Monday, July 19, 2010


At camp, there are tons of sweaters and shawls that I want to try. There are so many yarns I want to test out. But the three below, are ones that I have added to my list that I really want to do.

First off is this sweater from Vogue Knitting. I remember it from the cover of the Spring edition. On the cover it is much shorter. After seeing it at camp, lengthened, it has been added to my list. Maybe not for this year, but maybe next Spring.

I had this on a couple of days at camp. It is from a Spun Out with other Pelerines. I knitted a Pelerine a couple of years ago after seeing it at camp. And loved it.

This one I tried on again the last day at camp, and Meg gave me the nod and said it looked good on me, but I need to knit it in some other color....I'm thinking the Winter Blue unspun that I got a bun of.

And this is no surprise. I've wanted to knit a Adult Surprise for some time. But, I just didn't want to knit it out of a bunch of different colors. I want something that I can wear during the week to work.

I really like the thought on this Adult Surprise. It gives me just want I really want in a jacket.

Tomorrow, I guess it is time to wind down with the Camp stuff. I'll end with my Show and Tell, and put it all to bed for another year.

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Paula said...

You can write about Camp Stuff as much as you like, as far as I'm concerned!