.  No matter, if it isn't my style, it looks good on them gotta do it. 

Well, hello, here is my attempt to stop that following.  This past summer, I bought some yarn for a sweater after seeing it on a knitting friend.  She is tall and thin and I loved the colors (it had caribe in it, naturally).  I had to knit it.  I bought the yarn in another colorway, (it too had caribe in it).  I started knitting it.  When I showed the pattern to another friend, they said something like - not gonna look good on you, I wouldn't do it.  So, I switched my pattern and embarked on another sweater.  The other sweater is finished, it is okay, but it still needs some tweaking that will just have to be handled next spring.

Yesterday, at Spin In, another knitting friend had the original sweater on and it looked fabulous.  I told my friends that I had originally started it and the story of the change of sweater pattern.  They made me try it on and you know what??? It looked good on me and on the way back from the restroom mirror, I got two compliments on it.  Huh?

So the moral of the story and where I am going with this??  I am taking charge of my knitting and a teeny weeny part of my life.  I am going into the yarn room, going to pull out a book that I like, going to see what sweater I like from it, going to the yarn room wall and pick out a yarn that will look good in it and I (in big bold caps) am going to  knit just what I want to, what I think will feel and look good on me and I am going to knit it!

I am starting today to be a leader in my life and am hoping it will spill over into the other areas.  Ahh, that felt good.  Stay tuned!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Winner Winner!

And not a chicken dinner in sight!

I was the Wednesday Winner out at Knit 4 Together this week.  And look at what was in my bag.  How cool is all this!!!

I'm off to the Bishop Hill Fiber Guild Spin In tomorrow.  There are a few classes to take, but basically, I am just going out for the vendors, the sitting and knitting and catching up with friends.  Then, tomorrow night, going to get together with family to celebrate October and my November birthday for a wiener roast. It's kind of a tradition for us and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate.

Have a great fall weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Website

So many cool little patterns for free.  Love this 5 lber sweater.

Monday, October 15, 2012

On A Blocking Roll!

I've got about a gazillion things to block.  Which means about every other day, I'll have something to blog about and put up on my project page over on Ravelry.

This shawl if the Silk Moon Crescent Shawlette by Jaala Spiro.  For awhile, it was my traveling to Iowa shawl.  It was a nice no brainer for a while.

The yarn is Liberty Wool that I bought a few skeins of last winter.  There was enough of it for Cheryl's pony tail hat and this shawl.  I have one ball left that I was giving thought to mittens or maybe fingerless mitts.

I am going to love wearing this with my limey turtleneck later this Fall and Winter. 

What I really like is my dress form, pictures look so much better on a body and clothes, n'est pas?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pushing It

I've been working a two sweaters lately.  And as luck would have it, both of them I have been to the limits of yarn on both of them and managed to still be able to finish them with what yarn was on hand.  I don't like pushing the limit on yarn, but both of these times I was just darn lucky!

First up is my Hanten out of Cheryl Oberle's Dancing Colors, Evening.  This jacket is supposed to have ties and decorative buttons on the front.  I had enough yarn to do the ties, but have decided for now to leave them off and see how I like the open fronts.  

This is what I had left after the ties.  The side seams and sleeves are supposed to be three needle bind off.  I like three needle bind off. 

 If I would have sewn the sleeves and sides up, this Hanten probably would not have been done yet.  

I had a couple of skeins of Dancing Colors in Amethyst in the yarn room and on a whim I decided to use it to do the three needle bind offs with.  It blended pretty well and so I am okay with the occasional  pink that shows.  It really looks just fine.

Back in July when I bought this yarn, it was slated for Twisted, but after knitting the first piece and noodling on it for a while, I decided that maybe at this moment in time, it was not the look for me.  I was limited to the 9 skeins the shop had on hand.  I decided on the Knitting Pure and Simple Summer Cardigan as an option.  Only problem is I have two versions of it already.

So with some modifications, I knit another one only this time decided to do my own thing with gauge and lengthen the sleeves, which then put me in the position of wondering whether I would have enough yarn for the front band.  I even contemplated yesterday of trying to find one more skein somewhere in any dye lot.

But as luck would have it, I had plenty enough for the band with a little left over. 

So now both of these sweaters just need a little blocking and they will be good to go! 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just a Little Thought for the Day

Have you ever been with a few knitting friends and when you got home said to yourself, if it were not for knitting I never would have met so and so?  I've been feeling that quite a bit lately.  And today, was not any different.

It is just amazing to me how much knitting has rounded my friendship circle out.  And all because of yarn and knitting needles.

When I was in high school and just out, I never imagined that the friends I had ran around with would not be my closest friends all these years later.  But, that is not the case, I have a whole new set of friends and it is all because of knitting. 

Amazing and a blessing and bashert too!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Empty Basket

When I first started cleaning the yarn room, I started with this basket.  It had some unfinished projects in it.  They went to a Thirty One bag I bought that has a lid for it. Once it was empty, I tossed around giving it away, selling it and just setting it in the dining room where it is now taking up residency.

I've decided to leave it in the dining room for now, and use it for tossing one skein leftovers as I finish projects this Fall/Winter.   It will be way to clean out the yarn room of onesy yarns AND see how I am progressing on my list.
Then I'll have to decide what I am going to do with the onesies when the basket gets full. I'm sure there is a place that would want my leftovers.  Yes, I could keep them, but seriously one has to start down sizing at some point in time.  Right?!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday, Monday

No, I am not off because of Columbus Day!  Some of us state workers have to work even though the federal gov employees, teachers and evidently our local paper gets off.  I took it off because I knew after a weekend with Mona Lisa that I need/want a day just for myself.  The Tall Guy took it off too, but he is doing his thing this morning (shooting) and then this afternoon he is going to the grocery store.  And yes, I know how lucky I am to be able to talk him into that!

I'm sitting here still in my jammies at almost noon.  I got to sleep in late this morning (because I stayed up way late) and I am just having the bestest time, surfing the net, watching some You Tube and doing some research on a product that I have been toying around ordering for sometime. 

And of course, thinking about what to knit on next/finish up.  In the meantime, and at some point in time, there are a couple of things that I have to sew up and that is kind of my goal for today.

My Hanten jacket is still on the dressform and just needs the side/arm seams done.  And from about two years ago, Debbie Bliss' Lara sweater needs the same thing done to it.  Then they could go into the needs blocking stack.

The green sweater on the bottom of the stack needs buttons sewn on and blocking.  I guess it needs done first since the sleeves are 3/4 and if I want to still wear it this season, I had better get moving on it.

Next in line and barely peeking out is my Caffe vest I finished last night.  It needs a perfect button and MAJOR blocking!

On top of is the shawlette I knitted back in February.  I am not sure it needs a lot of blocking, but a little my not hurt it.  Before we know it, it will be the perfect shawlette to wear over all those turtlenecks I wear to work later this Fall.

And last on the stack is my Eco Duo sweater that really is two years old.  It too needs some blocking.  I have to say it currently is not my fave sweater, and may be a great one to pass onto my friend who truly takes any sweaters off my hands that I don't like.  I should have ripped it back and added more yarn, and I may still do that.  Better yet, before it is blocked, I may just rip it out all the way and re purpose the yarn.  As I love Eco Duo!!!  Will see.

I am totally going to enjoy the rest of my day off whatever it brings.  I need more days like this!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

I'm Pooped

But I'm glad we had the time with Mona Lisa this weekend.  She is growing so!  I cannot believe at 3 months, how much head control she has.  One forgets after almost 30 years.

We were in charge of her all Saturday, making sure she got to her flower girl duties at the church and then back to the hotel for the reception.  Then home to watch her all night.  She sleeps almost all the way through the night, but even so, my body just could not sleep very well.

Thank goodness for the Tall Guy who drove home and let me sleep almost all the way.  I am sure glad that I took tomorrow off.  I can sleep in if I want or just stay in my jammies til noon.  Good thinkin Penny.

I did knit a little on Friday when we got over there and I'll have something to show later this week.  I have several sweaters that need to be blocked so I can wear them now that we have this unseasonably cool weather for the first of part of October.

I did get the chance to wear my Summer Solstice sweater and I am tellin you again - I love it!  And most of al Chris at Briar Rose has created a knockout yarn for me in Wistful!!  I have some more in the yarn room and I need to get busy on something for it.  But, before that there are some other things to take care of.

Lots of new sweater knitting coming along---

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Doin Somethin I've Never Done Before

We are off to see Mona Lisa and attend her Aunt's wedding.  We'll be gone the whole weekend.  And I am taking just a pair of sox in my bag with me to work on.

I have never ever ever taken just one project to knit on anywhere anytime.

Blog at you next week!