Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pushing It

I've been working a two sweaters lately.  And as luck would have it, both of them I have been to the limits of yarn on both of them and managed to still be able to finish them with what yarn was on hand.  I don't like pushing the limit on yarn, but both of these times I was just darn lucky!

First up is my Hanten out of Cheryl Oberle's Dancing Colors, Evening.  This jacket is supposed to have ties and decorative buttons on the front.  I had enough yarn to do the ties, but have decided for now to leave them off and see how I like the open fronts.  

This is what I had left after the ties.  The side seams and sleeves are supposed to be three needle bind off.  I like three needle bind off. 

 If I would have sewn the sleeves and sides up, this Hanten probably would not have been done yet.  

I had a couple of skeins of Dancing Colors in Amethyst in the yarn room and on a whim I decided to use it to do the three needle bind offs with.  It blended pretty well and so I am okay with the occasional  pink that shows.  It really looks just fine.

Back in July when I bought this yarn, it was slated for Twisted, but after knitting the first piece and noodling on it for a while, I decided that maybe at this moment in time, it was not the look for me.  I was limited to the 9 skeins the shop had on hand.  I decided on the Knitting Pure and Simple Summer Cardigan as an option.  Only problem is I have two versions of it already.

So with some modifications, I knit another one only this time decided to do my own thing with gauge and lengthen the sleeves, which then put me in the position of wondering whether I would have enough yarn for the front band.  I even contemplated yesterday of trying to find one more skein somewhere in any dye lot.

But as luck would have it, I had plenty enough for the band with a little left over. 

So now both of these sweaters just need a little blocking and they will be good to go! 

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Michelle said...

You are so very lucky! What a great use of yarn. I buy too much and I always have so much left over.