Friday, October 26, 2012

In Two Months, It Is Over!

Yes, two months from today, Christmas 2012 will be over.  Two freaking months, how did it that happen?  It was just 80 degrees two days ago, I'm mean really.

But for a knitter this means it is time to be committing to Christmas knitting.  Actually, I should have already committed to my projects, but no, I've been scampering last night into the wee hours and this morning trying to narrow my projects down.

It has been real tough because almost all of them revolve around Mona Lisa.  I've ripped the yarn room apart looking at books and patterns and possible yarns for her.  I had it in my mind that she needed a knitted dress to go with these cutie booties I have wanted to knit.  And I didn't want to have to buy yarn.  I toyed with a coat too, but decided that is better for spring, after all, when it gets cold, that kid is going to be in something really warm when being transported.  And now after quite a bit of research, I've decided booties will be just fine...she is only going to be 5 months ish at Christmas.

And she needs a stocking at Grandma's if we can work that out, if not, I could wait to finish her stocking later.  So this one is probably on the bottom of the Christmas List for now.

I cannot recall if I blogged about my great niece requesting an afghan out of her deceased grandma's yarn or not?  She did and of course as you can tell it is from Red Heart.  Okay, Linda, yes I am a yarn snob, but I think I have this worked out.  I really want to have this done and out of my hair by the 22nd of December so it is really on the top of the list for now, but certainly not the knit all the time list.

And finally, I have wanted to knit Elefante for a baby forever.  I'm using some of my pastel leftovers of Encore for it.  I am hoping to find a rattle to put in it, I think it would be so cute for a First Christmas.

I've paired down the list quite a bit since I first started thinking about it yesterday.  And I feel good about it!

In the mean time, can I knit a Christening Shawl in a month?  Do I want to?  Do I need to?

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