Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Contest - Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of EZ's Birth

Jane's Cake

My first thought was to do knit cake too...


EZ's Suspender Sweater with the roman numeral for 100

From Fibernating

Sarah P's 100 starts on loads of icord

The First Place Winner

Maggie's Shawls, not one but two

A shawl with knit on knitted and dates of EZ's birth

Greg's Fireworks that actually went off.

These were just some of the 29 contest entries. I didn't get pictures of all...we were a little rushed for time.

Tomorrow - some more show and tell!


Nancy said...

KLINE meows his "Thank You" for including him!!!

Paula said...

Oh my goodness! What creativity! I especially love the shawls. So amazing.