Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Little Too Collegiate

It looked good in the shop, the two yarns and the buttons. But, now that I have been knitting it, I'm not sure I like it for a baby girl.

It looks a little too Western Illinois University for Vikingish, don't you think?

When knitting it, the predominant color will be the yellow with just the purple on the bands that stands out.

Back to the shop drawing board today.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Very Good Yarn

Sometimes, I think I spend too much time on the computer at night. Alot of that time could be spent knitting. When on the computer and night, though, I spend of the most time reading about knitting.

Out on Ravelry in one of the groups, I stumbled across this video below. It is so cool. In these days of high tech, it so neat to see something from the past that is still going strong.

Makes me want to go visit. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pictures From Outside My Office

We, sometimes, get the coolest views from right outside my office at work. Last week, Mom and babe were there. The windows from the outside are sort of mirrored, so I am sure they were looking at themselves and not us. But it sure was fun imagining they were gawking at us like we were gawking at them!

Monday, July 26, 2010

It Started To Be Summer
The Apple Green Sweater from Fons and Porter Love of Knitting started to be a summer sweater. But then, who knew so many other projects would need to be done.

Finally, except for blocking it is done. But the nature of the yarn on this one and the fact that it has been so darn hot and humid this summer, makes this sweater really an early fall sweater for wearing. I'm okay with that as I don't have a lot to wear for that in between season. The Chickami that is to go under it is still in progress.

I have to admit I was sweatin this one a bit. Knit 4 Together did not have anymore left and I was wondering if I would have to knit some from the front bands to make the sleeves matched.

Crisis averted.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Look What Came Yesterday In The Mail

My book and DVD from Mielke's. I just got to take a quick look at the book, but it looks like just what I need. Hopefully, later today, I'll get to watch the DVD.

And some nice soft Corriedale.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Final Post

On camp that is...well maybe not. Since I am such a fan of EZ and Meg, you know there will be more, but for now, this is the last of the Knit Camp 2010 posts.

I did really well this year when buying. Mostly because I buy through out the year from Schoolhouse Press so I don't need to bring it all home with me. Although 1/2 of the purchases actually were from other artists this year.

Cheryl Oberle's Alpaca - this one is for her new Folk School Shawl

Winter Blue Unspun Icelandic...a whole bun of it. This is going to be a Northwest Celtic from Cheryl Oberle's Knitted Jackets Book. I am going to combine it with a cream unspun icelandic.

Hopefully, there will be some left, because I am tossing around doing a Pelerine from it as well.

I already had two skeins of Cheryl Oberle's Alpaca from SMW and got another so that I can knit the Stonington Shawl from it. For sometime now, I have loved the Stonington from afar. I have yarn to knit one, but what I really wanted is some nice soft yarn that could double as a scrumptious blanket as well. This will totally fit the bill for both.

You've seen this before. This is roving that I bought from Chris at BriarRose. When I really get the hang of spinning, I am going to use this for something.

And another Alpaca from Cheryl, this one in gray....this I also had one that I bought at SMW and decided I needed a second hank to do something with. It started to be a Wool Peddler's Shawl, but I realized I already have two in progress and I need to diversify on the shawl front.

And finally, this year's bag. I love collecting these and so far each one is different. Oh, and yes, I bought a new camp t-shirt in navy and a hoodie in navy. I wore my one in gray from last year so much I thought I might need another one.

So, that is all for Knit Camp 2010. I've already got a couple of things that I would like to complete for Show and Tell next year. Thank goodness I have a few months to think about it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Show and Tell

It's no secret that I am slowly knitting my way through Cheryl Oberle's Knitted Jackets book. This year there were a couple successes and a couple not so successes. The not so, well, frankly went to the trash, because in my infinite wisdom, darned in the ends and sewed down the facings, really well, before trying it on. But enough of that.

This year I brought Seedling out of Colorchanges. I lengthened it considerably to come down over the hips.

It's nice to see this particular picture from the back, because it serves as a reminder to stay on track with Weight Watchers!

And the hand on the hip thing, well, contrary to my DIL's thought, it doesn't make you look thinner when you have your hip hanging out...I am okay with it.

And Boxtop. I started knitting this last year at camp, and finished just days before leaving for camp. It's a heavy knit out of Meg's yarn.

I got quite the compliment from Meg. She told me that the color brings out teal in my eyes...see-- thats why I like the colorway.

When I look back, Meg gave me some really good color advice this year. When I was leaning towards knitting the Pelerine out of the same gray that the sample was out of, she told me it washed me out. When I was starting to think about knitting other colors, she reminded me that the tealy colors brings out the blue in my eyes.

What I Learned At Camp...

Monday, July 19, 2010


At camp, there are tons of sweaters and shawls that I want to try. There are so many yarns I want to test out. But the three below, are ones that I have added to my list that I really want to do.

First off is this sweater from Vogue Knitting. I remember it from the cover of the Spring edition. On the cover it is much shorter. After seeing it at camp, lengthened, it has been added to my list. Maybe not for this year, but maybe next Spring.

I had this on a couple of days at camp. It is from a Spun Out with other Pelerines. I knitted a Pelerine a couple of years ago after seeing it at camp. And loved it.

This one I tried on again the last day at camp, and Meg gave me the nod and said it looked good on me, but I need to knit it in some other color....I'm thinking the Winter Blue unspun that I got a bun of.

And this is no surprise. I've wanted to knit a Adult Surprise for some time. But, I just didn't want to knit it out of a bunch of different colors. I want something that I can wear during the week to work.

I really like the thought on this Adult Surprise. It gives me just want I really want in a jacket.

Tomorrow, I guess it is time to wind down with the Camp stuff. I'll end with my Show and Tell, and put it all to bed for another year.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

And knitted by Marilyn V, is a new pattern that will be out as well. 3 different sizes.

Also, Dover is releasing in the near future a reprint of the Knitters Almanac. I put it on my Brown Book page to be sent to me. Even though, I have the first edition, I am looking forward to the reprint with a little something extra in it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

And More Sweaters

Janine (the Feral Knitter) in M'Lou's doubleknit jackets...M'Lou's stuff is unbelievable

Greg in a sweater he knit just for himself this time

Lucy in her Aran

Lois is a violinist, can you tell?

When you cut off their heads its hard to remember who the sweater is on, but I love love this one with the sleeve detail

Linda in one of her two knits from Swing Swagger Drape

And one other from Swing Swagger and Drape, knitted out of Cascade 220, my fav yarn

Friday, July 16, 2010

And We've Got Sweaters

So many that there will be at least one more posting of sweaters from camp.

From fellow Radical, Linda

Tanya knitted this Cusco for her DIL who is also modeling it

Professor Poppy

Linda and her yoke sweater

The back of Elizabeth's Wabi Sabi

I've had my eye on this sweater that Elizabeth knitted


And Cheryl in her Wabi Sabi from her yarn

Tomorrow, you got it! More sweaters from camp.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

We've Got Shawls

Char and her Kauni

Shawl on the Diagonal by one of the newbies

Two from Jaya

Cheryl with some of her laceweight yarn

Brigitte with a shawl on a take off from a quilting pattern

The New Folk School Shawl from Cheryl Oberle

Another beautiful shawl from Brigitte

The largest shawl of Camp by Nancy - wow

How to block a shawl by LeeAnn and Al

Char's Kauni up close, blocked and ends woven in!

Tomorrow - more show and tell.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Contest - Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of EZ's Birth

Jane's Cake

My first thought was to do knit cake too...


EZ's Suspender Sweater with the roman numeral for 100

From Fibernating

Sarah P's 100 starts on loads of icord

The First Place Winner

Maggie's Shawls, not one but two

A shawl with knit on knitted and dates of EZ's birth

Greg's Fireworks that actually went off.

These were just some of the 29 contest entries. I didn't get pictures of all...we were a little rushed for time.

Tomorrow - some more show and tell!