Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I finished the cutest things last night, but I can't show you. I took a picture and I will show it after tomorrow night. They are just too darn cute and I made my yearly deadline with them. But more after tomorrow night.

Vests -- I want to do some vests for this fall/winter. One of our Radical Knitters, Jo wears alot of them over turtlenecks and I really like the look for casual days and knit nights, and besides they keep certain parts of the body warm. I have one all done, all it needs is sewn up and finished a bit.

Here are a few I wouldn't mind doing, and I think I might even have yarn for at least one, imagine, but the others might require yarn shopping!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Char pictured here is modeling Linda's wrist knitting bag that Linda bought at Stitches Midwest Market this year. A couple of years ago we had a howling of a time at Stitches at dinner one night and further into the weekend about a arm ball holder. I believe Linda was the instigator of the conversation. It was a hoot. Which has really nothing to do with her purchase this year, but I just thought I would mention it.

This is Linda. She is the owner of the wrist holder. We are waiting to see how/when she uses it and how she likes it. I did see Darlene of Mosaic yarn Studio at Stitches Midwest knitting out of a tapestry bag that was joined to her belt loops. That kind of intrigued me as there was a time when I did knit while I walked around the track at Pekin Stadium. The only problem I had was that my hands got hot and sweaty and the yarn did not want to knit as fast as I wanted it too. I could see a good use for these if you had to spend a lot of time standing in lines (like at Stitches). For me the jury is out and I will wait and see what Linda thinks of it.

Last night I started cleaning around my area and decided to write down those known WIPS and what needles are hiding there. Anyone want to guess that number? There are 16 of them!!!Can you believe it? And those are the ones that are just in my immediate surroundings. Today, I am going to see what is in the drawers and on the wire rack. And just from a glance at the list, my current project is not the one I want to be knitting on but must. That is how I get in a knitting slump. It's not the weather, it is the overwhelming number of projects out there...

I do not need to worry that there is nothing in the current knitting magazines I want to knit, I have enough right here in my own space. I have plenty to keep me occupied for Fall Knitting. I'll be lucky if I have half of them done by Spring!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The charter members of the Radical Knitters Society. Tom, one of our member's husband, dubbed us with this name a while back, because, I am not sure why, but you get the jist from our name. This is a group of ladies that knit together no matter what or at least we try. If we aren't knitting together, it is like not having coffee in the morning. In the next couple of weeks, Jan (bottom left will be moving to Texas) and Norma (top center) will be leaving us at the end of September to do a little traveling. The rest of us Char (center bottom row), Jo (right bottom row), Linda (top right) and myself (top left) will be left. We will do our best to take up knitting opportunities while Norma is away. I will occasionally have a lia sophia party to do and Jo will travel for work, but in between we will do our best to knit together when possible. We are recruiting for new members, but you know they have to fit in within us (okay so now you know how we got our name!)

These are the Radical Knitters with their bags that Jan and Norma had done for us. Aren't they great? I mean the ladies and the bags...I've said it before and I say it again, these are the best bunch of friends one could ever have! I am truly blessed. I wish this for everyone.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Just a couple of thoughts for the end of the week~~~~~

I cannot believe it is finally here. It has just seems like it has been an unending week. Don't know why, it just has been. Well, I do know why, I am just glad it is over. However, today I had some knitting patterns to look at it, and someone reminded me at work today that tonight was the first football game here in Pekin. It is a sure sign of Fall isn't it?? Which makes me want to knit and finish some things so they will be ready for fall/winter weather when it comes.

The Knitlist today actually had a dissenting opinion on the new Knitter's issue!! See, Linda they do post them. But of course the tag at the end from Gail had to tell how she disagreed. Imagine that! Could be interesting to see what kind of responses come. Looks like for me I will use some of those old patterns that I have for knitting inspiration this fall.

A website I like to check out when the seasons are getting ready to change is the website of Fiberworks in Toledo Ohio.
I see now that is where I got the idea to work through Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I love reading their newsletter Uncommon Threads. It looks like they have some great classes throughout the Fall Season utilizing some great resources. Too bad they are so far away, the Fall Fashion Focus looks like something we used to do when I worked for Off the Bolt. It was such a great time and gave everybody lots of sewing inspiration back then. And then they have Knit Flicks and Friday Night Potlucks. Remember those from our Dr. Deb days Norma? It is just a really neat sounding shop. I think alot of shops could take a lesson from both Fiberworks and Threadbear FiberArts. Just my opinion.

Sunday, Bob and I will be married 29 years. Can you believe it? Who would of thunk it? It just amazes me when I think about it. Cause you know I just had by 30th birthday!!!

Watch tomorrow for Radical Knitter's Society pictures and their bags...knitting bags you sillies!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Another fine start to the day.....I hope this isn't the way the rest of the day goes. It was good to get yesterday over cause it just was the pits, but I digress. This morning, I am up checking blogs out and the neighbor's daughter pulls up at 5:30 ish along with an ex of some sort and they commence to argue as if it was noon....geesh why don't these people go inside or better yet how come the mom doesn't come out and teach them both a lesson! But that is the way they have been since they moved in so many years ago....hear nothing, see nothing etc. As I sit here an half an hour later, they are still going at it only a little more quieter down the block but it is not over yet.....God, if my kids ever become these people and I have knowledge in it, I am gonna take em out back and reteach them something they should have learned along time ago.

Which brings me to yesterday. I just don't get it. Am I in the minority that thinks, even if you don't care for someone, you can at least be civil to them? I have a couple of ladies at work that I am dealing with a work issue on it and neither one of them seemed to have learned the basics of getting along or at least coexisting. And somehow, I seem to be in the middle cause I am trying to get a job done that concerns both of them. Today, will not be a repeat of yesterday, I repeat today will not be a repeat of yesterday.

And now someone's little kitten starts to meow outside the window AGAIN! God, I hope it isn't taking up residency outside our house! Do you think I might be PMSing???? To think I was just going to check a few blogs til Bob got his shower and then I was going to pick up on Norma's sox and figure where I tore them back to last night. Unfortunately, it is time for me to get my butt ready myself!

I need a vacation I have decided, one where I can just sit around and knit, drink coffee and do a few things. I am seriously gonna have to look at the calendar!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Okay, so I got my new issue of Knitter's yesterday. When's the next one coming out?
It's Fall for cryin out loud and I want my Knitter's to have something worth going out and buying more yarn for!!! Is it too much to ask? But still I renew.....

Will Sally Melville's book be out soon? I see that you can pre-order from XRX. Should I or should I wait? Seems to me, the last time she had a book out, other places were shipping while XRX wasn't. Hmmm, the dilemna of the day.

The Radical Knitter's Society met tonight...Our days are numbered for the full contingent to be with maybe tomorrow of the charter members.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Not much knitting has been going on this week. I have been trying to close a lia sophia party all week, went to a baby shower (no knitting items given then), did a lia sophia party and went to a lia sophia meeting tonight. Next week I have two lia sophia parties and a get together with the Radical Knitters Society. Turn around and it will be the weekend again won't it??

I am hoping to work a little this weekend or knitting. And I keep wondering where the new issue of Knitter's is? Isn't about time it should be out?

Had lunch with my friend Cindy today and gave her the black mohair shawl. She loved it and proceeded to wear it back into her office today. She was cold and said it would come in handy. Over lunch, we discussed several ways that she could wear it. I am so pleased that the thing is done and she liked it! It is so nice when something is appreciated.

Wore my suede poncho today to work and to my meeting. People just can't get over that I actually made it! I really am warming up to it. It comes down and covers just the spots you want it to and keeps me warm, even when it is 90 outside!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Don't cha just love em??? They are not in Caribe Blue, but red is a good color! I just could not resist them. They are so darn cute. If I don't do anything else but wear them around the house with knitted sox in the winter I'll be a happy camper!!! Doesn't take much to make me happy!

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Harry Potter #4 is done, and I have just started #5!! Black Mohair Shawl as you can see here has been completed and blocked and this morning, I folded it up and it is ready to go for a birthday lunch this week. The one thing that I did after I took this pic was to straighten the blocking out, so the stitches go straight across the back rather than making a half circle.

Yesterday, I did not get much done except for grocery/Walmart shopping, so I really need to get it in gear today. The nice thing is we went into Peoria so Bob could shop for a gun that he wants to redo, so I got to knit on the black mohair shawl up and back. And last night we went out for Chinese, and when we got home I sat down and watched HSN cause there wasn't much else on, and told myself I was going to finish the black mohair shawl before I went to bed and I did!

Then I started working on the caplet that I bought the yarn for at Stitches (yarn is dead center in this pic of my Stitches purchases) and before you know it, it is like 2:00. Since I am trying to decide what to do with it, larger needle, more open, it is going to roll if I do it stockinette and is the row of single crochet around the top really going to keep it from rolling and why didn't I look at the model more closely and ask questions??? So I put it down after searching the net for answers and Sally Melville book and knowing somewhere in all my magazines there is a caplet there is an answer which today will bring. But, I really have other stuff to do! Like the poncho in the pic. Oh, I mean like laundry and cleaning and repotting those plants I bought soil and pots for...Okay, Okay, I will, I will....

Saturday, August 13, 2005

I Want To Be Knitting!

But instead, I have a whole list of things that I HAVE to do today. I can't stand the clutter anymore and I must take care of it before I go screaming through the door. And I have to go back to work on Monday. I just need one more day off! Which I try to take the Monday off after I come back from Stitches, but its not happening this year.

Linda, Norma and I drove up yesterday to Stitches Midwest Market. (Pic of what I bought tomorrow), I want to spend some time playing with the picture. I want my pictures to be better for the blog than they have been. But that is another story.

I, at least feel, that I did not give the market its all. I think you miss out on something, when you don't at least spend a couple of days, seeing what everybody is wearing in classes and at the get togethers. You don't get a chance to see what the teachers are hawking as must haves. And you don't get a chance to go back to your room and do show and share and see what someone else may have bought that you missed.

I am still not pleased with it being at Rosemont. The place is big, but it just seems like you lose a little of the closeness of everyone that we had at Pheasent Run. There you could happen on knitters everywhere, knitting and enjoying each others company. I am not sure that is the case at Rosemont. Char, Pat and Linda (part of our 1st and 4th Tuesday group sometimes) may have a better thought on that when next we see them.

Of course, this is just my view and we will see what happens next year. But if it is still there next year, I would like to go and spend at least one night, cause now I want more! But for now, I gotta grocery shop, put the jewelry away, repot some desparate plants, do laundry, do some much needed cleaning in just about every room, pay some bills, clean this desk goes on!

Friday, August 12, 2005

God, it's EARLY!

But we are off to Stitches market today and I like to have a little time to drink coffee and stuff. Its too early to eat at the moment. I had a party last night and when I got home, and got all my stuff kind of ready, I sat and read a little more on Harry Potter #4. I am getting really close to the end, but knew I could not finish it last night or I would be getting up before I went to bed.

Jan and Char - We will miss you today. Armed with your lists we will be off! Although I will be driving, I still have to take a little knitting along, cause I might just have time to sit and knit a spell in the market. The worse part, I can't find my tote bag that Jan gave me for Christmas. I have hid it so well so it wouldn't smell like smoke, that now I can't find it. I just hate that!! Or is that a sign it is time to clean a few spots up and re organize? That unfortunately will have to wait for another vacation time!

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Today is the second of the my three days. Yesterday was spent doing those errands - hair, nails, oil change and of course a quick trip over to Ewe-Nique Yarns Etc in Morton. I am still on the quest for a quick baby knit item. Picked up just a couple of generic colored baby yarns. I spent an hour just getting the center pull yarn untangled. Finally gave up and tossed a wad (I'm getting pretty good at that)

Today, I was going to go out for a run, but it looks a little like we are going to get some rain. (REALLY, I was!) So I will sit tight for a while. Then I was going to vacuum my car out and get it ready for tomorrow's trip to Stitches Midwest. I do have a party that I need to get packed for tonight. But the rest of the day is going to be spent, doing some laundry, perusing the internet at some of the shops that will be at SMW and making a list of what I want to look at where.

Time permitting, today, I am going to do a little knitting, drink lots of coffee and NOT answer the phone! Vacations when you don't have to do anything, Priceless!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Have I told you lately what a great bunch of ladies I have for knitting friends?

Well, I am so blessed, truly. It has been a tough first half of the year for all of us. We have had some things going on within and around our lives and it has been tough to get together regularly. But to show you how great they are, we got together especially because I went and rescheduled two parties for our regular "meeting" nights. And last night two of our knitters presented us with the above, which most of us signed as a momento of our time together.

You see some of us talk about doing something, but Norma and Jan they carry it out! I won't throw the retirement thing in, cause if I did, my mom would just tell me I'm jealous! But aren't these wonderful? I just sit and look at it and imagine all kinds of wonderful projects being tucked in and no matter where we happen to be, I will always think of this great bunch of wonderful ladies who have become my close friends. You see we not only knit together, we solve the world's problems, we encourage each one on, whether it is with knitting or with yarn shopping!

Just who are the charter members of the "Radical Knitters Society"? Well, you have to wait a couple of weeks and then you can see a picture of all of us together with bags (knitting bags of course), but specifically the charter members of the "Radical Knitters Society" are: Norma (who lets us meet at her house), Jan (who soon will be moving to Texas, to probably start her own group), Char (who amazes me with the amount of socks she produces), Linda (who I hear does the greatest lace shawls ever), Jo (whose husband first dubbed us as the Radical Knitters!) and myself (who feels cheated if she can't knit with this group every week).

Words cannot express how I feel about these women! They are so much more than friends. Life is good, isn't it!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Shopping Opportunities Abound

Saturday was Fashion Day on QVC. I did a little damage for Fall work clothes. Sure hope they fit. But the greatest was on Sunday morning. Birkenstocks were on and they had the red clogs with sheep front on one and sheep back on the other. I had previously seen these on a blog somewhere and she had ordered them from Europe somewhere. I am so excited I am getting a pair! Another frivolous buy like the caribe blue Keds that I have not wore yet, but just had to have.

Tomorrow starts three days of vacation for me, I hope! I am doing hair and nails tomorrow and getting my oil changed late in the day, so in between, I am going to hit the Mall for a couple of things. Thursday, I'm gonna sit at home and knit, prepare for a lia sophia party I am doing, and finalize my list for Stitches Midwest on Friday!!!! I currently just have a small list, but I need to go through my needles cause it is a good time to stock on some Inox needles that I need (read as in missing in action in WIPS).....

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Another Lesson Re-Learned

Years ago I bought a scad of baby yarn that wasn't really considered varigated, but rather flowed from one colorway to another. I was in my baby buy phase. That phase when I bought every baby pattern book that came along. And at that time, I bought about three sweaters worth of the yarn. It has cured in a plastic bin in the basement with one sweater all done but sewing up and adding rib and buttons. Another was up to the underarm still on the really long straight needle with the yarn there just waiting for me to come back to it. And then there were/are several more balls just sitting there waiting.....

So, when I discovered that I needed two sweaters for the 17th for the first set of twin babies due, I decided to knit some of it up. I started knitting the hooded sweater, not really wanting to be doing it, but knowing I had to. (Who said I had to? Oh, I remember, someone at work thought I would be knitting something.)

Last night, I made it to the hood, the whole time just not liking it a all. I didn't like the way the stitches looked, I didn't like the colors were looking, and I really thought it looked it odd. So, what did I do? I cut it loose! Threw the yarn that was attached and all of the scraps along with the sweater itself away. It just was not ever going to look good! So I tossed it and the one that was up to the arm away too!

Sometimes, you just have to listen to yourself and not to others and cut it loose! So now maybe I'll just knit up some stay on booties, maybe a little hat (even though I know she will get one when they go out of the hospital) and then buy something!!

Chalk it up to another lessone re-learned. And now I can get back to what I really wanted to be knitting on!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

I love Fall! I love Fall clothes! I love Fall knitting!

Today is Fall Fashion Day on QVC and I am having so much fun watching. Alot of the new Fall colors go with the new Fall catalog from lia sophia! The worst part is it is still gonna be 90+ for awhile so one can't think too much about fall. But I am! And I am eagerly awaiting my Fall Knitter's magazine. I hope I am not dissappointed with it!

This morning I looked at the two baby sweaters that I am knitting for the shower on the 17th. I think they may be too girlish looking of a yarn! Now I am not sure I want to do them for this set of twins. Or is it because I just don't want to be knitting on them? Hmmmm, a little of both perhaps.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Don't cha just hate it when you have to do something? This morning a co-worker approached me about donating some knitted items like scarves to a benefit they are having for a family member. The benefit is later this Fall so I have plenty of time. But I told her, I couldn't even think about doing them until September. August is just filled with have to knits.

Have to knit and have blocked by the 17th, 2 baby sweaters for a shower.
Way past due on the black mohair shawl that WAS due on July 20th. Now I am shooting for August 20th, which would be the recepient's birthday plus a month. But, I hope to get really far on it this weekend too. And then I have one other that I want to have it somewhere near completion by the end of the month.

Have to knitting is just not as fun as want to is it!

Monday, August 01, 2005

It is a new week and a new month. Today would have been my Dad's birthday! Funny how you forget or at least I do how old he would have been. I have 17 days including today to complete two baby sweaters. They must be knit, sewn together, blocked and be wrapped! SO you know what I am working on!!! The mohair shawl has been set aside until I get these two sweaters done. Don't ya just hate when you have to do something??