Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tough Time

I'm having a really tough time this morning.  I really want to cast on and start knitting something out of my Wistful from Briar Rose Fibers.  My practical side (lets call her PS for short) is telling me I can't.  I have projects sitting around me that need my knitting attention.
My impractical side (lets call her IS) is whining that she needs a project that is not knitted on finger weight yarns and small needles to knit on.  (I have three of them on needles).  My PS says she needs a semi-no brainer to knit on when times are called for such a thing.

I wonder who will win out?  Unfortunately, my side that can't figure out what pattern she wants to use, lets call her the DPS (decision paralysis side) is having a really tough time deciding if she were to cast on what pattern to use for it and she is once again kicking herself and wondering why she didn't buy just one more skein, especially after so many recent purchases from Chris has resulted in not enough yarn to do what she really wants to do.

See the problem?  I think I'll go back to bed and take all of my personalities with me.  Because I can do that, I am off until next Tuesday for some much needed me time and baby time in Iowa.



Sue said...

It's Beautiful!!! Who won?

Penny said...

My PS I am happy to report...for now. But that is ever changing.