Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Final Post

On camp that is...well maybe not. Since I am such a fan of EZ and Meg, you know there will be more, but for now, this is the last of the Knit Camp 2010 posts.

I did really well this year when buying. Mostly because I buy through out the year from Schoolhouse Press so I don't need to bring it all home with me. Although 1/2 of the purchases actually were from other artists this year.

Cheryl Oberle's Alpaca - this one is for her new Folk School Shawl

Winter Blue Unspun Icelandic...a whole bun of it. This is going to be a Northwest Celtic from Cheryl Oberle's Knitted Jackets Book. I am going to combine it with a cream unspun icelandic.

Hopefully, there will be some left, because I am tossing around doing a Pelerine from it as well.

I already had two skeins of Cheryl Oberle's Alpaca from SMW and got another so that I can knit the Stonington Shawl from it. For sometime now, I have loved the Stonington from afar. I have yarn to knit one, but what I really wanted is some nice soft yarn that could double as a scrumptious blanket as well. This will totally fit the bill for both.

You've seen this before. This is roving that I bought from Chris at BriarRose. When I really get the hang of spinning, I am going to use this for something.

And another Alpaca from Cheryl, this one in gray....this I also had one that I bought at SMW and decided I needed a second hank to do something with. It started to be a Wool Peddler's Shawl, but I realized I already have two in progress and I need to diversify on the shawl front.

And finally, this year's bag. I love collecting these and so far each one is different. Oh, and yes, I bought a new camp t-shirt in navy and a hoodie in navy. I wore my one in gray from last year so much I thought I might need another one.

So, that is all for Knit Camp 2010. I've already got a couple of things that I would like to complete for Show and Tell next year. Thank goodness I have a few months to think about it.


Nancy said...

I'm only into Saturday on the Camp Post front! I just keep including current things too since I tend to get so far am particularly fond of continuing the camp memories!

Paula said...

Excellent fiber purchases! The bag is great, too. I still have ALL my camp bags and probably always will treasure them.