Monday, October 15, 2012

On A Blocking Roll!

I've got about a gazillion things to block.  Which means about every other day, I'll have something to blog about and put up on my project page over on Ravelry.

This shawl if the Silk Moon Crescent Shawlette by Jaala Spiro.  For awhile, it was my traveling to Iowa shawl.  It was a nice no brainer for a while.

The yarn is Liberty Wool that I bought a few skeins of last winter.  There was enough of it for Cheryl's pony tail hat and this shawl.  I have one ball left that I was giving thought to mittens or maybe fingerless mitts.

I am going to love wearing this with my limey turtleneck later this Fall and Winter. 

What I really like is my dress form, pictures look so much better on a body and clothes, n'est pas?


Sue said...

Penny, that is beautiful! I have some blocking that needs to be done, can I bring it over...? :)

Penny said...

Most funny Sue...blocking for me is right up there with sewing up! If only I could find someone to do both of them for me (really cheap), I'd be in heaven.