Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Taking Back The Knit

For the last couple of weeks I have been trying to knit on a couple of projects for Show and Tell. One, the Green Sweater is just not going to make the cut. Despite writing notes on the first sleeve, the second one is just not coming out right. I've ripped it back twice and I am not doing it again. It's went to the "Pile".

The "Pile" is one step away from the trash. Those things that are in the pile are vegging for possible rip out and reuse should I knit the last bit of yarn that I have in the Yarn Room and absolutely no money to buy new. (like that is ever going to happen)

Another project for camp is the Box Top Jacket. It is not going to the "Pile", but rather to my mother-in-law or will wait for me to lose the hips that I thought would have been whittled down by now when I started it a year ago. It's sitting on the table drying, from it's second blocking. The first blocking attempt, I tried stretching it a bit to much at the bottom with the hopes to add a little hip room and managed instead to pull a couple of places out of shape and had to re-blocked.

The Box Top has been a tough knit. The yarn is thick and does not flow in the round as well as others do. I still have the second sleeve to finish half way down and will try to get that done tomorrow. Believe me, you don't want to knit the hefty yarn right after nail day, which is Wednesday.

So, after a couple of weeks of not the greatest knitting, I've decided to take back my knitting. What I have been doing lately is following the leader on my knitting. I see or hear an idea and off I go to knit it without a whole lot of thought. I've been knitting what I think others might like rather than what I want to knit!

I need to start knitting sweaters that are flattering to me, in colors that I like and will work with my wardrobe, both work and casual. I need to knit what I WANT to knit, not what everyone else in blogdom or camp is knitting. I need to spend more time knitting out of my stash rather than adding to it with the latest crazy yarn that I see. I need to be not so impulsive. I need to start completing some of all those things that are on needles.....quite simply I am taking back the knit.

Ahhh, that feels good. Tomorrow is a new day!

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