Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Empty Basket

When I first started cleaning the yarn room, I started with this basket.  It had some unfinished projects in it.  They went to a Thirty One bag I bought that has a lid for it. Once it was empty, I tossed around giving it away, selling it and just setting it in the dining room where it is now taking up residency.

I've decided to leave it in the dining room for now, and use it for tossing one skein leftovers as I finish projects this Fall/Winter.   It will be way to clean out the yarn room of onesy yarns AND see how I am progressing on my list.
Then I'll have to decide what I am going to do with the onesies when the basket gets full. I'm sure there is a place that would want my leftovers.  Yes, I could keep them, but seriously one has to start down sizing at some point in time.  Right?!

1 comment:

Jenny L. said...

you could do a scarf/afgan where you do one row in one yarn then switch yarns and continue. Like the afgan my mom made for me.