Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today's Topic - People

The bags are unpacked. Some laundry is done. I still have a few things to take care of that are on the table. I'll do those tomorrow. But, that doesn't mean that the posts of Camp are done. Regular readers will just have to put up posts and pictures this week of camp.

Janine must be doing a mini workshop, since Meg is sitting in Janines's seat up front.

Linda with the famous green sweater. A piece of history in her hands.

And here is Sandy, strolling through the shop.

Char taking a little rest in "our" living room.

Nancy and her sheep.

Some intense knitting in the evening in the classroom. Look at all those sweaters in the background knitted by EZ and Meg and worn by them as well...how cool is that!

Taking a little break during the day.

Elizabeth gets some pointers from Cheryl on spinning. Right before I got a little taste of the drop spindle.

Amy, manning the camera and Janine ready to do a demo.

Tomorrow...some contest entries.

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