Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Show and Tell

It's no secret that I am slowly knitting my way through Cheryl Oberle's Knitted Jackets book. This year there were a couple successes and a couple not so successes. The not so, well, frankly went to the trash, because in my infinite wisdom, darned in the ends and sewed down the facings, really well, before trying it on. But enough of that.

This year I brought Seedling out of Colorchanges. I lengthened it considerably to come down over the hips.

It's nice to see this particular picture from the back, because it serves as a reminder to stay on track with Weight Watchers!

And the hand on the hip thing, well, contrary to my DIL's thought, it doesn't make you look thinner when you have your hip hanging out...I am okay with it.

And Boxtop. I started knitting this last year at camp, and finished just days before leaving for camp. It's a heavy knit out of Meg's yarn.

I got quite the compliment from Meg. She told me that the color brings out teal in my eyes...see-- thats why I like the colorway.

When I look back, Meg gave me some really good color advice this year. When I was leaning towards knitting the Pelerine out of the same gray that the sample was out of, she told me it washed me out. When I was starting to think about knitting other colors, she reminded me that the tealy colors brings out the blue in my eyes.

What I Learned At Camp...


Paula said...

That Meg is brilliant. But we knew that already, didn't we?

Linda said...

Your jackets all look awesome. It was so good to get to hug you!